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life as a human is incredibly meaningless

Posted by Elliot at May 10, 2010
Tags: 2010 May  Meaninglessness  Philosophical

i dont really no where to start but im 20 now. i enjoyed my life when i was a kid as u have no understanding of what life as a human really is. i was happy till i was 10 n then all of my family got ill includin me, my mum was diagnosed with breast cancer in 1997, my dad got diabetes and my sis got anorexia. i had somethin called M.E which is fatigue syndrome. i struggled in scool and to get involved in social aspects of being young. my mum passed away when i was 14. i had to be strong at the start as my sis went into a deep depression and my dad needed some support. i was goin to college but i couldnt concentrate for very long n i wasnt happy. i always felt better when i was goin home cause i could be with my dad n my very special dog who i got so close to, but she died a year ago. i havent got a job n im very depressed bout life, well let me put that a different way i love life but i hate the people in charge n i hate bein human n havin to live under pressure all of the time. life is not meant to be like this. were brought up to understand bout how were supposed to be, were meant to go to scool n then college to qualify for somethin we want to do with ourselves for money. we will then go to the job centre for money so we can survive not live as we cant find a job. were the one n only species that live our life like this. i find it pathetic. i love other animals as they no how to live to their potential where as us we dont get anywhere near that because were not allowed to. im not quite sure of what the meanin of living on this beautiful planet as a human is.


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New Comment

By anonymous at 13,May,10 20:02

be like buddha

abandon society


die starving...
By anonymous at 16,May,11 23:32


By impalement at 03,Jun,10 15:14

Your hatred for humanity, the death of your mother, the depression of your sister, it all gives me joy. You are another pathetic lifeless being whos only purpose is to satisfy me, God of the New World with your pain. You are better off ending your life now that your purpose is fulfilled and you are no longer usefull to me.
By anonymous at 01,Aug,10 09:06

lmao my mates like you
By anonymous at 15,Mar,11 03:20 Fold Up

Who is this fail? I laugh at you, and my heart aches for the OP. you know what gives me joy? knowing you come on a site called lifesucksbigtime to pity other terrible lives that are worse than yours, in order to make your worthless excuse of an electric pulse in that bloody muscle of yours keep doing whatever the fuck it ever does. If I ever saw you on the street, hypothetical of course, don't take it literally :O, I'd put my foot in your ass so far your tiny wittle cock would dislodge from its crotch and then when you'd try to have sex girls would say, no cock? wtf is wrong with you?

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