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My Life Sucks

Posted by anonymous at February 3, 2008
Tags: Family  February 2008  Relationship

I hate my mom and I hate my dad and my grandmother. I started smoking weed and cigarettes when I was 12 years old because of the stress with living at home with my mother and grandmother. I never really got to see my father because of my stepmother and I hate that cause now I think it is his fault, too but it is not. It is hers.

I want to runaway and go to my friend's house so so bad but after reading some of these stories I do not know what to do anymore. I have a boyfriend and I love him so so much, but he lives in another town, and sometimes I wonder if he is cheating on me!! I really screwed up my life, too, because I have had sex with so many dudes, and given them head so many times that everyone in my school calls me a whore. A friend, well at least I thought she was my friend, talks behind my back and now I do not wanna be friends with her, but I do not know what to say to her about it. This is all the reasons why I wanna run away. I am a 14 year old girl and I really need some help. If anyone knows what I can do please help me.


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By at 17,Apr,09 02:23

sweetheart I didnt mean to log on to this web site but I couldnt help but to read your story take it from someone who Is going through a rough time in her life my husband of thirdteen years walks in the house and anounces that he is tired of being married turned my entire life upside down he leaves me for his mysterious of two years have a baby on me and has the nerve to move in with her! Life as I knew It began to become quit diffcult to bear the hurt and pain of It all until I decide to end my life that very day change my life God spoke to me that day and told me that all I need is wrap up in him sweetheart dont let pepole define who you are allow God to define you know that he loves you and so do I you have a whole future ahead of you. We have all made mistakes in life its never to late to change your life around you have a purpose on this earth allow God to work on those feelings about your family you have to forgive not for them but for yourself when we dont forgive they have power over you be free now baby this is your time in life to soar spread your wing honey the past is behind you Im praying for you LOVE MS.TISH
By anonymous at 16,Oct,11 00:30

By anonymous at 15,Mar,12 23:21

God is good, he can make beauty from ashes, ask him into your heart. and he will make all the wrong right. Jesus loves you. dont listen to the lies of the enemy. The enemy will only try to distroy you. God loves you so much, he knit you together in your mothers womb, he knows every hair on your head, he is watching you and waiting for you to walk with him. Seek you first the Kingdom of God, and everything else will fall into place.
By anonymous at 05,Aug,12 23:35

Umm you scare me. I'm waiting for you to dance snakes and drinking stricknin.
By anonymous at 12,Mar,12 06:55 Fold Up

Maybe you should just take a shotgun and blow the dog, his new bitch, and their spawn into oblivion.
By anonymous at 25,Jul,12 23:16 Fold Up

By anonymous at 05,Aug,12 23:27 Fold Up

You should really try to use more periods. run on sentences suck. just sayin

By anonymous at 10,Dec,09 06:21

you shud have thought abt it before u git urself fucked by everyone in ur school .. must have enjoyed a lot then, right ... now enjoy this ... fucking bitch
By anonymous at 15,Mar,12 23:22

your a jerk, stop talking to her like that, whats wrong with you?
By anonymous at 08,Jul,12 13:52

Suck the stinking, smelly,
steaming, running shit out of my ass you lowlife worm.
By anonymous at 25,Jul,12 23:18 Fold Up


By anonymous at 08,Jul,12 03:55

whatever I want in my life, every time the result is same. Its painful when you truly want something, dedicate yourself to get it, work for it, wait for it, but in the end , you don't have it. Its painful when the people u care, people u help, people u trust does the pretty opposite thing with u . its painful when u wait for the good time, but it never comes to u. So now I have no expectation, no wish or dream. now I need no reason to smile. Just walking through until the light goes off. Because I have already crossed my breakdown point.

By anonymous at 19,Jul,12 16:46

well to start off, i'm 20. My life sucks bad but i am trying as hard as i can to try to figure out who i am and ways to keep me happy. i was 17 when i met my bf which was 30 :( and ran away from home, and i almost quit school bc of him, but i hung in their and graduated. we have lived toggether for 3 years but everyday that goes by i feel like i am trapped with him and it is embarrsesing bc he is so old and already going balled. It took me time to relize this but he is not my type at all and he doesnt enjoy anything i do. i feel trapped bc i know i cant afford all these bills myself, bc i work for $8 an hour and go to college. This situation has made a different person and it makes me sad, but i dont know what to do.

By Mey at 27,Nov,12 13:08

All these people reinatpeg that Greg's a print designer who doesn't understand CSS just don't get it.They have adopted themselves to the css mentality, instead of adapting the technology to design needs.Most miss the point altogether, like:Greg I just want to ask you what if I told you that Quark will no longer be supporting style sheets? Would you be ok with that? Even if you were working on a 120 page document? I'd be pissed, just like I would be pissed if they took away CSS.This is irrelevant. Greg has not talked against the general idea of stylesheets, he talked against the CSS concept and implementation in particular. His points are specific and razor sharp, and could be used in designing a BETTER stylesheet language for the web. Like this point:CSS captures styles not semantics or design intention. A design intention would be something like: I want to balance these two columns or perhaps This text should line up with the logo image in the first column. When designers do things like this:#content{position:relative;top:32px;left:20%;width:40%;}They are capturing the style specifics not the design intention. Why 32 pixels? Why 40%? Perhaps the logo is 32px tall? Perhaps the other column is 60% wide? When the logo changes size or placement how will you know what styles to touch? There is a basic concept called parametric design that can be used to specify the parameters of the design.Right on!And since a lot of web pages nowadays are web apps , are you css people familiar with actual programming for GUIs? If you know GTK, QT, Java or what have you, they all have MULTIPLE layout models. CSS only has one, and a cripled one at that, the box model. A single model cannot solve all needs. (btw, almost all languages offer a table or grid layout manager, without sacrificing fluidity ).Some points:a) The concept of styles is correct. It's CSS that has it all wrong.b) Design should be intention based and parametric. Hell, CSS does not even have parameters! If I want 20 design elements in my stylesheet to be 200px (or 20% or anything), I have to repeat myself 20 times over. When I want to change it to 200px it's 20x times the work actually needed).c) A lot of stuff should have been built in, in CSS and HTML and easier. Rounded corners? Blow me, just have something like:#box {curve-top-right: 20px }or have a way to define such effects in code blocks and share them.etc
By anonymous at 26,Dec,12 21:03

