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untitled story

Posted by Angie at January 25, 2012
Tags: Family  2012 January  Job

Sometimes, its just better to vent instead of holding it all in.. so here i go.
where to begin.. okay, so for the past few years my parents have been on my case for every little thing. i'm a 20 year old female. currently, i have 2 jobs and im enlisting in the air force. today at work, my boss.. who is a complete dick (every employee thinks he has a permanent stick up his ass).. sent me home today because i had to use the bathroom. & to top everything all of, my dad yelled at me today for it. he said "well you must have done something wrong". NO I DIDNT DO SHIT. what pisses me off even more is that no matter what i do i can never seem to please my parents. i'm paying my own car insurance and enlisting in the service.. within the next 6 months i'll be gone. i dont necessarily hate my life, but i hate the position im in now. i can't wait to leave, its like im always wrong no matter what. my parents never seem to side with me. throughout my entire life, i've always been the wrong one in any situation. my relationship with my parents is extremely shitty. i need to leave soon, because if i dont, i know that i when i do leave, i wont have any contact with them.i just want to get as far away as possible. my parents wonder why i cry a lot.. i think its because throughout my entire life, my parents have never supported me.. with anything i wanted to do. every time they yell at me it sucks, it just gets worse and worse, you think id be used to it by now..


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