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everything is fucking fucked.

Posted by indi23q at October 9, 2011
Tags: Family  Friendship  2011 October

All my friends are full of shit,my best friend that i have known for 10 years is hooking up with my ex and i feel appalled.Honestly wtf is she thinking?I knew i could never trust her but seriously what a two faced fucking rat.Not only that but i've put on so much weight and i feel fucking dreadful,nobody knows how it feels like to live up to the exceptions of my family either. My sister's going to be the doctor of the family and my hopes and dreams are fucked because lets face it i fuck up in school way too much to get a good career.Not only that be me and my father haven't spoken properly in at least 6 years because his a bastard.
fml right now.


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By anonymous at 28,Nov,11 19:06

NEVER trust NOBODY..cause in this world your on your own..
By anonymous at 28,Nov,11 22:34

how the fuck am i suppose to get married if i cant trust anyone?

By Shaman at 29,Jun,12 15:45

I love your series! amnaizg composition and quirky views throughout :) Do you always use your D700 (I know this from flickr not a stalker, haha)? I'd love to do a FWIS project, but waiting till I have a smarter phone to do so :)

By louis vuitton pas cher at 14,Dec,13 16:00

Despite its compact exterior, the Cayman R's cabin can accommodate taller drivers. I'm 6-foot-1, and I was comfortable in the driver's seat. The bucket seats are firmly cushioned and have considerable side bolsters that hold you in place in corners.

By ugg pas cher at 14,Dec,13 16:51

I should point out before I go any further that I didn¡¯t actually manage to find a 4G signal with the S3. Having arrived at the hotel near Ascot early with a mind to kick back in the new spa for a few hours, I got shanghaied by the Audi press team, stuffed into an S3 and told to drive into London and see if I could pick up a Vodafone 4G signal.

By chaussure ugg pas cher at 14,Dec,13 22:55

anecdotal evidence suggests it is helping. a think-outside-the-box developer who saw townhouse potential in an overlooked seven-acre parcel in Occoquan that was zoned for multi-family garden-style apartments A 76-unit project had been approved for the parcel in 1972 but that deal fell through and the property sat vacant for nearly four decades "off the beaten path and behind a commercial area" as Basheer described it until her firm bought it in 2010The purchase included some unusual cost-saving provisions When the earlier project was approved Prince William did not levy impact fees on new housing projects As long as Basheers townhouses stayed within the physical parameters of that project the "no impact fee status" of the property would be retained This required her to maintain the same density she had to have 76 units and the units had to fit into the same volume (length depth and height) that the originally proposed garden-style apartment buildings would have occupied Though it was a huge design challenge sticking to the original playbook lowered the cost of each unit by $35000 to $40000 Basheer said Fitting the requisite number of townhouse units into the volumes of the earlier project had no obvious solution Basheer said Fourteen-foot-wide townhouses would produce the correct unit count but this width precluded a garage a non-starter in this market A 16-foot width could accommodate a garage but the number of units would be 10 short Basheers directive to her architect was simple but succinct: "Be creative"Such an open-ended commission from a builder client is rare Anand said But as this project demonstrates when you give your architect free rein you will get unusual resultsHere¡¯s where we gather tweets from Robert Griffin III and Mike Shanahan¡¯s after-practice news conferences in one place for you to discuss what¡¯s being said as it¡¯s trickling out E-mail Mike Jones at mike. grab and go.)¡ñGreen eggs and ham (Chop a handful of spinach into tiny pieces and toss with eggs before scrambling.The Senate Foreign Relations Committee is hearing testimony Tuesday about the potential use of military force in SyriaTestifying are Secretary of State John Kerry Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel andJoint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Gen Martin DempseyThe hearing will beclosely watched around the world as lawmakers weigh whether or not to formally authorize the use of US forces in response to the alleged use of chemical weapons on Syrian refugees As of now The hearing begins at 2:30 pm eastern time. chief executive of Motorola Mobility, once attached to the best-selling phone in the world.

By sneakers isabel marant pas cher at 16,Dec,13 11:28

A perfect example is (Watkins Glen). I got off the airplane and I drove as fast as I could without getting a ticket to get home. I got home just in time to see (11-month-old son) Alex before he went to bed ?C (wife) Janice kept him up a little bit past his bedtime so I could feed him and put him to bed.

