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It's ridiculous

Posted by D at March 12, 2010
Tags: Family  Job  Juvenile problems  2010 March

I'm in college and am hanging by on a scholarship that's slowly starting to fade away as my grades drop. Why are my grades dropping? Well, I was fired from my job without warning because I bad mouthed a customer behind the scenes. Now my bank account has about $900 left and I haven't been able to find a job in over 5 months now.

I've been violently sick for the past couple of days, thereby missing school and furthering the chance of my grades dropping. My parents think I'm faking it even though I've been throwing up everything I've eaten the last three nights. I even tried going to school yesterday but you know that little thing about stomach flues where aside from throwing up, you also get really bad diarrhea? I couldn't take it anymore and had to go back home.

Again, my parents think I'm faking it and began to make fun of me. Now I'm looked down upon by my younger sister who's had a job and kept it much longer than me, she's got more money than I have ever had, she's healthy and she has a boyfriend. Did I mention I've never had a girlfriend?

It's not that I'm unattractive, I'm just uncomfortable with starting conversations. I've been with plenty of girls, but I never think I'm good enough and so I never ask the girl out again.

God, I'm depressed.


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By The Fallen Angel at 15,Mar,10 06:27

I tell you what,
Find the girl you really love( i guess you already have that)
Ask her if its ok if you spend some time chattin with her...
not necessarily like a date or something..
maybe just a walk in the park or a seaside..
And simply share the same story above with her..
I will help you build a conversation and also help you get a load of ur the same time help you get better with health as well.
at the end of it simply thank her and say it was really good to have someone to listen to me, it felt really good. I feel a lot better now, Thank you.

Trust me it will work wonders.. both ways.
PS i also suggest seeing a doc with that tummy issues you have..

take care mate, All the best

By anonymous at 15,Mar,10 12:50

As a doctor, go to Eckerds and buy Immodium E.

Stops the shits and puking. And wait till finals and study your ass off. Write all your final papers to perfection. Forget copy/paste: we professors have software to detect it.

In other words, welcome to the real world.

Love the Psych Doc

By anonymous at 17,Mar,10 23:38

What I will say to you is , get yourself back in school. If you consider your parents income, you should qualify for work study. I know your problem seems big to you right now, but this can be fixed, it really can. Go back to school next semester and work hard. Als, don't be with
"plenty of girls", find one girl while you are in school that is not full of "drama" date if you want and focus on your studies. I was a dorm director for four years. So I am truly aware of the college experience from both sides, as a student and employee. Your issues can be resolved with somne planning on your part. What I would do if I were you, is not to say anything to anyone, get serious about my future, study, work if you have to , put partying on hold, and graduate. No if college is not for you, and you are going to please your parents, then, there needs to be a discussion with them. If you want this for yourself,
you must work 100% to get it. You know what they say, if you "fail to plan" you have planned to fail". Brush yourself off and get back on course. Take care.

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