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Why is it so wrong to want to end your life?

Posted by anonymous at December 27, 2011
Tags: Abuse  2011 December  Loneliness  Unemployment

I just lost my car. I can't fine employment. And, I am about to lose the roof over my head. I want to die. I have no one in my life. I've always been alone. Never had a true friend a never had a love in my life. Th e only time I had sex was from the ages of 5-11 when I was raped by someone very close to me. I'm now 27 and never had a boyfriend because I'm scared of men but I'm not sexually attracted to women to be a lesbian. I'm a hermit and a loner who is about to be homeless. I never wanted this for my life. Am I god's sick joke? I always hear on tv about others helping people, I just wish someone would help me.


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New Comment

By anonymous at 26,Jan,12 01:09

hi....where r u from .....

By anonymous at 26,Jan,12 01:56

Youre not the only one going through this. Never give up looking for a job. Try harder. Look into everything. Look into mobile homes. Find friends at school, church, work, volunteer, online etc.

By anonymous at 26,Jan,12 06:34

theres always hope, for all of us

By at 26,Jan,12 10:30

You are a loner and a hermit who is afraid of men and have no women friends, so getting help from others is just not practical in your case. Because anyone who comes into you life would just cause fear or make you learn things the hardway. So, in roder for you to accept helps from others, you must help your-self first.

Sounds like you need men and money. You are scared of men, so you can earn money the quick way with your woman body. Of course you may think that quickway is not your way, but when people are desperate, they would do anything to safe them-selve.

You need a job, and need one that only require one person to do, otherwise you will suck at the job for working with others. Of course, you can always learn to work with others before getting a job. Start playing team sport is a good way, go to a church and volunteer is a good way and find a group hobby is a good way too. However you are running out of money, so you really dont have time to make your-self more sociable or a people person. In you case is better to focus on finding a job that requires one to work by her-self or in a small team.

To conquer your fear over men, you just need to have your reasoning to overcome fear by telling your-self that you got raped because your were unlucky and there are better men out there everywhere. Also there the act of mating is actually pleasuable when you give in to someone who knows what he is doing. Your body cant be hurt by having safe sex with a ttrusted man you know, the fear is only in your heart, and it takes you reasoning to overcome it. By the way, if you are a nun then you can lead a menless life just fine.
However it is my shame if you actually go down with this path as I do not like to see others to give up on life by hiding behind religion and medieval tradition. If there is really a god that has created all, then IT must wants you to make better used of your-self for as long as you breath and walk.

By anonymous at 01,Feb,12 01:41

I will give you some lovin'
By anonymous at 24,Mar,12 06:20


By anonymous at 20,Feb,12 23:58

feel sad to rd ur story.i wanna know about ur study level.send me mail at we will discuss in detail once get in touch through mail

By anonymous at 22,Feb,12 12:19

Why would you advise a rape victim to sell her body to save herself?

I am so fucking appalled that I am nauseated. You are one sick mother fucker! Let me tell you something, when a person is down that low, there isn't a whole lot they can do for themselves. They DO need help. THE RIGHT KIND OF HELP!!!

Omg you are so evil I wish I could crawl through cyberspace and choke you to death. You are a Worthless piece of shit excuse for a human being.
By at 23,Feb,12 09:23

Thanks for the reply, you honesty is well appreciated.

You see, if she listened to me, she may mange to cure her-self, you never know. Is like if she did it, then she has no more fear, and when she has got a hand of it, she will know that it is just human nature. Plus money comes.

The Darkknight conquers his fear by becoming his fear, who doesn't watch hollywood. Right kind of help? I know you don't like it, and you even want to kill for your dislike. You may be more worthless than I am.

Human being? The entire human being is screw up; most people don't have food and running water on planet earth. You and all the people you ever know only live with and for their way of life, and that sums human being in almost the perfect sense - selfish, heartless, greedy, pride, arrogant, ignorant and bloodthirsty like meat eaters and firearms. Do you still think I am a Worthless piece of shit excuse? May be I am just abit more than that.

By anonymous at 23,Feb,12 13:02

I don't think you're a worthless human being. I know it. You're saying that in order to get over a rape, a woman should turn herself into a porta potty for the bottom of society. You are sick.

