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life sucks

Posted by unknown at November 19, 2011
Tags: Money  2011 November

Well lets see here im 19 years old i already have over 4000 dollars in debt thats not including my school money i took this year and pretty much failed my first semester. thought of joining the military but i cant because i have a GED and need atleast 15 college credit hours to join.i do have a job but it doesnt pay nearly good enough to pay my bills. im single and have been for pretty much my whole life. not for the lack of trying i guess i just fall for the wrong girls. they all either tell me the infamous well we should just be friends line or they lead me on and play mind games with me. its not that im an asshole im actually a pretty nice guy but for some reason god or whatever the fuck is out there that brought us into this world doesnt deem it necisary for me to have a good life and actually be happy. i suffer from depression and have been doing so since i was about 14. i know theres people out there who have it alot worse but in a way my life sucks pretty bad or atleast i think so.


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