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I'm pissed because I didn't die

Posted by anonymous at May 17, 2010
Tags:  2010 May

So today I was sitting on a bridge wanting to just fall off. The only reason I didn't is because a bunch of people I knew were like 50 feet away and I'd rather not have a bunch of friends just watching me fall to my death.

...or maybe I just pussied out.

Either way, I just wanted to tell everyone how pissed off I am because I am still alive.


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By anonymous at 19,May,10 17:56

hang in there...

in your room...

with the rope on the ceiling...

and the other end wrapped around your neck..
By anonymous at 05,Feb,11 10:32

you tie your fucking noose around your neck insensitive asshole.

By anonymous at 21,May,10 15:23

Invite a bunch of people who do not like you to watch you fall off the bridge. Post the video on youtube.
By anonymous at 22,May,10 00:54

Your all a bunch of assholes! Ppl on here are looking for help and if you push em any further, you deserve to burn in hell forever!
By anonymous at 05,Feb,11 10:33

I agree with you on them being assholes

By anonymous at 21,May,10 21:14

You really, really need some counseling. And ignore the moron from 19 May.

By anonymous at 21,May,10 21:15

Sorry I meant the person from 21 May above me. Idiot.
By anonymous at 22,May,10 14:22

I am 21 May from above. This dude has friends who would sit there and let him fall from a bridge. How sad is that?
He seriously needs new friends.
A good friend is worth more than ten counselors, in my experience.
A close friend of mine went to a counselor (instead of his friends) and got really screwed up. She had an affair with him, got pregnant and sued him for child support.

By anonymous at 29,Aug,10 23:37

Well, it could be said that part of it is that you pussied out. That answer, anyway, is much, much more accurate than your not wanting your friends to watch. Either way, however, I would venture to say that an even more accurate reason why you didn't commit suicide is because there is a deep understanding that has existed over what seems to be the entire history of human existence. It says that there is another life beyond this one, and as shitty as this one definitely is, you are actually here for a reason (quite possibly not a good reason, mind you; similar to the reason that the majority of people here on earth are in prison - it's because they did something wrong) and if you choose to prematurely end your time here by, for example, killing yourself, it would be the spiritual equivalent of breaking out of prison before your time is served. All that would do is simply send you back to the prison (Earth) with extra time to serve for trying to get out before your time was served.

Therefore, yes . . . Life DEFINITELY sucks. But so does prison. Prison totally sucks. And just like prison, the sooner you're done serving your actual sentence, the sooner you'll get out. Heck, you might even get out early for good behavior or something . . .

So serve your time . . . And try not to do anything while you're here serving your time to put you BACK in jail after you're done with this life.

By anonymous at 05,Feb,11 10:31

Don't do it no matter how bad it seems it will get better trust me I've been there.

By DylaNaruto at 13,Sep,12 08:42

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