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Posted by anonymous at March 27, 2012
Tags: Attitude  Failure  2012 March

I'm 26 years old and life just never seems to get any better. I lost my job, my fiance, my apartment, my best friend and turned into a raging alcoholic. I don't even like drinking. I have been looking for a new job since September and every glimmer of hope I get is crushed in an instant. I had to move back in with my family after I lost the apartment and since that is in another state I now have no friends to speak of. Everything just seems to keep going from dark to worse with to hope of change anytime soon. It's a feeling like the harder I try the worse things become. I've been slipping down a rope since this past summer and I think I've finally reached the end of it. What now? How much worse can it get?


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By anonymous at 27,Mar,12 08:42

Your life sounds pretty great. Just be a bum, live at home and collect unemployment. It's better than you think. As humans we're too hung up on having "great lives" Just accept it for what it is and act accordingly.
By anonymous at 16,Apr,12 00:45

dont listen too this guy he doesnt know wht the hell he is tlking about..wht you need too do is seek help tlk too people you can relate too and then see how shitty life can question is if you hate drinking whyt do you contiune too do i have the power in you too stop drinking use it..or life is just going too be suckier then wht it is cna get worse soo change your lifewhile you still young trust me you can get your life better..unless you wnat your life too keep sucking the way it is now!!just try i pretty sure you cna suceed you dont want too live with your parents for the rest of your life do you??just try too change it and lay of the achol it might be hard for a few days or weeks but you can do it!!just have a little dignity in your life you can do whtevr the hell you want too do..dont just sit around like a bum and feel sorry for can get better for you just try a little harder

By at 27,Mar,12 10:25

Good day chap! My my my what a little wanker you are. You should be proud that you can hold your liquer you jamrag! And dont act like you had a girlfriend, everyone knows your a pig bugger. Have a great day and god save the queen
By anonymous at 27,Mar,12 10:35

you're an ignorant lowlife mongrel with nothing else to do in life. Go suck your father, dickgobbler.
By anonymous at 16,Apr,12 00:47

wow guys wht the fuck stop giving this guy something he doesnt need go out and get your shit together

By anonymous at 27,Mar,12 14:25

Ignore that guy Mercy, there are some cruel people in the world, but the vast majority of people aren't. Why did you lose your job? You could blame it on the economy, and there's no doubt the economy has something to do with it, but there are people just as smart and capable as you who have jobs, so that's not the whole reason. Maybe there is some animosity between you and your boss? If there is, why? What is the source of it? If the answer is "he is just a jerk", most people aren't categorically "jerks", and there are probably people out there who get along with him fine. Of course this is all hypothetical and I'm not saying that you think this way, but i know i sure do and it's taken a lot of practice for me to become aware that i'm jumping to negative, irrational conclusions. I really, really don't mean to insult you, so forgive any tactlessness.

I guess the point i'm trying to make is don't give up. You post on this site looking for answers. In order to avoid vague philosophical answers, you'd have to ask very specific question, which you can't do given the format of the site. What did your fiance say to you was the problem? What did you like about her? was it a strong relationship? Were her criticisms justified? was there something you could have done differently? Find answers to these questions and then don't repeat your mistakes. As far as those things that are outside your control, defy them and don't let them defeat you. Never, never, never give in.

By anonymous at 27,Mar,12 17:24

hey. i am 26, unemployed, single, broke, and living with my parents as well. you just got to hang in there. and really quit the alcohol. not doing you any favors. instead of drinking, find something else to do that makes you happy and is actually good for you. work out, volunteer, go to the library, read, clean out your room, network with other unemployed people, do an internship, etc.

just keep your head up. this too shall pass.

By anonymous at 27,Mar,12 17:26

It's a miracle that the bible thumping faggots haven't reached you yet. That in itself is a blessing, ironically enough. Anyway, I'm bankin' on something to happen on December 21, 2012. Other than that, guys like you and me have nothing to look forward to.

By Truth at 27,Mar,12 17:54

It can get a lot worse, and I think it will, for you. You're the kind of shitbird who feels like it's everyone's fault but yours, when in reality, it's all YOU!

The only thing I do feel bad about, as far as your situation goes, is that your ex fiance does, in fact, suck a mean cock. She pulls the baby batter right the fuck out of my balls just about every night now. i love it when she sucks so hard her eyes cross, and then I hit her as hard as i can on the back and she's like HEY WHAT THE FUCK???? And then I'm like, well, i wanted to see if your eyes would stay like that after I whacked you...

...funny thing is, I do it pretty much every time, and yet, she's still there suckin away!
By justme at 28,Mar,12 02:44

kind of disappointing, you could do better than this

By anonymous at 07,Apr,12 04:01

you ppl are so rude man . god you can tell how brave people are when there 1000 miles away from the person.if someone ever talked to me that way in real.I would be in jail.If all your life's are so good and you come here to bash people that are down and out, why do you even goggle a site like this??this fucking world went to shit .. and I blame rap.
By anonymous at 16,Apr,12 00:51

rap has nothing too do with this..and anyway why the hell are you on here if this website sucks soo friggin bad??this guy needs some serious help and he just wants too know wht he needs too do too make his life better..soo get the fuck off if you dont wanna help

By Batbaatar at 21,Jul,15 04:01

You are setting your own bar relaly high with your stories and your story telling Mike. Just thought you should know!This story had it all, personal elements, intrigue, a touch of seedy danger and coffee. I can't wait to hear whats next!

By Star at 15,May,17 01:02

Good tips, although I will slightly disagree with #1 and #2 under things you do not need. Th1a8#&2t7;s fine if you’ve been training with the gels or electrolytes that a race is providing. But if not (and sometimes I don’t because I don’t care for the provided course nutrition), then I always wear my fuel belt and carry gels. I’m accustomed to wearing it, so feeling lighter is not an issue. And I’d rather drink or eat something I know works for me, rather than trying something new on race day and risking it not agreeing with me.

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