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In prison in Mexico

Posted by Candy at April 8, 2012
Tags: 2012 April  Justice

I went on vacation in Mexico. I was looking at all kinds of things and I di buy some things. two weeks as I wa going home I got stopped customs the checked my bags and one was one bught and when the search they a brick of heroin. I did know that was in the bag. I di not inspect the items i bought. I was arrested for having in my bag. I got in touch with the American embessy. They siad they try to clear it. My t court hearing came the next day. i sentence and immetaly iw sent to women's prsion in Mexico. As soon as I entered they told to strip nude for what hey caleed the BCS (BODY CAVITY SEARCH). They made me take shower and put a white unform with balc strip down the leg of the uniform. I was not a bra or any panties. You may Women's prison in the us is strict the Mexcian ones are much more tough. I got 5 years. I only spent a year and ahalf there becuase the they found that the owner of te shop where i bough the bag was getting ususpecting to smuggle heroin into the US. that how I got he chrges drop against. the gave y clothes back and I was free to leave and told never to come back to Mexico or br arrested I got ot Florfia now if I want sand and beach I can findit closer to home.


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New Comment

By anonymous at 08,Apr,12 22:51

I am not understand what you is trying to say.
By anonymous at 09,Apr,12 00:53

She just be tellin a story, bro.

By Candy at 09,Apr,12 14:41

I am just telling you what when I tried come from my vacation when they found drugs in one of my bags. Ipenttime in a mexican jail for a long time. with something I knew nothing about and I had trouble understanding the guards at the jail. I don't know strip in Spanish. I could to any one No one could underrstand English with exception of the guards. A very scary place with huge spiders and they venomous as well. I screamed everytime I saw one and the other inmates always killed it and flushed it. I never got raped thenk the lord. I alost got traped but on of toughest inmates rescued me. Me and her became friends ans he taught how to defend myself. I still havey girlish figure but don't let fool. I can killl you very easy. She is still in jail and me talk on the phoe and sen dletters to each other and no I am not a les bian

By Candy at 23,Jun,12 14:46

My that was in jail is and she her full sentence and I told her if she can to come the US She is US cizitian herself. I told that she come stay with me until she gets back on her feet. I have job that pays well and bet I could her job a the same place. you 15 an hour to start and after 5 years you get a raise of $2.00 then you make 17 an hour

By anonymous at 01,Jul,12 16:43

Fake. You're that same troll who posts all those rape stories, aren't you?

By canada goose Victoria Parka at 28,Oct,14 22:46

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By RoyalCBD at 28,Sep,20 14:56

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