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I Wanna Chokeslam My Existence.

Posted by anonymous at March 8, 2010
Tags:  2010 March

Im a guy im turning 18. my school life sucks. all cuz back in primary i had this pimples madness and some kids even point finger at me as they laugh. as they heal i became anti-socialist and i hate rich people the most, i juz..feel like raping them. i love fantasy stuff that only achievable when im dead. i joined the local gang so i can git sum jits to help my parents pay the bills. the chinese gangs had once captured me and beat me up till i lost my right eye, my boss were pissed off cuz one of his boy got blinded so he sent few of my friends to teach those chinks a a friends went to prison and one of them commit suicide in there. my high school ended..and i cant find a last week i decided to shoplift a few stuff and bail through the emergency staircases..mum went crazy shit over it..and dad told me to run cuz the police were looking for me..i felt FUCKED...i wanted to help im juz..fucked. i went to my friend place..and he told me that now im a fugitive im juz as well delve it deeper. he gave me a gun a beretta and planning to rob a place he knows which got a pretty lot of stash.. the robbery gonna start 2 days from now..i need the money to get out tis country..i need the money..i always needed the money..its get the money. or die trying..thats why i hate rich people..they got it. but they juz fucking take it all for granted..if i were to die. i WILL kill one of them..i swear..tis will probably my last or my 1st. i aint gonna say be strong or shit cuz everyone knows thats bullshit. how can u be strong over sum shit that juz fucked up and its your life. maybe death in trying. isnt such a bad ending for me, if i survived n managed to run off through another country. i make a decent life i swear, but now, its get the money. or die.


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New Comment

By anonymous at 08,Mar,10 10:43

do you have a girlfriend?if you dont have,you think you are a nothing to lose man

kill all of them

By anonymous at 08,Mar,10 11:16

die like a man

By at 08,Mar,10 14:36

Has it ever occured to you to maybe all these bad things are happening to you becuase of the poor choices you have made and are continuing to make? who joins a gang to get money? i mean really! come on! Gangs are NOTHING but local terrorists and they are no different then the actual terrorists. they don't care for human life, they only care for themselves.

Gangs are the reason why we have locks on our doors and windows, they are reason why we stay inside late at night, put alarms on our cars so they wont get robbed, and you actually want to be a part of some group that goes around carrying a gun just case they NEED to shoot somebody, stab somebody or put fear into the community? wow, youre REALLY smart!!

about 80% of students who go to school get picked on. You are NO different, you werent the first and you certainly wont be the last. I was called bump-nosed, watermelon head, musty, you name it. thats just the way school life is, dude! but i made it out! i survived, i didnt let them ruin my life becuase those were only temporary moments in my life. who said they would last forever?

This is probably going to be the first rudest comment i make, but i do not feel sorry for you at all. You are very disrespectful, you have a nasty attitude, you think you can go around and do whatever the hell it is you want to do. if you think you need something, you're willing to take it from others. And ya know, Rich people may seem like they have it all, but they don't. they really don't! yes it is nice to have money whenever you want, but honestly, is that gonna make you happy forever? soon, youre going to get tired of relying on money and youre going to want something else, and then something else, and then on and on. Most rich people work hard to get to where they are, they either saved up tons of money to start a business or have gone to college and worked hard all those years. And you mean to tell me that you wish to take their hardwork away from them? I understand there are those who are less fortunate, but you gotta work hard for what you want in the right way.

YOu can't expect to gain anything huge in life if keep on getting invovled with the wrong people. Get your butt in college and major in something, or get another job and start fixing all those problems. And quit scaring your parents!!!!

Learn to take responsibility for the decisions you've made. if you want money, get a dain job!!!
By robbie at 08,Mar,10 19:50

Hi anonymousWoman, I just wanted to say that the thing I wrote about a week ago had nothing to do with you. I know that there are alot of nice people on this site. And lots of them don't write comments, which is O.K. You always write stuff to people that seems like it comes from your brain , as well as your heart. So, even though I don't always write comments and even though I don't agree with everything you say, I think that it is really nice that you put as much time as you do into your responses.
By at 08,Mar,10 21:53

What thing did you write a week ago?
By at 08,Mar,10 22:04

Well anyway, thanks for the comment. And of course youre not going to agree with me on things. but i come on here and try my best, becuase i know what its like to feel down and feel like the world is at an end. And sometimes it makes all the difference in the world when someone comes and tells you its going to be alright.
By robbie at 09,Mar,10 16:25 Fold Up

I wrote 'Be Nice?', posted by robbie(me) on march 4th.
By at 09,Mar,10 21:18

Okay, i think i just posted to that one. I dont come here much anymore becuase its too depressing reading people's stories. but yea :)

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