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untitled story

Posted by anonymous at November 29, 2011
Tags: Juvenile problems  2011 November  Philosophical

(In general note)For all of you i believe that we have a really fuckd up life my friends.I´m almost 19.More and more i find my self thinking, whatever i do to improve my life a little bit everything seams to go down the shit every time i do something good or something right.No results, no winning no price and specially no recognition for what i´ve done what so ever. I know i should not even talk about this but my life sucks in a most normal way is possible.I tell you why,i´m not ugly,not pour, not unemployed,not stupid,not unfortunate and specially i´m not the every person you meet on the street.So,in that manner you might ask "So whats wrong with you Michael?" dear ladies and gentlemen i tell you why.As more i like this world as more i love life and respect it.I just cant stand the lack of luck my life has been and life of many other that have REAL problems.I ask God many times as always the answer is ......?
Yeah Bingo! nothing.Zip,zero,nada.Of curse i could star with the hole crap about positive view of being a happy person and start to having a positive lock at the world and seeing rainbows every where, but i might tell you this.Life is a major plan big plan design to fuck you in the ass in the least moment you expect it.IT fucked you in the first second you were born.It fuck you in high school, it fucks you at the job, in the house,while you are watch tv,when you pay your taxes,hell it even fucks you after life. And it keeps fucking you until you reach the best moments in your life and then rapes you again.It´s like a viscous cycle that has no end to it.Problems seem never go away and i tired of it.It´s like we are never enough for nothing,not god looking, not rich enough not the best enough not better enough even for our self's and that pisses me of.i wish people around me stooped being so ignorant and star to be who their were born to be normal and not dicks.I think that would help a lot in the world for stars.


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By cbd washington dc at 28,Sep,20 16:02

Kb0bVl Looking forward to reading more. Great blog.

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