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True story

Posted by Grant at February 14, 2012
Tags: 2012 February  Health  Job  Money

At 18 I went to college. 5 years and 17,000 dollars in debt later and I got a Bachelors degree in Parks and Recreation. Midway through College, my high school sweetheart attends, Was gonna get married, love of my life situation, Leaves me for some other guy, Got suicidal almost killed myself, Later that Year I contract a Rare uncureable Eye Disease that could make me go blind, called meibomian gland dysfunction Causes Severe Dry eye, Leaves my eyes on fire all the time feel like they have sand in them, As the story goes on After I graduate in 2010, Find out my degree Is worthless when the economy tanked in 2008 all jobs cut due to layoffs and budget cuts, I attempt to find a solution to the uncurable health condition. So then I worked at some dead end cubicle job using constant eye drops to get money, living in constant pain, during that time got in a car accident on top of that, almost paralyzed from the waste down lost sensation of hot or cold in my hands and feet, Developed Whiplash and a Rare uncurable Ear disorder called Tinnitus Constant ringing in the ears, Didn't sleep for days, felt like suicide, Accident was a hit and run, Insurance company's and doctors couldn't pay and spent all my paycheck to figure out what was wrong, ended up empty handed, studied the health problems for 2 years, tried to figure out what I could do, Realized I went to quacks, and that our health care system is profit based, and the pharmaceutical and insurance company and doctors are all in it for a profit game. Found the right doctors, found out they weren't covered by insurance, and Auto accident injuries later turned into a disease called tempromandibular joint disorder, Jaw almost breaks, from stresses of injuries, almost cant talk, hear or see, 1 year later with all those problems, doing pizza delivery at some dead end job, barely making it with all the physical pain I have to bear, Then robbed on pizza delivery at knife point thrown down 2 flights of stairs and almost killed by the robbers trying to put a plastic bag over my head, developed PTSD, Sustained many more injury's, to file workmans comp claim, Found out company I was working for was breaking work mans comps laws, Hired a lawyer, so that the company would follow the law and pay for my injuries, Lawyer then tried to do illegal deals with the company under the table so they didn't have to pay. Fired the lawyer, got fed up with fighting so now just praying for a financial miracle. And the last woman that I wasted my time on spent 5 months with her trying to save her from her abusive husband, Where is she now? Got knocked up by her abusive husband and then hung me out to dry. At times I have felt that, life is nothing but Pain and Disappointment, for me, nothing but Theifs, Liars, and evil people have I met in this world. Realized when it would take 10,000 dollars to repair my injuries through physical therapy and surgeries, discovered that I wouldn't be able to get that kind of money through loan or anything else. Just now praying for a financial miracle. But with the collapse of the economy just on the horizon from learning how evil people can be in high financial places through out my whole ordeal, looks like my fate is uncertain in this messed up world. Sad but true my friends, sad but true. As of right now, Looking at going Blind, Deaf, and Dumb. A vegetable trapped inside his own body, holding his breath wishing for death, because people are so greedy that they can't spare even 5 bucks to someone who really needs it. Somethings gotta change in this world, because evil will prevail if people continue to treat each other this way, please know that this is a true story of how bad life can suck, and how much it can suck, because people aren't doing the right things. I hope this is a lesson of one broken man to another.


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New Comment

By anonymous at 22,Feb,12 22:07

Wish you gave some way for us to donate to you, its a sad story, wish I could help better than just by clicking a "yes that sucks" button. I feel that the world is waay too filled with evil too. Its like being in hell, I wonder what we did to deserve living in such a place when some of us aren't horrible like the majority. If it's a matter of karma and reincarnation, I hope this is the last time around for me and you.

By anonymous at 23,Feb,12 04:14

dude this life sucks we all know that but u should try to hang in there and help will surely come coz god doesnt forget his creations i really feel sad for u and wish i could help u !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! but there is noway to do that so all i can do is to engourage u and tell u to hang in there

By anonymous at 23,Feb,12 12:21

There is no god that would allow this to happen to anyone.
By anonymous at 23,Feb,12 14:58

Appearently there is but it's too over your head.
By anonymous at 20,Oct,12 00:23

The irony of How I goggled this again is just amazing, I never knew my story stayed on the internet forever, if anyone could help me, the names Grant, email at

By anonymous at 20,Jan,13 05:26

you seem to be a fighter and thats made me will get through this....people like you always find a solution..

By sandali timberland bambino 4 Men at 10,Nov,14 12:52

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