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why go on

Posted by TURBO at October 6, 2011
Tags: Attitude  Meaninglessness  2011 October

i have two brothers that used me to help them accomplish themselves and than both in a drop of a dime forgot that they got to where theyre at with help of others, one brother has made it big for himself and never looked back, and i resent him and disowned him because i used me and dropped me like sack of bricks once he didn't need me and left me with nothing, another brother was my business partner in which i took him on as a partner to help him get off his feet. but he ended up losing all of our companys assets and inreturn left me with the debts and took the business contacts for himself, so i became an agry person, and got myself into a bar fight where i almost came close to killing someone, now at age 29, i have nothing. no money, no income, no support, i could be looking at jailtime, why even go on, i used majority of my prime years helping others and in return this is the thanks i get. my girlfriend left me because shes a bitch that didn't wanna hang around when times are rough. my friends are no longer friends because i have nothing to offer. i wanna just give up . i have no reason to even wake up some days. the glass is half empty. i would consider just ending , but i'm not man enough and the end result would cause my parents to have a heart attack and prolly follow in my footsteps, worse of all i dont even think anyone would care or miss me if i actually did just die.
i go to sleep at night and wish i dont wake just sucks right now. why even make the effort if the end result is gonna get me back to this shitty feeling i have now. still waiting for karma to work its magic on me. because life certainly has not been fair to me at all!


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By anonymous at 24,Nov,11 05:35

"i used majority of my prime years helping others and in return this is the thanks i get."

God will reward you at the end. This life is just a test bro from god. Keep helping others. Its how you view life that makes you sad or happy.

By anonymous at 24,Nov,11 10:24

One day, just one day you will be the last one laughing. I'm certain. Hang in there brother! God bless.

By anonymous at 24,Nov,11 15:48

If you allow it, people use you. Even the kindest people know not to mix bussiness and family

By anonymous at 25,Nov,11 07:37

good karma dosen't work on people who feel sorry for their selfs, it dosen't reward people who are nice only to get things in return. good karma only works if u r true to heart, and rewards r only good to people who look at the positive. i am rewarded everyday by waking up and having another day to try to make better, u can;t change yesturday you can only work on making tomarrow better. life is good or bad depending on how u look at it. one person thinks their life sucks, another wishes theirs could be that good.

By anonymous at 26,Nov,11 12:09

I get what you wrote and right now, I am going through the same emotions. Different situation, same emotions. What I have come to know is that you can't rely on others for anything and sadly, it is a dog eat dog world. No one will stick around through the hard times. I don't mean to sound harsh, but from here on out, only look out for yourself. And use others as you need to.

By anonymous at 26,Nov,11 18:48

Never ever open a business with family, it will only tear family apart. As for your girlfriend and friends, never tell anybody if u have a business that will only attract leeches. Le$$on to be learned.. ONLY A FOOL SHOWS OFF WHAT HE HAS..

By anonymous at 26,Nov,11 19:02

Looking to open a retail store,but do u think im gona tell anybody? NO! Why? Don't want leeches around me. They'll make fun of me in their minds cause they c me working behind a register,but in my mind im like,YEAH FUCKERS LITTLE DO U KNOW WHO OWNS THIS.

By anonymous at 29,Nov,11 12:15

Good advise up there ^ you know if you open up another business..

By anonymous at 01,Dec,11 12:07

What the heck is wrong with you? you've achieved a lot of things other people can't : open a business, which is really hard and fools like me can't do that , so scared of the business world; got a girlfriend, I can't even find one. so you don't have a lot of money or income, just try again, start again. don't expect karma to do anything for you, you've done few good things but you're not all that great, if you resorted to violence and nearly killed a person, all your good deeds are rendered meaningless. So at 29, maybe you don't have what you want, but you still have a chance to start everything from scratch, your complaint is meaningless.

By anonymous at 05,Dec,11 01:44

And if at first you don't succeed, try again...

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