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Life sux

Posted by anonymous at September 4, 2009
Tags: Family  Friendship  Loneliness  September 2009

I hate my life. My parents hate me, I only have two friends (one of which hates me), AND I have been abused mentally and physically. My own father has called me retarded and stupid, then he got mad at me because I cried. You don't say that to a thirteen year old girl.i heard them talking and they said that "they didn't know what they were going to do with me and that they were tired of me." They wouldn't care if I killed myself and they would be better off without me anyway. Your thinking "Whatever, thats not so bad." Bull crap. I'm so freaking pissed right now its not even funny. I have been hurt in so many ways and I can't do a thing about it! I cry myself to sleep hoping the next day I won't fight with my parents. I can't vent to ANYONE because nobody CARES and because I only have two friends. My heart has been broken so many times and I don't know what to do about it. I swear, sometimes I feel like just letting go and giving up on everything. I really do. Everyone thinks I just want attention, but I don't. I just want to be loved and have friends. Nobody understands my hurt or my pain.


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By at 10,Sep,09 20:31

hi, love. things will looks up. don't worry. just keep pushing through, okay? pray. that always helps me. you can do it.
By anonymous at 14,Sep,09 09:44

Thx ur the first person (i think)that cares. My mom found out I wrote this and told my dad then he started yelling at me saying I was a dumb ass for telling people about my life then he slapped me a few times and pushed me into the tv (which broke) then he yelled at my mom for letting me do this. so ya im trying
By anonymous at 26,Apr,11 07:55

itll be ok... dun worry. live life.

By anonymous at 14,Sep,09 09:58

Kirsten What the Fuck man I love you your my best friend how can you say that!!!!
By Julia at 23,Sep,09 09:43

Hi im horny

By anonymous at 15,Sep,09 09:41

Wow ur life sux, lol so wat just kill urself. no1 wants u anyway! i mean, ur probly a bitch!
By anonymous at 16,Sep,09 09:48

By anonymous at 27,Sep,09 00:23 Fold Up

your the bitch dont fucking talk to people like that hoe
By anonymous at 28,Sep,09 09:26

Wow ur life sux, lol so wat just kill urself. no1 wants u anyway! i mean, ur probly a bitch! Really, I mean, no1 wants or likes u so just kill urself, it help every1 cuz ur a bitch and they hate u!

By anonymous at 29,Sep,09 14:30

I know you may think its heartless to vote "Not really that bad" but I have voted it. Because it is really common to feel unwanted at 13. i understand this feeling completely. Im not saying you dont have a right to feel like this. But feeling your parents wouldnt care is common - and totally untrue. Im 16 now and still get that from time to time. But you have to battle on. Trust me.
By anonymous at 05,Feb,11 22:00

I Agree, Everyone Goes Through Hard Times.
Its Called Life.
&& What Doesnt Kill You Makes You Stronger.
I Was Suicidal From The Age Of 11-16.
But For Them Years I Let Myself Believe That Life Doesnt Go On.
And Thats Not True At All.
Find Something In Your Life Positive. A Dog, A Picture, A Song, A Tree, Something, && Focuse On That.
No One Can Ever Take Away The Happiness Unless You Let Them.

By anonymous at 30,Sep,09 16:34

Hey there, I am the Mom of three boys9(12,13 & 15) I've been told by my oldest that he hates me and wanted to move in with his Dad. I told him he could go but not come back and that I would never hate him. He never left and we have a better relationship now. Whenever we get in a fight and it seems to get a little out of control one of us will look at the other and ask if we can start over. Kinda look at the agrgument in a new light instead of constant yelling. It seems to be working.Next time your parents mentally abuse you ask them why they do that to you when you don't do it to them.Make them stop and think about what they say and when you overhear them talking about you let them know,cuz if you bottle it all up it will only make more resentment. As for your father there are other ways to deal with things beside bullying.

By at 09,Oct,09 09:58

Ok really? y does any1 care? she sounds like she deserves it! That happens to all of people! and ur are a fucking retard! u cant even spell! ur a dumb ass!
By anonymous at 09,Oct,09 10:01


By anonymous at 03,Dec,09 08:16

hey, not sure if this post is legit or not but if it is, just want to say hang in there. I'm not gonna say that everything will be ok and life will be great, but it will bet better, find something that you can believe in and trust, something that you enjoy and concentrate on for a while. Before you know it life will have chnged, it may not be perfect but it will be better. You will then come across crap again at some stage but just continue to do the same. you'll get through it, dont give up, there are others who feel the same and have experienced the same situations. One day you'll be 26 yrs old and look back at your teenage years and reslise that life goes on. xx

By anonymous at 03,Dec,09 16:22

Listen because of the whole incident, i honestly believe you should contact the authorities, cuz this sounds like child abuse, child abuse can be physically and mentally, and it sounds like your father knows he abusing you and was pissed you posted it on the internet because people would find out, call the police, tell your teachers, scream at the top of your lungs "my parents are abusing me!". because the authorities can get involved and get your family and you the therapists you need, they can also talk to the school board to get you with your school councilors to help you with your social life.

Theer are people that can help you, and when your parent dont help, and refuse to get you help, thats child abuse. so as soon as you can, call the police and get help.

Hope i helped, If you wanna talk to me more, email me

Good luck, and hang in theer...
By anonymous at 04,Dec,09 02:15

i agree with him! 100%
By at 04,Dec,09 02:16 Fold Up

I Argee With you

By at 04,Dec,09 02:15

hi honey
i dont care what people say and u do the same .
love what you have and you are even just a bitch .
dont care about talks and acts .
wana friend? u will find some, but first be friend with yourself dear! i wish i could talk with u and to know why r u made ur life like this, andv i try to help u somehow.
if u find out u need talk ,write ,need help or good advise just write me when u like to

By anonymous at 28,Apr,11 19:19

All teens thinks their parents hate them or go thru simular feelings in their teen yrs I honestly dont think ur parents hate you maybe frushtrated and dont know how to deal with your changes if you honestly feel like they dont care try and write them a letter tellingthem y u feel this way mind u try not to play a blame game when expressing ur feelings instead of saying u make me feel try saying I feel when such happens.u catch more flies with honey then vingear.people tend to be more receptive of what u have to say when u say things in this manner.and u can alwaus talk to a school conselular and thats free.

By at 16,Jan,12 20:28

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