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cursed girl

Posted by Cursed at March 28, 2012
Tags: Loneliness  2012 March

well i am CURSED. people say they're cursed but very few really are. For some reason my life NEVER changes and ONLY bad things happen to me. This has gone on for 14 years now. literally--NOTHING good happens to me ONLY BAD. for some reason...i cant make friends, cant get a boyfriend, im always alone. im STILL single at 33 years old and have been single ALL MY LIFE. I'm attractive but it's like im cursed and acnt meet ANYONE. Males who come across my presence just put me down or insult me-- this goes for ANY random male i meet. Men hate me out of jealousy b/c im pretty and REFUSE to date me- they just want to use/torture me for fun. My life has only been TORTURE nothing else. People come into my life to destroy me then leave or stay just to control/destroy me. The only people in my life are my WORST enemies who have put me through extreme suffering and controlled/destroyed me and i have no one else and cant meet anyone else. I'm a virgin, no boyfriend, no matter how HARD i look i can't meet a guy or get a kind caring loyal monogamous...amazing woman and beautiful as hell but cant meet anyone.

I live day to day totally ALONE, and not even a SINGLE FRIEND to hang out with and my life has been like this for 14 years straight with LONELINESS AND ALSO MAJOR SUFFERING MAJOR EXTREME THINGS that people have done to me and my life...i have suffered SO HORRIBLY and been through TORTURE...with NO ONE helping me. I used to think--someone will help me? but the more i turend to people the more they turend away and didn't help or cared.. I have to resort to hanging out with WEIRDOS off the internet who try to use me or are WEIRD and treat me like crap. we talk for 2 weeks then they dont get laid and ditch me. That's my social life. I cant go to the beach, hang out with one to do it with. I havent been on vacation or have done ANYTHING fun in over 20 years. I never got invited to college parties, partied IN MY LIFE...ive NEVER done anything fun never had any sexual fun...its like im DOOMED to be alone and suffer with NOTHING else. My family has tortured me and i have to go through hell to get justice and never will get it. all ive witnessed is injustice oppression horror. its like im fukign DESTINED to be TOTALLY ALONE with not a SINGLE Human to be around. People also mistreat me almsot anywhre i go on top of all taht so its like i have the shittiest craziest life with extreme sfufering and then no one helping me and constant mistreatment, injustice...sometimes i have to fight people just to be able to get a sub somewhere made right--people just SCREW me over anywhere i go for fun 24/7... the only man i EVER dated wouldnt even be wiht me WOULDNT have sex with me TO THIS DAY and never let me sleep in his bed or with him. He'd kick me out the next day if i slept on the couch at his place and was VERY cruel. He even refused to f** me in the a**...he wanted me to suffer not experience sex and be a virgin forever. --and his sick plan has worked. since im a virgin...i cant just lose it to ANYONE i have to get a boyfriend, lose my virginity but the hard part is-- I CANT GET A BOYFRIEND??? so im trapped being a virgin...and trapped in literally HATE ME b/c im beautiful and there is NOTHING i can do to change it. its weird how i cant find ONE guy who will like me or find me attractive and im a HOT pretty girl...its SO dang weird...i only have the WORST luck and im CURSED beyond belief...

im jealous of stupid people who say...oht heyre married...oh this oh that-- at least they HAVE SOMEONE OR SOMETHING OR HAD IT at one point...ive had NOTHING BU LONELINESS AND TORTURE 14 years and no matter how HARD i try it will NEVER going to be the 40 year old virgin but I look hotter than most victorias secret models and again there is NOTHING i can do to change doomed sick of experiencing this horrid reality...which NEVER CHANGES..i go online dating sites everywhere to meet guys-- IT NEVER HAPPENS NOTHING HAPPENS....or i meet psychos and sadists who want to torture me or ltierally sacrifice me to the demons (no joke this is true)...all i meet are people who want to kill or hurt me that's it...there is a filter around me where im cursed and only sadists torturers and psychos are allowed in my life...other than that im doomed to loneliness...very few are more cursed than me...also ive met tons of people who've done extreme magic black on destroy me and one major person who did it. im cursed and i cant change it-- yes ive been told there is a curse on my family or on me spiritual things but ive tried everything and it never changes..i also live in a city where its realyl hard to meet people and the ppla er super rude so that contributes to the overall hell of my life...there is no hope for not depressed or this or that or have life is just this barrage of horror that never ends..i only suffer im only lonely and i ONLY go through extreme bizarre trials and hells that no one can really sucks but again there is NOTHING i can do to change it as iev tried for 14 years and NOTHING changes, it just gets worse...i hate this stupid evil planet and hate sucks...


