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My life sucks

Posted by Me0 at December 28, 2011
Tags: 2011 December  Juvenile problems  Unemployment

I dropped out of high school sophomore year of family issues! I tried to get my GED but I have to pay for the fucking classes. And a rip off fucking 100 dollar GED test and I have to take 5 separate tests so thats fucking 500 dollars!! I don't have that kind of money and never will, and I dont have internet I steal my neighbors I lost my social life pretty much still talk to my friends on fbook once in awhile, but I can never do shit with them because I never have any money I can't get a job because of this shitty ass economy and when I do get close to getting a guess what?? I need my fucking GED or Diploma. Who fucking cares about a GED or Diploma it's just a fucking piece of shit paper with your name on it.

I'm going to see if I can join the army if I cant then fuck my life might as well jump off a bridge!


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New Comment

By at 27,Jan,12 00:57

Don't live for only one thing - try and pursue different things. You'll find if you seek. God Bless and be Strong.

By anonymous at 27,Jan,12 13:43

awwh sweety it will get better just hold on and dont give up EVER!!!

By at 30,Jan,12 23:22

It's all good dog I was at my senior year and got kicked out for having marijuana on me. It definitely sucked and was hating myself. I'm sure it ain't $500 but you can pass without them classes if that's what is costing you so much. Anyways you should check out a library or something and teach yourself. You ight dog, shit could be worse you ain't dead...

By anonymous at 31,Jan,12 17:57

Should've stayed in school. That's what you get.

By at 11,Mar,12 23:05

WOW I was just in the same situation but I was lucky enough for the GED classes to be free. The only thing I paid for was the test which was 100 dollars. I put getting a GED as plan A, and doing robberies and break ins as plan B. I was really going to do it. Somehow I was blessed to get my GED... I hope you find a way.

By anonymous at 12,Nov,12 14:53

You cant afford $500 the minute but surely you could manage say $25 bucks a week for 5 mos right. So what it takes 5 months ( or more) and you have to live on 25$ less per week but this is your future! It's worth it ! You won't get anywhere without that "piece of paper".

I am not some jerk who doesn't know what you are going through, I dropped out of highschool when I was 16 because my home was abusive and I had to leave but I studied for my GED on my own and scored in the 97th percentile! No classes at all. Then I went to community college for a year to do a uni access course and now I am graduating in 5 months and am applying to grad school in the fall. Then I am going to be a chartered accountant and make tonnes of $$!!!

If I can crawl out of the same place you are in so can you!! It takes a shit tonne of work and sacrifice but it is SO worth it in the end!

To recap:
You can either sacrifice and work hard for a few years and have a good life and lots of opportunity or you can be a lazy fuck and that bridge will still seem like a good option. Hope you make the right choice

By Kiana at 27,Dec,16 19:09

Ben – nervous laughter doesn’t mean your constant &#u2y0;f8nn2” remarks are actually funny. Just let the clips run.Anna – Grow up, men play games, women play games, this is not your high school years where everyone who used computers was a “nerd” with no life. Try to be less of a judgmental prom queen, k?Note to inevitable army of blind followers, I’m not a TYT hater, I love this show. But these guys are fallible and sometimes they need to be brought down a peg or two like we all do now and again.

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