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My alcoholic family and friends

Posted by sick and tired at April 10, 2012
Tags: Alcohol  2012 April  Family

I'm sick and tired of dealing with alcoholics. My husband is a drunk, and so is my oldest friend. Both of them get attitudes when they drink and give me attitude. I just want to tell them both to f***off. Why does anyone think other people should have to put up with their drinking? My husband is a pretty good man otherwise and my friend is pretty good friend....when they aren't drunk, which isn't often. My friend starts repeating herself and tells the same damn stories over and over. I try to make plans with her, like when she gets off work, before she's had a chance to get plastered. My husband usually just takes a bottle in his room and gets buzzed, but frequently he will call me or just come out and start bitching about everything. Then I will blow up and he straighten up for a few days. I'm just sick of dealing with this shit at all and frankly wish neither of them were in my life. Thanks for letting me vent. Screw alcoholics....a disease my ass, nobody voluntarily has a heart attack....give me a break....


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New Comment

By Truth at 10,Apr,12 14:27

Good morning human popsicle! First thing I'd do if I were you is pull that gigantic stick out of your ass.

I imagine everyone around you is an alcoholic, but particularly so when they're real close to you, like, you know, being married to you, and all these people have one thing in common...YOU! See where I'm going with this?

I bet you're a seething little fly cunt who makes everyone around her so miserable with her constant attitude and nagging that they drink themselves into a stupor in order to just barely tolerate you. Your friend's story she tells over and over goes like this..

"Hey remember back when we were 12, before you became the insufferable bitch you are now, and we were playing barbies and I went to take a leak and came back and you had your barbie in the pink camper hooked up to the pink barbie corvette which there's no way that corvette could pull the barbie camper but andyway what the fuck were your barbie and ken doing in the barbie camper and why was my barbie sitting in the corvette? Also how come ken had his jeans pulled down and why was your barbie's hair so messy? Anyway, we sure had a good time back then before you became and insufferable bitch, oh wait I already said that...WAITER...COULD I GET 3 MORE DOUBLE SHOTS OF SLOE GIN???"

...and then you get mad and leave and go home and beat up your husband who has to drink a quart of whiskey each night just to contemplate sticking his meat inside you for even a second.

Yeah...I'm pretty sure it's all you, snail whore.
By anonymous at 24,Dec,12 22:30

Thank you for your posting, I am so sick of alcoholics and there total bullshit and forgetting everything, and turning the blame always on others. They are nothing but twisted shitholes who always want sympathy...Disease my ass!!!
By anonymous at 26,May,13 00:09

thanks, yesterday my friends daughter called me in tears (daughter is 37 year old single mother of a special need child - enough on her plate already) because of dealing with her Mom's drinking. Alcoholics are destructive to everyone in their lives, I hate them.
By anonymous at 24,Jul,13 03:45 Fold Up

u sound like a mean drunk

By at 10,Apr,12 16:00

The only thing that I can suggest is talk to your husband. As a married couple communication is always the key. If all you do is complain about it behind their backs without even telling them how you feel, you can't really expect a change or expect them to know how you feel. You have to be direct.

And even if they are your friends and your husband that does not mean you have to put up with it. If it really affects you, you are going to have to place yourself in a stable environment where you are not around that stuff and trust me when I say i understand how it feels to be around negative people becuase you end up being exhausted and negative yourself. If you just ignore this and try to push it under the rug, it will just crawl back out becuase if their drinking has bothered you once, it will bother you again. If your friends drink, avoid them for a while or try to only be around them when they are not drinking. :)

By Cella at 05,May,13 06:55

Pamela August 25, 2011 I've mseisd renadig your blog! I was on vacation! I definitely want to try the oats in a jar.. what a way to anticipate the end of a peanut butter jar! LOLIn response to your question, I always make my own concoctions.. that's the most fun thing to do in the kitchen! And I was thinking, when you were listing out your ingredients (which, your breakfast burrito sounds like something totally yummy and very familiar to something I would make) I was thinking of Migas . You should try it sometime, I think it's Mexican, and you use up leftover tortillas or even tortilla chips with eggs and other ingredients for breakfast.. it's really good!

By anonymous at 14,Jun,13 18:57

I hate alcoholics also. Wanna slap the shit out of them b/c its what they deserve. Just like drug addicts, they are ignorant, disrespectful, and a pain in the ass. They also stink. Seems whatever they are guzzling, you can smell it. If I were you, I wouldn't allow my your friend over to the house as much. Limit her visits if possible. Hopefully, they'll both seek treatment, cut down on the booze, or stop cold turkey. Good luck, take care, and keep us posted.
By anonymous at 24,Jul,13 03:50

thanx, I've pretty much limited my contact with my friend. as far as this marriage, I've decided that if I Continue to get stressed out by his drinking, then that has to go too

By Womens Bailey Button Triplet at 27,Oct,14 09:29

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By Bobbe at 15,May,17 01:00

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