Hey...all who have been raped...why don't you lay naked on a street corner with your legs spread and let anyone and everyone in the fucking wold rape you again? Wow that sounds like real therapy there dude. You should hang yourself. This world needs less sadistic mother fuckers like you in it.
By at 26,Feb,12 12:09

You said that imaginative treatment, I didn't. And You are just repeating your-self on the insult, not very interesting of you.

That is not bottom of society, that job is the game changer of society. I have seen many young women who pay off their first home before 27 for doing that.

Go use that gamechanger in a legal place women!! Is good for you, if you know how to protect your-self in it while saving money. Good worker and old customers who come for your loving regularly is the key.
By anonymous at 24,Mar,12 06:24

kifi4 your ideas are fucked up they are and you should try to think about it... this girl sounds really really upset and she has been so violated. she needs healing and allowing more people to use her body is not going to facilitate that. dont be such a moron. you sound like a typical guy who thinks women treat their bodies as most disgusting guys treat their "cocks"... you are seriously effed up if you honestly believe in what you are saying... disgusting
By at 28,Apr,12 05:44

AT 24 Mar, that is a very interesting point you have risen, quote, "dont be such a moron. you sound like a typical guy who thinks women treat their bodies as most disgusting guys treat their "cocks"

That is the way I see it, I know they don't, and I am telling others they can. As supported by gender equality, and money as an invention. Also that if you put the word moron and typical together in the same critics, then you are just saying what typical is moronic in your view. That in it-self is no a well reasoned critics.

I can't help what you find disgusting or not disgusting. However I will say that I have only lived as a male with my consciousness and have no shame at all in being typical. Go, hate the typical standard of human race, that is your choice.
By anonymous at 03,Apr,12 20:10 Fold Up

you really are a sadistic bastard.
By at 19,May,12 18:03

Think this way, if I was a bastard, then my upbringing is really the fault that I had no control over. Also that I am not sadistic, I can't be sadistic by telling someone to earn money in a way that is immoral and legal without the intention of having physical pain occur on that someone.

I sincerely do not enjoy causing physical pain on others.

By anonymous at 23,Feb,12 13:02


By anonymous at 26,Feb,12 02:24

I was raped when I was 12. I am also sickened at what this guy was saying. I know that there are troubles in the world. It aches my heart. I am also homeless due to mounting medical bills that I could not pay. I AM typing this from a library computer because I do not have one. My heart truly goes out to her. To this person. PLEASE!!!! Stop giving advise. It is HORRIBLE!! When you have been raped, the LAST!! thing you want to do is to sell your body.
By at 26,Feb,12 12:11

yep. three days later someone a rape victim just talk more. You fucking suck at pretending to be the OP, try harder!
By anonymous at 24,Mar,12 06:25

kifi4... you are a dumb cock smoking scrotum licker... go get fucked in the ass by your father
By at 28,Apr,12 05:48

cock is refereed to as small head, and those possessed by it is dumber than usual. However when I typed, I was using my big brain. Fatherfucker? innovative, u, go, fuck ur mum in with a real small brain or a dildo. Or have her to put a that on and ... you

By anonymous at 11,Mar,12 11:15

Love is not that important, i have learnt that a friend is a friend.. they aren't all perfect but if u put time into it then it will blossom. In australia we have centrelink that helps u find employment? Do u have stuff like tat whereever u are :) Go just get a random arse job and work up from there, then u can focus on getting friends and a love :) When u get to know a man for a long period of time u begin to trust them, so eventually when u are ready u will have a physical relationship with him. Goodluck darling :D xo

By at 24,Mar,12 06:28

hey i really hope you pull through. it sucks that so many people have to go through things like this. there are truly disgusting vile people in the world. well you really can get work stay positive. think about it, employers want someone who will work and get the job done and you want to work. so many workers are just teeny boppers who dont work hard at all just chew on gum and whinge, there will be an employer out there who will want someone keen to work... and once that happens atleast you can support yourself... but as fro happiness im yet to find that out for myself ... good luck :)

By anonymous at 29,Mar,12 17:40

it sucks but the only thing i can tell u is dont forget GOD and dont loose ur hope

By anonymous at 01,Sep,12 09:02

And my final comment to all of you who harassed me is FUCK YOU ASSHOLES.

By Manoj at 06,May,13 00:43

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