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worth it or not?

Posted by anonymous at August 20, 2011
Tags: Attitude  2011 August  Loneliness

Im 18 years old, since i was liltle i knew life was hard and that it would suck but i never knew how much? I feel very lonely, and all the things i thought real in my life are not. It only takes a few miles to know who is really your friend and who's not. I recently graduated from high school, so many good moments i lived there. I had so many "friends", people that supposely cared about me. My family dicided to move, now im in a place where i have no firends.The one's that claimed bein my friends dont even bother callin nor askin if im dead or alive. It really hurts to see how they are makin their life wiithout me. i guess thats just part of life but it really bothers me. When they needed me i was always there to help them or at least listen to all their problems. Now i found myself lonely and miserable, wondering if all this is worth it or not?


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New Comment

By anonymous at 16,Oct,11 14:04

When you graduate from school you begin to see just how fucked up life really is. Don't worry as years go by you will understand that it was nothing like you thought it would be, but at the same time you will have gained experience and skills to deal with all that, so it all balances out in the end. Everyone survives somehow and you are just like everyone else.

On the positive side, life is worth living! There are so many great things it can offer. You just have to think right in order to achieve (and then appreciate) things.
By anonymous at 22,Oct,11 01:30

well i really appreciate your words. But its just so hard, graduating from high school already sucks but moving to another country sucks even more. I feel like i've lost my life and my identity.

By anonymous at 17,Oct,11 01:11

Don't let it get to you, losing old friends and gaining new ones is a part of life, im sure they still look back on the good times you had with them but there's nothing they can do about it so they sucked it up and chose to move on and even though it may not be easy you have to eventually do the same. Anyway, good luck and cheer up. :)
By anonymous at 22,Oct,11 01:31

thank you for takin the time to comment

By anonymous at 18,Oct,11 14:11

personally it sounds like your just bitching. they have lives to live and maybe are to over worked to make a long distance call, you have to call them up and talk about her problems, they are not fucking psychic.

By Mister B-Don at 18,Oct,11 15:51

Stop trying to seek comfort for those who dont talk or call you. Fuck them. Thats the type of world we live in motherfuckers don't care about nobody unless they have a certain amount of money. The way to get back at those people is to put God first and be successful.

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