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is this it

Posted by Jamie at May 24, 2010
Tags: Bad Luck  2010 May  Poverty

about a year ago my business failed within months of that my wife left me with my 3 kids. i cant find a job in my field. im 44 living in my aunts extra bedroom.
trying to find the cash for gas from day to day is impossible. ive never felt so hopeless!


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By anonymous at 24,May,10 20:50

I have made five career changes in the last 25 years. Get a job, any job. Then plan the next step up. In you spare time, do volunteer work as this will expand your network of job sources and look good on a resume.

By anonymous at 24,May,10 22:12

"You are not your job. You are not the money in your bank account. You are not the car you drive. You are not how much money is in your wallet. You are not your fucking khakis. You are the all-singing, all-dancing crap of the world." (Fight Club)

By anonymous at 25,May,10 03:21

listen faggot

an hobo

be a vagabond

or a supertramp

dont be a burden in your aunt's room

as far as your wife is concerned.. well it just shows what kind of a human she is...

she was only with you for financial security...

to hell with such sluts

By anonymous at 26,May,10 11:35

You need to ask yourself what led to these bad outcomes. Sometimes it is really just bad luck, but often its bad karma. Karma means actions, more "causes" than "effects". Take this time alone to make a new and better plan for yourself.

By anonymous at 26,May,10 17:06

oh don worry...........sooner or later everything's gonna b fi9

By anonymous at 09,Jun,10 14:40

No doubt you are American. You deserve help and family. I left America for similar reasons about 10 years ago and found that most of the world still live with their parents even after getting married! Everyone works together and so things don't get so hard on one person. All share the responsibility.
The worst thing I remember about living in America was the shame and expectations to be INDEPENDENT and all those fucked up phrases like WE WILL HELP YOU UNTIL YOU GET BACK ON YOUR FEET and YOU GOOT DO WHAT YOU GOTTA DO. Disgusting. I was happy to find that pretty much ALL of the world, and I have been around let me tell you, ALL is good and safe. Right now I live in Turkey and it's amazing how I have like 5 families. All honest. All there for me and I for them.
America, to me, is all the selfish assholes of the world who left their responsibility to go and steal a country and found it on NOTHING HAS ANYTHING TO DO WITH ME. INDEPENDENCE.
We don't need the kind of freedom that leaves us alone in the world wondering how the hell we are supposed to do everything alone (meanwhile all have their opinions of what you need to do! Real white trash christian help!)
I am happy. Do what I did. Leave the ghetto of the world, who's made it so important to fool the world into thinking we have the highest standard of living. Seriously, I know girls who worked at McDonalds and spent all of their pay on Gucci so that they would still have friends.
Leave. You don't have to make it anywhere really far. Just get away from Americans. Anyone hecticaly promoting FREEDOM is absolutely worthless and irresponsible. And in a world where you need help and deserve to give and have it, who needs them. You think it will be hard. Nope. People care everywhere else. Come here to Turkey even. Teach English. English jobs are available to everyone everywhere and you don't even need to have a degree. It's easy to help. It's not easy to recognize it when it is real.
Hope you feel better. Think of it.

By anonymous at 24,Jun,10 06:19

you are a fucking loser! go rape a poodle

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