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Why does it seem that there is one rule for everyone else and one for me?

Posted by Allie at March 14, 2010
Tags: Anger  2010 March

I am absolutely sick of my friends and family making me feel like some kind of freak when I eventually voice the fact that I have had enough of their inconsideration. I am not an angry person, in fact most people tell me I have too much patience and often comment that they would burst long before I do. So why is it that when I do get angry - and were not talking shouting and screaming (although right now I do feel that way) - just literally saying 'I'm fed up with being treated this way and I am not letting it happen any longer', my friends and family react by saying things like 'oooookay' or 'wotever u say' or 'you feel better now?' or 'if you say so' or 'fine, all while pulling a face like I am acting like a crazy lady. They make me feel like I am acting irresponsibly by setting a limit or voicing my dissapointment and it hurts like hell. Especially as these people are the same ones who think nothing of voicing their opinions left right and center, dont care who they offend and say things like 'well if they dont like it...'

Right now I am so hurt and angry at constantly being made to feel like a bad person for standing up for myself (after a lot of provocation). Im not sure how to handle what Im feeling or their reactions.

I just dont understand why I am getting this reaction and am left feeling guilty and confused.


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New Comment

By anonymous at 15,Mar,10 10:11

Don't care or pay attention to what they say...u need to make ureself happy too...stop putting everyone before u things that u enjoy in life....get way from everything for a while...have some fun...

By anonymous at 15,Mar,10 10:12

If they don't care then y should u!

By at 15,Mar,10 11:27

If they are really your friends, you should tell them how you feel and they should understand. but don't yell at them becuase thats what's going to make them say "okay okay, calm down!" when in reality it is not making them realize how hurt or bothered you are. They could be saying these phrases becuase they arent use to you being this way. OR they somewhat feel inferior or intimidated and thats all they can say. No matter what type of people you encounter, always defend for yourself.

By anonymous at 15,Mar,10 11:56

Go have a few vodka and tonics and calm down. If yo get mad ask, "Why am I mad?" Then place the reason. Go to the person and tell them, "You know when you ... it really upset me because ... "

Communicate the reason and your feelings. Do not allow it to fester. That causes you to repress and repression is bad, really bad. Be assertive but not aggressive.

Then watch a good comedy like "Fawlty Towers" or "Yes Minister" to have a good laugh. Personally I like "Are You Being Served" after a good tiff. Captain Peacock is the perfect character to point your venom to.

Love, the Psych. Doc.

By anonymous at 16,Mar,10 00:08

Nothing wrong with voicing your opinions. If you keep them bottled up for too long you can then finally burst and bet load and really upset and then everyone is confused. Be asertive and voice calmly if something bothers you when in that moment instead of stuffing your feelings inside and than just bursting one monent.
By anonymous at 16,Mar,10 00:09

and be loud, not bet load

By robbie at 16,Mar,10 23:23

It is not your fault. My dad used to do something like that to me, and still does if I let him. Sad to say, the only way I found around it was to see him less and less. If he was open minded I could talk to him about it, but he is not. Maybe like your situation. With him it is either his way or the highway. So I stay on the highway alot. If someone does not help lift you up in the world, I say get rid of them. And trust me, I have NO friends, except my cats, but I would still rather have no friends than people who bring me down. And I have had no friends for ALONG time, but it is better than people trying to make you think something is wrong with you. I hope everything works out for you.

By anonymous at 04,Apr,10 01:50

You're voicing a real concern in a mature and constructive way. They know that your concerns are legitimate and fell insecure about it. Weather they intend to or not, their reactions are an attempt to make you feel like you are overreacting (although you are not), so that THEY do not have to feel bad because they are insecure with the truth. Maybe the fact that you needed to voice these concerns shows that they are not supportive of you in the first place (maybe not). If you are not surrounded by people who are supportive of you (this is ALWAYS going to happen at one point or another), don't forget that you should always be your biggest ally. Remember to have pride and respect for yourself and you will be able to get through it.

By anonymous at 27,Apr,10 19:08

People suck..the faster you learn that the happier the you will be

By at 03,Jul,10 15:49

your just like me!but,I am 11!

By anonymous at 10,Aug,10 18:14

You sound like a passive-agressive..

Maybe your friends and family are confused by you? maybe they are expecting you to blow up sometimes...instead of just saying "I'm fed up with this..I won't let it happen again"..Let it out! Be like, "This is Bullshit!!" Yell and scream sometimes. It'll be better for you to vent right then and there, as opposed to bottling it up until you have a nervous breakdown. I don't know your entire situation, but that's what I see...

By at 13,Jun,11 04:09

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