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Posted by anonymous at December 13, 2011
Tags: 2011 December  Job  Money  Unemployment

I had worked for Carrier building air conditioners for 12yrs, 4yrs at ICP and 8yrs in Tyler. what a waste of my damn time! They treated us like dogs; no, dogs are treated better than that! And then, they sent all our jobs to mexico! The government made it so our jobs go to Mexico. Unemployment told  us because our jobs went out of the country they will pay us two years to go to school and learn something new to better ourselves. Then they keep on screwing our payments and making us lose everything we have! If they were gonna do that, they shoulda just said "well, good luck to ya!" and left us fendin for ourselves then! Ya... I'm ANGRY!

Ain't been paid in forever here!!! Prob end up loosing everything before I ever get through this crap! I only have a mortgage and a truck payment and can't keep them paid! My house is about to go into foreclosure for the 3rd, 4th? time!
They screw everybody they can!!!

When I get it... Unemployment pays $415 a week.... If I went to work (and there ain't any now) I'd only make about $250 and if I take one of these lesser paying jobs... It would screw my unemployment benefits; If I was to get laid off again... Would lower payment to about $100 a week unemployment if the job lasted long enough to gain unemployment insurance! What the heck are we supposed to do?!

I mean Geez, I've got one semester left. They aughta get me through it! But the bastards don't send payments every damn time I turn around! They were supposed to supply all things we need for school but we didn't get what we needed our first semester until we only had 2 weeks left of class!!! I am so damn angry at "our government" ! Because of them, all joy in my life has been sucked completely dry. I can't stand to be around anyone including myself. Life... is sucking the life right outa me! I haven't felt true joy since 1994.... Geez! 17yrs! And I hurt my arms working 15 yrs ago depriving me of the one thing that always brought me joy.... Mountain Biking. I finally decided this year, now that I am 60lbs overweight, that I would ride even though it hurts my arms beyond belief! I used to weigh 120lbs soppin wet! I hate what my life has become... Something has got to give. I am only 39yrs old, I've got to work 26 more years, and will probably never get to retire anyways! factory work as you can see has left such an awful resentment and hatred for them money hungry, greedy @$$, corporate you know whats, that my work ethic has even gone to crap! I just wanna fall off the face of the earth. What would be nice would to be hired by an employer that actually cared for their employees... Yea, RIGHT!!! The way my life goes.... Only SHIT. Nothing good ever goes my way. WTF!!!! When will relief ever arrive?

I hope at least, the day I die.


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