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To young to be this old

Posted by anonymous at February 27, 2012
Tags: Family  2012 February  Health

I'm 18 but I feel like I'm 80. I've missed out on most of my child hood. I wake up every morning alone sober and completely sore every one of my joints hurt my muscles come and go in waves of pain. My chest hurts as though I'm being stepped on by an elephant I can't sleep and can't seem to stay awake at the same time.
I wonder if things would be better if I were dead. I get the short end of every thing in life I'm an 18 year old man who's got an easy 30 years of life stuffed under his belt. I go to school I work and still get absolutely no respect from anybody around me. My mother bitchs away the few women that I've been able to get to go out with me so I'm the only one in my family that doesn't get laid. I'm always alone and always swimming against the current I contemplate suicide but I couldn't put my mother thru that kind of suffering she's already sick and in constant pain from all her diseases I couldnt put her thru that nomatter how much I hate living.
So I wake up every day go to school then to work then come home listen to my mother bitch about this that and the other put up with her horny boyfriends bullshit and go to sleep then repeat allover again the next day.
I just need someone that I can call on when I'm on the edge. Someone real that I could trust to be there for me I don't want to wake up tomorrow.
I need a true friend.


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New Comment

By at 03,Mar,12 21:14

Well, my name is Chad. I'd like to talk to you about stuff. I'm 16, and i can relate. Feel free to email me,

By anonymous at 03,Mar,12 21:23

Well sometimes suks but we have to walk foward no matter what, I`m 39 like to be your friend an feel free to

By anonymous at 03,Mar,12 22:59

i also hate my life, i laso feel the same with you that life never treat me in a good way.

By at 04,Mar,12 00:10

First off, you're only 18. I am almost a decade older than you so trust me when I say that you have A LOT of your youth left. And childhood you do NOT even remember a lot of that but you will remember your teens and twenties. So live in the present and focus on the future because you are so very young and have a lot ahead of you. I think you are suffering from anxiety and need to take meds for it. That's what the pain in your chest is. I had it too. That's why you cant sleep. Get help. Good luck.
By anonymous at 04,Mar,12 00:42

By childhood I meant I missed out on being a normal teen I was always keeping my dad from killing my brother and keeping from getting my ass beat at the same time believe me I know there are countless others that have it far worse than me but I have had alot of life thrown at me in my short time on this rock.
By anonymous at 04,Mar,12 00:56

Ps my chest pain is from a warped sternum "aka" (breast bone)

By anonymous at 04,Mar,12 00:18

My first reaction to your message is to tell you that "life is going to get better." And it can, but you got to roll with the punches and be positive. Life will not get better if you give up. The normal response is, "What! Your 18! You don't even know how bad it can get yet!" However, it can be horrible at 18 and it sucks when you have to think about the needs of someone that is older than you (your mom). I have been there. And at 29 I will tell you my reaction to what I went through at 18 is, "Where does she get off making herself more important than me?" I am not saying you have to write your mom off, I am saying you have to recognize that maybe she has problems she cannot control & that you cannot control. Bottom Line: She is suppose to be a grown adult, so do what you can for her, but make sure that you are taking care of number 1. (Example: Flying in a plane & the oxygen masks come down. They tell you to put the mask on yourself, then assist. You can't help someone older than you if you are not happy, That is my 2 cents. Take it for what its worth.

By anonymous at 04,Mar,12 13:58

I agree. Put yourself first. You can't hold the weight of the world on your shoulders, nor should you. Maybe it's time you take a break from the people who are dragging you down...maybe then you could focus on your own pain. I care.

By weight loss pills at 02,Feb,13 00:11

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