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A way to fix this?

Posted by Mios at December 29, 2011
Tags: 2011 December  Loneliness  Philosophical

I'm lonely, depressed, no friends, alone, everything. Same story as you.

Try an experiment with me.

I'm going to live selflessly. (Not *try* to live selflessly, really live selflessly. The energy of my food goes to doing stuff for other people. If I need a new car, I figure out a way that I own it, but for some reason beyond myself.)

I don't want to do anything for myself anymore. I'm done with it. I've been wanting a relationship so that *I* could feel better, so that *I* could have more friends, whatever. No more of that. I'm miserable and lifeless, and something has got to change. Just wanting to change isn't enough.

Don't go to work for yourself. Don't eat for yourself. Behind whatever you do, find someone else to do it for. Balance the selfishness of the world that put you here in the first place, with a little bit of selflessness, and maybe we'll help keep someone else off this website.

Try it with me. Maybe we'll run into one another someday.

Let's see if this helps us.


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By anonymous at 27,Jan,12 22:27

That is beautiful what you wrote!

By anonymous at 28,Jan,12 01:53

um.. take care of yourself AND each other :) there are some things only you can take care of in yourself. and some things others can help with. try balance. it feels really good :) be selfish AND selfless for others lol it will help u and them out the most that way, because you need things for yourself too, and so do others

By anonymous at 28,Jan,12 04:05

Good message. It reminds me a little of how Jesus wants us live. Jesus was the ultimate selfless man to ever walk the earth. Layed down his life for us on the cross. All we have to do is ask for forgiveness and he cleanses us of our sin. Not only that but he'll change you and your life.

By at 28,Jan,12 08:32

It is beautifully written, but I object such BULL SHIT with every fabric of my being. Because I don't have the gut to tell others to get killed by opportuntists out there in this big bad world.

People come to lifesuck mostly due to how much it suck for them, and to fix that suckness with selflessness is simply the highway to get one-self mentally murdered.

Screw you and your selflessness!I don't care about your good intention and foolishlness. You life does not suck! How dare you come here to tell the countless wounded individuals here to get them-selve be taken advantage of?!

If everyone has the intellect and wisdom to be as selfless as Jesus or a Buddha etc, then the human race need not to worship any of them! This is not the case in the world we live in! Wake the fuck up Mios!

Selfless individual get to be steping stones for shifty cunts! Dont buy into this BS people!

By anonymous at 29,Jan,12 22:00

I think thats a good idea. Most people are selfish so they only think about them selves. I was depressed before but I learn to let go of everything and start helping someone like family or friend.

By Andresito at 13,Sep,12 15:34

CSS,I liked this line, benevolent sixsem still has consequences. I should have made that my title.Your orange story really hit home with me, I even shared it at a party this weekend.Thanks for articulating better than I can, the problems with the way women are treated in benevolent patriarchy.Stephen M,Thanks for stopping by.Kelly Ann,We certainly are not encouraged to share our sins, or even our questions or doubts. Perhaps I'm not coming from a faith-promoting place, but I want to see real life discussed at church. Only then will we engage members and not watch more than half the ward staring into space just waiting for the three hours to tick by.Moniker challenged,I wanted to shout, Amen! at the end of your comment, but I'm not sure it's that simple. Making patriarchal men into villains is an easy target on a Mormon feminist blog, but in reality there are so many variations on the typical scenario you describe.For example, one of our beautiful bloggers is a full-time working mom while her husband stays home with their babies. Other women I know are ecstatic to be mothers, and I see them many times a week, during the good, bad, and the ugly. They still enjoy being mothers and really want to do nothing else. And while no one really loves mind-numbing housework, a few people take satisfaction from keeping a tidy home.Thus, I'll jump on your bandwagon as long as it's understood that it's not universal, there are exceptions to the rule, and those exceptions give me hope for the future.Kiskilili,You're right about the damaging rhetoric. In the same Sunday School class and even during the Mother's Day sacrament meeting talks, the topic of mothers being like Christ came up more than once. Surely that's a high pedestal.As for real relationships with selfless people, I agree, we can't have that. It's important to teach our children the balance of serving and holding on to ourselves.a,Certainly comments coming from well-respected former bishops carry more weight than from your average Sunday School teacher, but I hadn't thought of it as quasi-doctrine. But, isn't so much of what's discussed at church thought of in that way? That's a little discouraging, actually.D'Arcy,I don't know who should be more or less selfless or how it will affect a person's happiness. That's pretty much an individual decision.However, even our discussions of selflessness at church seem shrouded in a kind of selfishness. It's actually something I've been thinking about for a while (maybe it will turn into a post). Everything we discuss or work towards as Mormons is for our personal salvation, in a blatantly self-centered kind of way. It's not as much about our relationship with God, as it is climbing the ladder to heaven.

By suba suba at 26,Mar,20 03:12

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