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Posted by anonymous at April 9, 2012
Tags: 2012 April  Family

I have a tough life. I grew up with an alcoholic dad who cOnstanty beat my mom and us kids. There were times we had to sleep in the car because it was difficult to stay at home. It was my mom and us three kids. When I was 14 me and my sister gave my mom te courage to leave, something that many women find diffiult to do. For us kids she took the biggest step of her life and left my dad. Now I'm 24 and I have a child also married. My husband is an alcoholic and is abusive. I feel like I'm going through what my mom went through only that I don't have the courage to leave. What makes matters worse I live with my in laws and they are yhe most evil people I met on this planet. They encourage my husband to beat me and go against me. They try to convince him the man should have power over the girl and her family. I fear for my daughters future I don't want her to experience what I am and I want her to have the best life possible but in this situation I fear she won't get it. Things that are normal to everyone like sleeping is something that I get if I'm lucky. Hes verbally and physically abusive and hardly allows me to sleep. He's always sexually active and wants to always do something . He forces it and I hate it. I wish I had the courage to leave him but I fear he will try to kill me or my family. He threatens me all the time and puts me down. I ruined my life I'm so hopeless . I don't know what to do. I wish I could be happy and just live free. I just want to be free!


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New Comment

By anonymous at 09,Apr,12 09:31

Hey, you have to be strong. It does not matter if he is your husband, just leave him. Leave him right now, not next month, not tomorrow, right now. If you think it is necessary go to the police and tell your problem. No one has the obligation to live like this, your life is unique and you have to do the necessary to live a happy life, for you and your child. Think about her and about you too, you both deserves happiness. Do something.

By Truth at 09,Apr,12 14:07

I think you ought to stick with your husband, he seems like a really neat guy. Keeps you and the kid in line, gives you regular ass slaps, and generally makes sure you don't fuck things up. Mostly, i think it's excellent that you are so miserable, because you're one dumb fucking slit. Good thing you have a daughter, so she can perpetuate your retarded genes and make more women who are dumb as rocks.

Honestly, I just don't know how people like you can continue living. You're too dumb to remember to breathe, so why the fuck are you still alive?

Well, I'll take pity on you....get your shit together and grab up your kid and...get this, listen carefully,



Now, once you get back to egypt, please PLEASE get your tubes tied, and once you heal from that, go fuck yourself...a lot.

By anonymous at 09,Apr,12 16:26

wait till he beats u senseless and go to the police and let him rot in jail

By anonymous at 09,Apr,12 22:59

You have to leave for your daughters sake. I know it is hard, it was for your Mom. It took me 25 years to leave asshole like this, put me and my kids through alot. If you leave he might get the balls to change his ways and get away from his family. If not, at least you and your daughter have a chance to be happy. Call a womens shelter now and just go. I left with nothing and now 10 years later I have a good husband and my kids have all told me they only wished I had done it sooner. You and your daughter will have a good life and being on your own is not as hard as what you are dealing with now.

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