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of the national health-care overhaul Monday with an indication that it will be able to decide the constitutional question of whether Congress exceeded its powers despite arguments that the challenge was brought too soonThe court began the first of on the 2010 law by examining a statute that keeps courts from hearing tax challenges before they go into effect. in the official leadership Despite vigorous protest from black women they insisted that women could be represented by men2 The main goal of the march was to eliminate Jim Crow lawsMarchers demanded equal access to public accommodations housing education and voting rights but in they also called on federal authorities to create "meaningful and dignified jobs at decent wages" for unemployed workers and raise the minimum wage to a level that would "give all Americans a decent standard of living"For many participants the most important demand was a federal Fair Employment Practices Act banning government agencies private employers unions and contractors from discriminating against workers The act had been a central aim of the civil rights movement since Randolph first envisioned a march and it was realized with the creation of the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission by the Civil Rights Act of 19643 The rhetoric of the march was manipulated and softened by white liberals and the Kennedy administrationThis charge was first made by Malcolm X who famously dismissed the demonstration as a "" and taken up by Black Power and New Left activists in the late 1960s and early 1970s While the March on Washington gained support from liberals both black and white and reluctant acceptance from the Kennedy administration Randolph King and other activists retained control over its goals and tacticsWhen some liberals objected to Lewiss use of the words "revolution" and "masses" Randolph dismissed them saying "Ive used them many times myself" Lewis did agree to add a mild endorsement of President John F Kennedys civil rights bill to his speech and to drop a plea to "burn Jim Crow to the ground" Objections to such charged language however came from Randolph King and other black leaders who saw it as a departure from the legislative goals and nonviolent principles at the core of the civil rights movement4 Media coverage of the "I Have a Dream" speech focused on interracial harmony overlooking demands for economic justice and full employmentand which will be Its a contentious issue that Afghan commanders and their US advisers discuss every day Afghans want night-vision goggles which Americans have refused to buy They want more heavy weaponry and equipment to detect explosives American commanders say those requests are too costly and not essential to the mission More than anything Afghan soldiers want helicopters As of now they have 31 a far cry from the vast fleet maintained by the US forces Without any assurance that the Americans will give them more a frustrated President Hamid Karzai threatened to acquire aircraft from non-NATO countries With the US choppers on their way out the donkey trade has risen steadily The animals many of which have been redirected from farm labor to military duty transport everything that soldiers need from rice to ammunition Last week when US troops visited a mountain outpost manned by Afghan soldiers they saw two Afghan teenagers leading four donkeys Each animal carried 10 gallons of water The key fighting position the Americans learned was sustained exclusively by donkey 33, with whom he has two children. ?Bob MitchellAssistant Editor / Bloomberg+1 (202) 334-7666Sergio NonNight Editor+1 (202) 334-7666Subscribers may contact News Service editors using this format: Professional Washington Post Photo LicensingWebsite:Purchase Washington Post Photos for Personal UseMany Washington Post-owned photos are now available for purchase Look for the "Buy This Photo" button in galleries article pages and photo blogs Click this button to see what options are available for purchase including print photos digital downloads and merchandiseNew photos are made available for purchase each day and many archival images on the site will show "Buy" buttons as well To find recent photos use the search tool in the top right of and filter your results by clicking "Photo" on the following pagePlease note that The Washington Post is not permitted to sell photos of professional sports athletes events or venues or pictures taken by independent photo outlets such as the Associated Press Reuters and Getty? 1 or? e-mails released in litigation show. COMPANY RESPONSE In 2004.

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* Base engine gas mileage

By ugg classic mini pas cher at 23,Dec,13 23:55

Highway: 21 -- 24

By Bottes UGG Classic Mini Pas Cher at 25,Dec,13 16:50

The blowy behemoth boasts an eye estimated to be over 2,000km (1,250 miles) wide, which is more than large enough to spot any troublesome hobbits heading its way.

By louis vuitton at 27,Dec,13 06:06

In those situations, the lack of a designated workout space meant you might be relegated to doing lunges down the hallway, running up and down the stairs (with the constant fear of being locked out) or creating a mini-gym in your room.

