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untitled story

Posted by anonymous at October 16, 2011
Tags: Anger  Attitude  Loneliness  Money  2011 October

im 27 years old, never had a girlfriend, still a virgin, im very smart but english has always held me back, i could not go to college full time while holding a full time 40+ hr a week job to pay for it, dropped out of college and have yet to earn a livable wage, still live with my mother, have no friends, been unemployed for the past 20 months, started experimenting with drugs after my brother(the person i look up to) was almost killed some 5 years ago, all the "friends" i use to have all stabbed me in the back or used me to get what they want. since my unemployment i started taking more drugs to stay calm and to not be so damn depressed, now i can not take any because i am a raging homicidal maniac who will kill at the first chance i get if i were to let myself into society and i can not control my anger any more


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By at 01,Dec,11 18:00

I've never felt so low as in this VOID

By anonymous at 03,Dec,11 22:29

you are still very young. first off it is good you don't have a girlfriend, especially right now. it is so much work to support someone finacially and emtionally. if you were to have kids (because women get pregnant) they would be looking up to you for love and support. would you be ready for that? its good you are with your mom right now, but be considerate of her for supporting you. first, get off the drugs, please. they make you feel like you are feeling right now. you can't expect to be able to think right while on drugs and you are not thinking right. i hope you are not addicted. please get help.

By anonymous at 04,Dec,11 13:29

i think there's still the childhood you in you right now. erase everything and blame it on the fucker who fucked up your life- the past you. be who you wanted to be when you were a child. you may think it's not too bad to hit the reset button. but think . and acknowledge that you're in the fucking shit. hit the reset button. trash your fuckin pride into the bin. be nice to people may seem like your kissing their ass. but that's life. start that shit. who do you realllly wanna be? have a goal. share it with someone be nice. dont be afraid. BE SELF DISCIPLINED. DONT BREAK YOUR PROMISES TO YOURSELF. and with that advice you should be living a happy life in a year or so.

By anonymous at 12,Dec,11 12:05

go see a prostitute, then smoke some weed and chill the fuck out. it won't help your depression but it will get you laid and help repress your homicidal tendencies

By anonymous at 30,Dec,11 09:12

Why do people turn to drugs for the answer to life's problems ?
Do you not know drugs will destroy you not help you ?

Here a thought ..
Your not working so why no go back to SCHOOL !
Go to school on line if you can't go in person .
Why not use your free time and volunteer and help someone who has nothing !!
By you helping someone in return they will be helping you ..
It's a win win

You are feeling sorry for yourself and look what is happening to your life .
Your life is going down hill real fast .. is this what you want ?

You have 2 choices in life !
Self pity = self distrust
help others = helping yourself

Don't you dare hurt your mother for she is the only one who has put up you . I read so many bad news on line when someone hates them self and takes others down with them .
If you feel like your going to explode then get yourself some help !!

Make better choices you can do it you just need to turn your anger around and use that fire to make your life better !!

You need to seek the Lord for he will give you the strength from inside . The devil whats you to destroy yourself and anyone around you .

As God says choose life , you are here on this earth for a reason .No one ever said life was going to be easy but you see your taking the easy way out by taking drugs and blaming life so grow up and stop making excuses . We all have problems it's the strong ones who never give up and fight everyday to live right and face whatever comes there way and not run away and hide because you know what life will still find you . You can't hide for long .

Pick up the holy bible and change you way of thinking

By at 19,Mar,12 11:59

Buy a game console and play a first-person shooter like GTA and go on a rampage in that virtual world.

By anonymous at 13,Aug,12 00:34

Most girls and women are UNFRIENDLY. Vapid scum. Just get a blowup doll or a mannequin or a love doll to fill your needs. Its an uncaring society and an uncaring God or an incompetent irrational God who either refuses to help us or who is UNABLE to help us.

By anonymous at 21,Aug,12 15:26

Girls and women are scum. Take my advice. Learn to not care about girls and women. Just ignore them. Fuck them. Most of them are heartless unfriendly cruel amoral assholes. God forgot to give them a heart so they are evil and the Devil rules over them. Evil scum.

By anonymous at 01,Sep,12 18:20

And my final comment to those of you who harassed me is FUCK YOU ASSHOLES.

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By Nander at 10,Dec,15 16:32

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By Esther at 15,May,17 01:45

Reality check:You repeatedly berate an opposing side, for the sake of opposing.You have limited insight for engaging in constructive, objective discourse, in spite of youro thinking that you honestly step outside the “echo chm2berRa1; of your own side.Add obsessions and delusions to the sado-masochism and narcissism complex. Bi-polar, anyone?And canucklehead is right. I may have too quickly assumed you were male. On second thought, I’ve only seen such dogged obsessions, when coupled with the other factors mentioned, among women.

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