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Posted by anonymous at March 4, 2012
Tags: Attitude  Friendship  2012 March

I had a best friend. I had someone that I thought I could count on. The one person I felt I could be myself with and truly be happy with. She broke my heart. She has been lying to me since the moment I met her. I think back at all the "happy" memories and I have to think about how all of those moments were lies, how she never cared about me. I have lost my reason to wake up each moment. I find myself looking for, not something happy to replace the pain, but just a different kind of pain, any pain is better than this one. I feel betrayed and no one here to help me get through it. My other best friend chose her side over mine, even though she was the girl to leave me and then two days later date someone else, she chose her over me. I just don't know what to do anymore. Even though I have contemplated killing myself I can't even bring myself to do that.


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New Comment

By Catherine at 08,Mar,12 00:57

Everyone longs to give themselves to someone-- to have a deep soul relationship with another-- to
be loved thoroughly and exclusively. But to each person, God says, "No, not until you are satisfied,
fulfilled, and content with being loved by Me alone-- with giving yourself totally and
unreservedly to Me". I love you, my child. And until you discover that only in Me is your satisfaction
to be found, you will not be capable of the perfect human relationship I have planned for you. You
will never be united with another until you are united with Me-- exclusive of anyone or anything else,
exclusive of any other desires or longings. I want you to stop planning, stop wishing and allow Me
to give you the most thrilling plan existing-- a plan you cannot imagine. I want you to have the best.
Please allow Me to bring it to you. You just keep watching Me, expecting the greatest things-- keep
experiencing the satisfaction that I am. Keep listening and learning the things I tell you. You
just wait. That's all. Don't be anxious. Don't worry. Don't look at the things others have gotten or I
have given them. Don't look at the things you want. You just keep looking off and away up to Me, or
you'll miss what I want to show you.

Then, when you are ready, I'll surprise you with a love far more wonderful than any you would
even dream of. You see, until you are ready, and until the one I have for you is ready at the same
time-- until you are both satisfied exclusively with Me and the life I have prepared for you-- you won't
be able to experience the love exemplified in you relationship with Me, and is thus, perfect love.

And dear one, I want you to have this most wonderful love. I want you to see in the flesh a picture
of your relationship with Me and to enjoy materially and concretely the everlasting union of beauty,
perfection, and love I offer you with, Myself. Know that I love you utterly. I am God. Believe it,
and be satisfied." -Author Unknown

By anonymous at 08,Mar,12 15:59

She probably did care about you at one point, but you got annoying.

By anonymous at 09,Mar,12 13:13

weak people kill themselves, eat some cock and call your doctor in the morning- hope this helps

By Womens Nike Free 6.0 at 07,Jan,15 04:58

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