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New Comment

By P_ at 29,Mar,12 11:14

I'm not sure about this, but IMO there is no such thing as Cursed. The more you think you are cursed, the more things will not go your way.

Have you tried singles dating?

On the other hand, do you wanna let go of this thoughts and just dont think about it and let fate comes to you naturally?

If not, you may wish to join some social groups for dating or even making friends. One friend leads to another and you will have a social life even if not a love life.

Think positively, save your virginity for the special one.

Age is just a number. What matters is how you think.

Go figure out. Go travel around the world. There are more sufferings out there. I understand you may be lonely, some activities need to be taken up to suppress this feeling.

I wish you all the best.
By anonymous at 30,Mar,12 04:41

yes there is cursed...curses exist in reality and in general...people aer or can be cursed...there aer many definitions or real symptoms in life of being truly CURSED...i know b/c ive experienced it...i have no desire to 'save my virginity' for anyone special...most humans are evil and most arent virgins..i want to have sex and have fun but i cant b/c im unable to meet ONE person to lose it to so im fucked. i can't travel i dont have the money and i have no friends... fate won't come to CURSED...fate for a cursed person is only BAD things...i dont think u get the rift yet....people dont go out seeking BAD...BAD happens to them....those who are cursed get ONLY not lonely ive been alone all my life....there is a huge difference..'activities' do nto take the place of 'no friends, sex, boyfriend etc' and ive done activities...nothign works... singles dating? i just wrote that ive tried tons of dating websites and dating and nothing works..when youre CURSED nothing works out for you...thas the point of being CURSED....when you are CURSED u cant get ANYTHING in life....if i got all those things in life i wouldnt be that...
By anonymous at 30,Mar,12 04:42

being cursed...i dont think u understand.. u cant get ANYTHING in life nothing goes good everything goes wrong 24/7 youre always suffering....if anything WORKED it would have happened by doesn't 'happen' for people like that only BAD happens...

By Cursed at 29,Mar,12 12:52

Hey wait a minute- I was cursed first around here????? Another poster with the handle- CURSED? Geeesh. Maybe there is something in the water...????
By anonymous at 01,Apr,12 03:16

I feel the same way. Every time things start to seem like they are going well, disaster strikes. EVERY... SINGLE... TIME!

By anonymous at 29,Mar,12 15:05

men will treat you the way you allow them to treat you. if you don't put up with guys like the one you mentioned, you won't have to deal with that crap. you should go out more, even if its by yourself, try starting conversations with people. i think you'll find that there are some decent people out there.

all the best

By anonymous at 30,Mar,12 00:40

When I read some of these posts my life doesn't seem as bad. I feel for you girl, really.

By anonymous at 30,Mar,12 10:49

shit happens, deal with it, there are people FAR worse of than you. Hard life yes, i understand, mine is too, but you can and should pull your head out your arse and get on with life girl!!
By anonymous at 30,Mar,12 10:50

By anonymous at 31,Mar,12 16:56 Fold Up

The world is full of insensitive aholes like you.

By anonymous at 03,Apr,12 03:11

Sweety, don,t worry God will help I am strong caring man please cntact me at

By anonymous at 05,Apr,12 16:49

A lot of good relationships begin with sex... also, seems you're a bit full of yourself. That said, probably a good thing for snaring guys.

By anonymous at 14,Jul,12 15:34

I am cursed as well. I already know that i am destined to be alone because no matter how much i try no relationship ever works out. My goal at this point in life is to try not to kill myslef and live for my family. God forbid something happened to my family i would definitely kill myself. It is hard living day by day knowing no matter what i do nothing will ever change in the relationship department. I guess u can say ive given up and just try to cope with staying alive which isnt always easy. Well on the brightside, we all die one day whether by suicide or natural causes.

New Comment