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phuckin goverment

Posted by anonymous at December 30, 2011
Tags: Alcohol  2011 December  Mistakes

hi there,
i am Cee, 22 years old, living in The Netherland bu i'm not dutch..
my parents r very religious people, like they pray 5 times a day everyday etc.
and i try to follow their footsteps, and be a good muslim too
now the most of u know that alcohol is taboe in islam, and i neverrrr drink. . .
till last weekend..
my friends beggeddd me to just try it once, i know i would say no usually cause they've tried it many times before and i always said no..
bu this time, i don't know what the fuck was wrong with me.. so i joined them for a few shots..
now thats the first time in my life i've drinked alcohol..
anyway, we had a great night and we decided that i'll drive cause i was the least drunk of the group..
heading to the highway, the F&#@%! police told me to pull over..
that was the limit for me.. wich confirmed how bad my life sucks..
so i was screwed, waiting and stressing for the mail to receive about the results.. 2 weeks long everyday hoping that i would see the mail first, cause if my parents would see it first and read about me drinking alcohol, that would be their DEAD.. no doubt about that..
so today i received the mail.. and guess what i got for drinking ONCE in my life. the highest fucking punishment u can receive here for drinking..
they took my license, i can't drive for 2 years plus i have to pay about 2000 euros for a course and motivationprograms. i can handle all that..
but here's the problem.. my parents r old and weak, i need to bring them to the mall or hospital almost everyday. how am i gonna tell them that i can't drive the next 2 years, cause i'm a miljon percent sure they will have a heart attack if they find out i've been drinking.. and they will find out cause i will receive the next 2 years a lot of mail about the course and progress.

sorry for my bad english, but it isn't as bad as my situation is, i guess..


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New Comment

By at 28,Jan,12 23:31

Get a motorcycle for your-self, if you can. Get your family's friends to drive your parents for a price. Lie to your parents about how you were hit by another car, but got punished by the law. Wait for that 2 years, and learn to pay for taxi when go out with friends.

If your friends were Christians, do you think they may have called the cops on you them-selves?

By anonymous at 01,Feb,12 16:25

it happens and this may be a sign that you need to 1. change your friends immediately. 2. DONT EVER DRINK AND DRIVE, its just stupid. 3. stop drinking cause you cant handle it

By Angga at 13,Sep,12 12:00

it worked quite a bit for me. i'll drink more water thgourhout the day and it'll make me eat less since i'm full of water. i also drink a lot of water while i'm eating so i don't over eat. but don't drink TOO much water cause it can be bad for you. 6-8 full glasses a day is good for me. i also work out and eat some kind of protein after wards. i don't drink protein shakes. i believe in going all natural. but eating protein bars, granola bars, or fruits thgourhout the day help keep my metabolism up as well.good luck!

By Nike Lunar Blazer at 19,Dec,14 18:11

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