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Middle Age Stinks

Posted by anonymous at December 6, 2011
Tags: 2011 December  Loneliness  Relationship

I'm 45, my ex wife cheated on me with a salesman who sold crap to the store she works. Every old girlfriend I looked up had gotten fat or married and fat. I'm balding a little and gray so young chicks aren't in to me. I have no friends. I blow all my money on nothing of value.
I want to be happy.


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New Comment

By anonymous at 08,Jan,12 20:25

Did you get divorced or are you looking up old girlfriends to get even? Do you have any spirituality in your life? If you are living a superficial life, perhaps you need to re-evaluate why you are living this way. Do something for other people. Donate your time to a good cause. Do something meaningful with your life and you will find happiness. Buying crap does not buy happiness.

By anonymous at 09,Jan,12 08:45

Can we say shallow?
By anonymous at 10,Jan,12 05:29


By anonymous at 09,Jan,12 11:05

You need to get past the crap and on to the new life!

Did you divorce the cheating wife? Hope so, because if not you've just anchored yourself to the source of your depression, and if you don't leave she knows she has you by the balls. She'll never respect you again, ever, and she may even cheat again. Hopefully there are no kids to worry about.

If you DID divorce her, GOOD FOR YOU!! Now let's move on. Forget her and what she did.

If you don't suffer from leprosy, there's a decent woman out there looking for you...I promise you this is true. Start over - most men dream about doing this, and you actually have a shot. Spend the time you are NOT thinking about her getting into shape. Gray can be fixed in a day, and bald isn't a problem for a LOT of women. So what if some don't find it attractive? They aren't the ones you are looking for. You want a woman that finds YOU attractive, and you only need ONE, right? She'll let you know when you find her, but be careful; there are many women out there looking for a meal ticket rather than a husband to love. Take your time, because YOU DO NOT NEED TO BE MARRIED. You only WANT to be married. Be sure you know the difference, and act accordingly - choose the women you spend time with very carefully.

If you get rid of the baggage you can really turn your life around. At 45 you are still young enough to start over and can still be a very hot property for a lot of women!
By anonymous at 15,Jan,12 03:02

thank you what fantastic advice. I am a 50yo fenale having a very "woeis me lonely moment"when i read your advice.Your right. Many too afraid to take the shot at a second chance. Its a prized opportunity that not all get. I have stopped sobbing and am out for a walk :)

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