Your life sucks
By HatedForever at 10,Apr,13 09:52

^^ you got it, you need help

By anonymous at 06,Jan,13 11:11

i can help you

By anonymous at 04,Apr,13 10:09

youre fucked.

By HatedForever at 10,Apr,13 09:40

Well, For one you really shouldnt be haveing sex at the age of 14 you slut and for another thing ARE YOU STUPID?!? smokeing weed and shit for no fucking reason.
Your stupid! just suck it up buttercup and grow a pair of balls and stand up for yourself
By StrangeKid at 10,Apr,13 09:45

LOl! Well the damn kid is fucked up right now ya know? Maybe she is preganat and suffering! XD
Stupid slut gave her body away and could not for the life of her stand up for herself! Pitiful really, this damn girl should JUST FUCKING KILL HERSELF AND ROTT IN FUCKING HELL!!
Poor baby, I'm sorry but you should really just end your pathetic ass life :3
By HatedForever at 10,Apr,13 09:49

My point exactly,
she was stupid enough to think that because if any of us humans dont realize that MEN ARE JERKS
and all they want is our bodies...
but what she needs to realize is that
but yhea
stupid fucking moronic idiotiotic slut...
By strange kid at 10,Apr,13 09:53

I wonder what she will say to our little conversation? Besides everyone has the right to use her body, if she likes to go around fucking every male and giving head in dirty ass places then she tottaly deserves it.
nothing to do much for her, so maybe she finally killed herself? I think someone should piss on her grave :)
By HatedForever at 10,Apr,13 09:56

i shall join you pissinfg on her grave.
thats exactly what she deserves eh?
aha and yes poeple are going to look at our conversation and be like
(.)_(.) WTF!?!
and we shall sit back on our computer chairs and Laugh
while that dumb slut goes and kills herself
that dirty skumbag
By strange kid at 10,Apr,13 09:58

true that! But we have a problem...I wonder if I should fuck her body while she's dead? I always wondered how a dead body will feel and if the pussy still feel the same or just... OMG!!
By anonymous at 10,Apr,13 10:00

well i hop you enjoy doing that while i go screw her boyfriend eh?
By HatedForever at 10,Apr,13 10:04

^^ Really now?

and have fun with that
how you gonna get him?
tie em up?
chain him to your bed?
be all rough with him and whip him?
aha thats if you can even catch him first...
that is if i dont get to him first... :3
By strange kid at 10,Apr,13 10:07

Hop? Your going to hop him? Sir annonymous (or lady) I prefer to fuck them both! *.*
I would like to stick live tapeworms up her BF's ass and then fill his asshole with my jizz~
so we coudl all have turns with him!
And is it possible to beat me with something hard? :D
EH? how about it?
By anonymous at 10,Apr,13 10:09

ew what is roong with you guuys?
By HatedForever at 10,Apr,13 10:14

are you serious?
at least im trying to!
and im in grade 12!
your a worthless piece of shit you are!
get out of our conversation you kid!
go eat a dick!
By strange kid at 10,Apr,13 10:16

"I love little girls they make me feel so good
I love little girls they make me feel so bad
When they're around they make me feel
Like I'm the only guy in town
I love little girls they make me feel so good

They don't care if I'm a one way mirror
They're not frightened by my cold exterior"

LOl! I am a strange kid so I have to be fucked up if I want my true love to notice me! XD
Mercy, where are you?!
plus HatedForever is right you know...:P
By HatedForever at 10,Apr,13 10:17

whos Mercy?
and where can i meet this fellow?
By strange kid at 10,Apr,13 10:21

I dunno actually since he just commented on my post and said GOD SAVE THE QUEEN while insulting me :3
So then and there, i fell in love with him X)
he is a major troll so I don't where he is at the moment so you are just going to have to search for him or wait for him to reply :3

By anonymous at 21,Apr,13 19:57

Stumbled upon this, because obviously, I feel my life sucks right now. I'm much older, and I am going through hard times for entirely different reasons. Hopefully my advice can find you some comfort.

You are young. Young, but old enough to begin steering your life in a positive direction. I say steer, because no matter your behavior going forward, things will not change over night. But, rest assured if you begin making good decisions, learn to better 'handle' or deal with your problems, you will eventually find that they become manageable or in some cases disappear.

It's important to remember that no matter what you do, there will be setbacks. How you handle those is key to your success. It will not be a straight path to happiness. It never is. As you grow older you will have the opportunity to reinvent your purpose. Not run away. But change who you are and how you act, and thus changing everything around you for the positive. I could go in and in, trying to coach and advise you. I won't. Just know that things can get better if you work for it.

Good luck

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