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Posted by WTF at November 16, 2011
Tags: Addictions  Justice  Money  2011 November  Unemployment

I'm 26, divorced, just lost my job and was denied unemployment benifits. I lost my truck to impound when I was caught driving with out a licence, I currently have 3 warrents for my arrest and have 1 case in another state I've been trying to fight for the last 8 months. Due to my increasingly expensive drug and alcohol addiction and no longer having a job, I can't afford to pay rent and have to find somewhere else to go by the end of the month. To top it all off the only calls I get each day are from creditors harassing me about the bad debts my ex-wife and I accumulated over the past 5 years..........I'm realizing I have failed miserably in life....


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New Comment

By anonymous at 22,Dec,11 18:57

Sorry to hear of your troubles. One good place to start is getting help with the drug and alcohol addiction. Please seek help for that, you have to do it for yourself. I really do hope things can approve for you.

By at 23,Dec,11 09:00

Declare Bankcrup, and find opportunity to volunteer for food and shelter. Or stop fighting your legal trouble and let them punish you hard in a court of law, just to live in jail for free. Nevertheless, keep looking for a paid job, can you clean toilet for a living?

Stop taking your medication because they are useless, use
your will power to stop addiction. Get your-self addictive on exercise instead, by training 5 hours a day. Check out 'Ghetto Gym' on youtube.

Find your exwife and push her to help you with the debt "LEGALLY"

By anonymous at 24,Dec,11 15:40

Surprisingly enough life has gotten much better, I'm now living with two chicks I met right after I lost my house, they fired my old manager at the glass shop I was working for and gave me his position with a decent raise, all charges were dropped in that bullshit case I was dealing for the drugs and alcohol, I'm still a heavy drinker but I'm not drinking as much during the work week and I've laid off the harder drugs and only pop mild pain killers once in awhile.......its pretty cool how fast I've been able to turn my situation around

By anonymous at 25,Dec,11 15:09

Oh ya, the owner of the company has also given me a loan to pay off my tickets so I can get my licence back

By anonymous at 13,Jan,12 15:51

Drug and alcohol addiction? Driving with no license? It sounds like alot of these problems you've been doing to yourself. Why are you making choices that are bad for you? Get some therapy so you can answer that.
By anonymous at 18,Jan,12 04:08

Learn to read you fuck ass. He said his life is better.
By anonymous at 20,Jan,12 22:42

If he doesn't figure out why he's acting like this it won't be better for long ASSHOLE.

By anonymous at 25,Jan,12 23:36

me 2 my friend life is wat u make it

By at 24,Feb,12 20:24

hang in there, you are young and can turn this around

By sam at 05,May,13 07:37

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By Jordan?Play?IN?These at 15,Aug,14 07:41

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By Mocassino Gommino di Tod at 28,Dec,14 15:09

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