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Spawn of Alcohol

Posted by anonymous at March 13, 2012
Tags: Attitude  Family  Juvenile problems  2012 March

I am only 12 years old. I found out a summer ago that my mom is an alcoholic. She had a 'serious' talk with me about it. She's so full of crap! She is trying to get me and my four brothers to pity her, but we aren't stupid. She has gone over to her very strict friend's house for a couple months, thinking she could help. But when she came back, the drinking started again. Alcoholics are genetic so if I drink even once, I will become addicted. Also my genes have over 50% diabetes in them, too. So here's the dilemma: I will grow up to be a fat, lazy, illl, alcohol-driven, sad excuse of a person. I have to grow up will four brothers and no sisters. That sucks. And they are ALL older. I hate my life. I have considered suicide many times, but always chickened out. Alcohol was another solution, but, again, my genes would make it much worse. So I'm stuck with a pitiful life. I have acne everywhere, glasses, braces, and I'm fat. I'm the laughing stock of the whole school. December 21, 2012 can't come around fast enough. I've officially become an atheist, thinking that if there were a "God" he wouldn't make people live like this. I sent my regards to all of you, but he will never help you.


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New Comment

By anonymous at 15,Mar,12 10:59

On the plus side you are only 12, and most teenagers have a rough go During adolescence because on the one hand they're realizing more about people and the world around them, but they're still trapped in childhood until they're 18. I come from a home where my father never drank because his parents were both abusive alcoholics, so dont just assume you will fall into the same state by having one beer. Control and moderation and knowing your limit are key to surviving those genetics that would otherwise lead you down a dark path. You have the control and the rest of your life to do great things. Don't get too down on yourself at such a young age, everyone has those same thoughts between 12-17.

By Truth at 15,Mar,12 13:23

ok timmy, nice little rant you got there. Of course, you're the laughingstock of the whole school because, well, you're just that dumb!

That you're so young is disturbing. Usually it takes at least 18 years to fully form into an asshat, but you're already there! Congratulations're well on your way to a promising career twirling signs on the street corner and blowing sailors for donuts down at the dock!

Your mom is a good fuck I bet, especially when she's drunk. I'd bake her a a rum cake and take it to her on Dec. 21st. Then without her even suspecting, she'd get loaded. then, I'd tell her that I'm actually a doctor making a housecall, and that she needs a gyno exam. Then, I'd make her give me a white dragon. That's where she blows me and then right after she swallows my load I punch her so hard in the stomach that jizz blows out of both nostrils , you know, like a white dragon.

....then right before I left I'd piss all over your term paper that you have to turn in on Dec. 22.
By anonymous at 15,Mar,12 16:02

Dude what's your problem? The kid is pouring his heart out and you've got to be a douche. Go fuck off somewhere that your wanted...which now that I think about it is nowhere. So maybe this IS where u belong, loser. Take your hateful words and choke on them.
By Truth at 15,Mar,12 17:29

It's "you're wanted" not "your wanted" you shit licking double stump fuckass. Now go diddle the neighborhood pets you perverted assmuncher.
By anonymous at 16,Mar,12 01:57

Okay, you little fuckface, go rant your problems to someone else. Oh wait, you probably have no one else to go to so your spending your sad life ranting on this poor girl's post. Stop thinking you're the shit. I mean come on, assmuncher? Really?
By anonymous at 15,Mar,12 17:58 Fold Up

ignore this thing posting BS all over on this sire. it just wants attention and is more pathetic than anyone else on here.
By Truth at 15,Mar,12 18:01

Those who post on message board walls
roll their shit in little balls
those who reads these bits of wit
eat the little balls of shit!

choke on goat semen you pedophile jack fuck.
By anonymous at 16,Mar,12 00:45 Fold Up

What the fuck is wrong with you? are saying these things to a 12 year old child......people like you should do the world a favor and go jump off a bridge or shoot yourself in the face.....if I was the 12 yr old who posted this I would take your bullshit posting and use it to my advantage to realize how great life can be when I know I am not an idiot asshole loser who has nothing better to do with my life then to down grade those who need a boost 12 yrs old life is I say rather then let anyone get you down think like this......many people have a parent or parents that abuse alcohol....learn from the mistakes of others and one is perfect...and I mean no long as you are happy with the choices you make at the end of the day that is all that really matters....

By anonymous at 15,Mar,12 16:51

Fuck you Truth.
By Truth at 15,Mar,12 17:30

Fuck you, anonymous. You fat little faggot needle prick bugfucker.

By anonymous at 15,Mar,12 17:36

I feel really sorry for you I am just glad that I have a wonderful mom and dad and live in a nice neighborhood

By anonymous at 15,Mar,12 20:03

Little girl you dont know what your talking about cause there are many other people going through this and its even worse. You need to stop pitying yourself like really it could be way worse. And are you serious, your basically blaming all your problems on God . Do you even ever read the bible AT ALL? It tells you that your supposed to go through things because it'll make you stronger. Take control of your life. Its not anyones fault that your fat like you can change that and if you got acne go get PROACTIV! And if you cant afford then dont eat a lot of sweets cause thats what makes you start to have acne. And there is nothing wrong with being a nerd. Think of how worse your life could have been like your mom could have been bringing in men and they could have been messing with you or abusing, that has happened to one of my friends but she doesnt pity herself and complain about it (Hes gone now). Now the situation about your mom you should have a heart to heart with her and pour out everything that your feeling. If that solution doesnt work out TOO BAD (not in mean way) but turn to GOD for salvation and actually pray about it. K bye now dont PITY yourself OKAY?!

By anonymous at 16,Mar,12 01:49

My dad was an alcoholic, but he died of cancer. Seriously, talk to your mom before it gets even worse (Maybe have an intervention with your siblings?). I regret how I could not get the guts to talk to my dad, and now its too late.

And as for your view on God, take some time to think it over. Being an atheist is a huge step to take. Don't be an atheist just because your mad at God and actually talk to someone about it. I thought I had no one to talk to, but my other brother proved to be a greater listener than I thought. Life may suck, but there are miracles.

By Toledojak at 16,Mar,12 07:37

Hang tough kid and don't listen to that mental midget named Truth.

By anonymous at 17,Mar,12 00:57

Hey kid, don't listen to anyone by the name Truth. He just bored with his life that's the reason why his here causing problems for everybody else. Kid, you will be fine and please, don't fall into your mother footsteps. You don't need to start drinking at an early age because you family is giving you problems. If its that bad, tell a school counselor or someone.

By anonymous at 17,Mar,12 00:59

Why wait to become an atheist in Dec, why not now.....

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