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I hate my life!!!!

Posted by anonymous at January 31, 2012
Tags: Alcohol  2012 January  Money  Relationship

I hate my life, my job and people!!!

I moved to the US about 12 years ago with a woman who is now my crazy ex. For 8 years she was a self medicating drunk. I don't know how many times I came home and she was drunk. She was a binge drinker, and I have grown to despise her and the feelings are moving towards hate. I am a guy so sex is important and it was non existant or she wanted to have sex when she was drunk. What a turn off!! I started looking outside the marriage not for sex but for someone to have a normal conversation with, something towards a normal life. Well my ex was diagnosed with ovarian cancer which was removed by surgery and she was fine but she developed an addiction to pain medication. So instead of being a drunk now she was always wasted on pain meds. I know this sucks and I know there are plenty of people who go through this without cheating but I cheated on her. I had an affair with a woman and it was nice to be semi normal with someone.

My ex found out and since that day she has constantly rubbed it in. SHe made my life hell. I have a temper I admit that but I have never hit her, I have smahed a few things in frustration but I never laid a hand on her. Well I paid alot of money to get her off the pain medications. Well we went thorugh the motions until I got laid off and then she wanted to move to some island for the "ideal life" and as much as it sounded perfect someone needed to work and keep a roof over our heads. I got a new job which was demanding and she got upset one night when I didn't want to discuss (argue) about the "ideal life". I went into the spare room to lay down and the next thing I knew there was a knock on the front door. It was the police, she had called the cops for domestic violence. I was arrested and hauled off to jail. .

I came home and found everything of value gone and my clothes in a pile of water all moudly. I managed to get the job from hell back and I worked but becuase she took everything including our savings I was evicted. I now live in a crappy motel where drug addicts and hookers frequent. I have no car and have to take the bus,(if you have ever taken the bus in LA you know what I experience, I have not had sex for 5 years now, not even dated, I have the job from hell with a crazy boss. I really just want to give up and I would if it were not for the dog.

I hate my life!!!!!


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New Comment

By at 14,Feb,12 20:47

At least you have a job. Sex is NOT everything. Your ex wife had ovarian cancer and you cheated on her. For that I do not really blame her for taking the $$$. How was she able to take all the savings if it was an account that you both shared? You cant do anything about that at all?

By anonymous at 15,Feb,12 13:11

Don't pay attention to that other comment. She wasn't married to you when you "cheated"- she was married to the booze and meds. Women will drop a guy for alcohol and drug abuse in a second. When it's the other way around it's all of sudden wrong. Hang in there.

I'd save up for a cheap car and drive away from L.A. You could make a real home for yourself in a small town. Get a job as a dishwasher or a bartender or a cook off the map. You can take classes at a community college and within a year get a better job with your new skills. Your lucky, you have no woman telling you what to do AND a clean slate -- you decide what to paint on it.

Oh, small towns are good to go to because everyone is leaving them. They don't ask you any stupid questions, they just need guys to get the job done.
By anonymous at 15,Feb,12 14:31

yes, this guy is right.


Just seriously. Your wife was a crazy, alcoholic, pill popping, psycho. Fuck her. I had a girlfriend like that ruin 3 years of my life.

If someone is an alcoholic, and they're not your mom, dad, sister, or brother: FUCK THEM, tell them to eat dirt.

Because you know what? That's what they CHOSE.

By greenhandtr at 08,Dec,12 17:06

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