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I fucked up and should just give up

Posted by anonymous at January 4, 2012
Tags: Alcohol  2012 January  Money

I am 22 years old. I am a college drop out with over $25,000.00 at least in debt. Debt in college loans and hospital bills. I went to college for 2.5 years and dropped out because I did way too much partying and never went to class. I never paid for my loans so they went to collections and I haven't looked at them in months. While in college I was hospitalized twice for "alcohol poisoning". I was totally conscious during my hospital visits. I was only taken because I was underage and it was going to the hospital or jail. I sat in the hospital for a couple hours and released with no treatment. $800.00 for each trip with no insurance they went to collections also. I have a DWI for driving after a party in college literally 100 feet and could see my apartment in view. I am over the DWI consequences except $360.00 for probation fees. I have 3 minor in possessions of alcohol during school. I have dealt with those but it does suck having them on my record now. I am a denial alcoholic who wants help but yes, rehab is a privilage of the rich. I was laid off a job at KFC because i didn't have a ride to work. After finding that job after 1.5 years of job hunting. I have no friends due to my drinking and no car because of the DWI. I live in a area where the closest business is an hour walk. I hate my life and considered suicide but with my luck I would not succeed. I would end up with brain damage from substance over dose or half a head to a shot gun. I want to help people and become very positive and do something with my life but within two years i have fucked up and what is the point now?


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New Comment

By anonymous at 01,Feb,12 16:19

stop drinking and create some goals. would you be a good MD or lawyer? go back to school this way you don't have to worry about paying off your loans until your done and you dont need a car.. do pharmacy school you will get paid 100k out of school. good luck and peace

By anonymous at 08,May,12 19:29

What I want to know is where the fuck do you get the money to drink? I don't know how to tell you this but you only have your youth and health going for you. If you don't do something now you are going to end up like those toothless stale sweat and urine stinking bums, and I'm not talking about your friends. No one can get you through this but yourself, you can sit in your hell hole and get drunk all you want, no one gives a shit you cocksucker, life does not get easier as you grow old you KFC drop out. You wrote on here cause you were probably all hungover from a bender and your feeling oh so guilty for fucking up so badly. Too bad you trailer trashing slugslime. Your a wino in training, you know your family will give up on you, no friend nothin, is that what you want? How bad do you want to change? If I stuck a bottle of whiskey in front of you right now.....would you drink it....really how bad do you want to change? Rehab isn't a cure neither, it's just a temp get away from reality and all your shit is still there when you get out, get to a fucking meeting ya stunned cunt before its too late

By anonymous at 01,Sep,12 18:48

And my final comment to all of you who have harassed me is FUCK YOU ASSHOLES.

By anonymous at 29,Jan,13 14:23

i as 56 years old and was told by a doctor if i kept drinking i would be dead before 30. something inside
told me i would have a long life no matter what i did
so i picked up the drinking and also had periods of pill
abuse. really have never cared if i lived or died thou over the last 5 years i would very much perfer to die
The truth is i was a very unhappy child teen and young
adult but life did get good for a 10 year period and i have had stops and starts of happiness up to the last 5
years the blame now is money before that it was girls before that ..well you get the picture did i make a choice to be depressed no is it anybodys fault no its the life i was delt and continue to live . dont care enough to care

By Air?Jordan?11 at 18,Aug,14 20:37

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By anonymous at 03,Jul,18 14:40

Alcohol is the awnser. Fuck life. Lifes a god damn bitch. Alcohol treats me better than being sober and a miserable mother fucker.

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