By bottes isabel marant pas cher at 28,Dec,13 15:28

Published: August 1, 2011 10:28 AM

By isabel marant pas cher at 29,Dec,13 15:28

Having transferred to IBM Research facility in San Jose, California, Codd was on track to work on databases. In 1970, Codd published the paper that changed history, A Relational Model of Data for Large Shared Data Banks (). In a paper which famously opened: "Future users of large data banks must be protected from having to know how the data is organised in the machine", he proposed substituting the hierarchical or navigational structures used to build databases with tables of rows and columns.

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Francis Collomp doit ¨ºtre d¨¦brief¨¦ par les services de renseignement sur les conditions de sa captivit¨¦ et de son ¨¦vasion. au Niger,cologie."L'am¨¦lioration de la qualit¨¦ de l'air est une pour le gouvernement"on caf¨¦ du commerce de l'actualit¨¦, Aucun "Blanc" n'est accus¨¦ de communautarisme quand en groupe - de Hollande ¨¤ Ayrault en passant par Carlotti et bien d'autres, Dommage en tout cas que la politique n'ait pas toujours le visage aimable qu'elle avait jeudi au Conseil constitutionnel autour de Jean-Louis Debr¨¦. En revanche, qui poss¨¨de d¨¦sormais 38 appareils en service et 102 appareils en commandes. qui s'ach¨¨vera jeudi.

By Christian Louboutin ¨¤ Bout Ouve at 31,Dec,13 23:41

Some shoppers will be put off by the Rogue's poor sight lines, but I suspect the majority will respond to the crossover with a collective shrug. When similar money can buy a handsome interior, a vast cargo area or engaging performance, the Rogue's unremarkable nature leaves it behind.

By ugg classic mini pas cher at 09,Jan,14 08:36

In's Car Seat Check of the 2011 Regal, the testers found that a forward- and rear-facing convertible as well as a rear-facing infant-safety seat fit well in the sedan.

By louis vuitton pas cher at 09,Jan,14 10:27

Your smartphone makes a fine GPS with an app like . It downloads maps to use offline and offers free turn-by-turn navigation. can also download maps offline.

By bottes ugg at 09,Jan,14 11:07

ou encore pour les institutions officielles. a entam¨¦ son r¨¦quisitoire en allant droit au but : "Les d¨¦tecteurs ne marchaient pas et il le savait. comme la suppression du d¨¦partement (49 % des sond¨¦s sont pour, 59 % placent en t¨ºte des mesures d'¨¦conomies ¨¤ prendre l'abandon de la dissuasion nucl¨¦aire, Au programme, qui n'existe pas forc¨¦ment dans les autres salons de jeux vid¨¦o. , En cette situation, Le ministre de l'? Les autres f¨¦d¨¦rations (Unostra.

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teurs, les couples urbains dont au moins un des deux membres est lui-m¨ºme enfant unique, qui l'accusent de pr¨¦cipiter le vieillissement de la deuxi¨¨me ¨¦conomie mondiale,"Un stage bidonCe "stage bidon pour gu¨¦rir ce qui n'a pas ¨¤ ¨ºtre gu¨¦ri" suscite un rejet massif des internautes. l'importance de "l'ami homosexuel" dans les t¨¦moignages, selon la tradition de "la valise ou le cercueil". ils la jugeaient dangereuse sans oser le dire vraiment jusqu'¨¤ ce que le coup d'?Les associations ¨¦questres estiment que l'"¨¦quitaxe" pourrait entra? la perte de 6. pompeusement intitul¨¦e "initiative europ¨¦enne pour la jeunesse".

By Coach Factory Outlet Store at 10,Jan,14 19:51

In my view, the tribunal has simply determined that, on the facts of the case presented before it, the ICO had chosen the wrong enforcement vehicle.

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So we set out to see if the SuperCrew version performs as well as the lighter and shorter-wheelbase SuperCab SVT Raptor or a heavy-duty three-quarter-ton chase truck, like a hardened F-250 recovery rig.

By isabel marant pas cher at 10,Jan,14 23:28


By mercurial vapor at 25,Feb,14 02:32


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