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Use it or lose it

Posted by Lifter at September 6, 2011
Tags: Job  Mistakes  Relationship  2011 September

27 years old, used to get paid 150K for a job I loved, with people that had my back and showed respect. Girlfriend of 3.5 years finished uni and moved 14 hours away and asked me to follow her, stupidly I did. I now earn 50k and work with backstabbing f..kheads with no respect for anything but themselves. 2 months after I quit my good job and moved away from everything I loved, girlfriend found someone new and exciting and moved on. I am now in a situation where I have no friends, no family, no money, can't move back due to the small income to fund the move, hate my job, and the people that I work with, and can't get my old job back. On top of this the ex now earns more than I do - which I think was the reason she moved on. in short, f..k women. I now spend 2 hours a day in the gym and run 10K every other day to counter the internal pain of my losses this year.


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New Comment

By anonymous at 31,Oct,11 13:08

Well you got screwed pretty good. Maybe it wasn't the intention of your girlfriend in the first place, maybe things just turned out this way. It's really doesn't matter anyway. If you are unhappy about your current job and cant get back to the old one, why not just find a new one? You found good job once, surely you can find something like that again. Just don't quit until you find somewhere else to go (unless you have lots of savings, in which case you should still only quit if you really can't bare it any more)!

Meh, 10 K is nothing, people run 10 K for warm-up :D. Do the marathon. Now that will get you physically drained and emotionally charged for a month.

By anonymous at 31,Oct,11 16:27

Find rich girlfriend.

By anonymous at 31,Oct,11 20:35

ah, don't let a break up put you off relationships for life! You're only twenty seven so still in the prime of life. Plenty of time to meet someone else.You earn a good salary by most people's standards so should be able to afford to rent or buy something decent. If you hate your job, keep looking and also start saving for a holiday. Get yourself off somewhere warm and sunny. Life's too short to be miserable when you could be out there seeing the world :-) never mind ex or people at work. You'd be better off without such money focussed people in your life anyway.

By anonymous at 01,Nov,11 01:07

Cut your losses and make you own plans - those who love you will follow. Sacrifice is not the correct compromise for love.

By anonymous at 07,Nov,11 06:23

Your life is not that bad! You're young and can start again. Save up to move back. Enrich yourself.

By anonymous at 15,Nov,11 11:39

you at least got the right idea with the working out and running!

If that dont work not much else will, but it should. Fuck women in general anyway, you think all those idiots you see getting married and then bossed around by their wife are happy? Of course not, they just want YOU to think they are HAPPY !

By anonymous at 10,Jan,12 15:46

Move back to the place you love and tell the current job to shove it where the sun doesn't shine. Dwelling on unhappiness forces you to accept you current situation. Get out of it before it's another 5 years of unhappiness. Get back to the place you love or find a new place and start back over away from all the bs. What else have you got to lose right? Good Luck.

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