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I guess I'm a slut.

Posted by Music_Lover at August 12, 2011
Tags: 2011 August  Juvenile problems  Reputation  School

I hate my life...Everyone calls me a slut! Even though I'm not like that! I've kissed one boy and I've only dated 3 boys my whole life and I have never cheated...But everyone calls me it...Girls from my school...Boys from other schools...My family...I'm sick of it...:'/


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By anonymous at 01,Oct,11 19:23

being called a slut has nothing to do with your behavior. boys will call you a slut if they are mad you won't sleep with them, girls will call you a slut if they think some boy might like you better than them, haters in general will call anybody a slut that somebody else called a slut first. it's just a name people call other people to try to tear them down because people like having somebody to shit on. You have two choices: you can be meaner than they are (say worse shit about them, or fucking tear the face off the next person that says that to you), or you can remove yourself from that pettiness (focus on some bigger situation or important challenge, and simply don't care about petty people and their opinions). if you choose option a, please only be mean to other assholes, don't go spreading around that negativity and become one of the people hurting you (calling some other innocent girl a slut). If you choose option b, be prepared for people to get utterly furious that you are ignoring them and go ballistic on you. you have to really have something concrete somewhere else you can focus on because there's nothing people hate more than finding out their hate is inconsequential...they will fight you to the death for that.
By anonymous at 19,Oct,11 23:19

will this boy call me a slut cuz I didnt sleep.with him and go out with him and cuz I want back with my ex

By anonymous at 04,Oct,11 14:29

you both are sluts.

By anonymous at 21,Oct,11 18:58

I think they're just jealous of u

By at 03,Nov,11 16:05


By anonymous at 07,Nov,11 16:47

well if i was a slut i would fuck everyone

By anonymous at 15,Nov,11 12:58

Everybody who posted for this message are sluts, including me.

By anonymous at 08,Dec,11 16:06

I like sluts

By at 17,Dec,11 18:00

just put ya head up :)

By at 27,Dec,11 10:56

FML o yea ur not a slut, there just jealous. i would, :P

By anonymous at 17,Feb,12 10:41

try to act like one init like proper cool and posh and anyways they might frget

By anonymous at 17,Feb,12 22:40

I never fit into a "popular crowd" in school. Always was in girl fights (verbal) and always in trouble for things I didn't do. Last year in middle school, (still here) a girl in my new class said I stole her charm bracelet. Which I didn't. I have so much bracelets that I can open up a mall of them(not bragging). She told the assistant principal, and after school they called me in her office to ask my story. When I heard what she told them I laughed inside, a: I didn't even know who or what they were talking about. b:I felt like I was set up.c: It seemed to me they had the wrong girl.I WOULD NEVER, STEAL!!! They searched my bag and shoes and lunch box. Guess what they found... a NOTHING,NOTHING AT ALL! They looked like idiots!! They actually felt sorry for me after that!! Today, a year went by, I'm in eighth grade met a lot of people and made tons of friends. I changed my class and started over, a clean slate. I was amazed I became close friends with the popular 8t grade girls and a cute guy I like hugged me close at recess today, even his friends like me. Everyone knows my name now... but in a good way! I play basketball with him. See life isn't a dark hole. You can make it through it I did, you can too! The only problem I still have is math, I hate and it's hard. Don't worry keep your head up, you'll see! :)
By anonymous at 17,Feb,12 22:41

i love you. :)
By anonymous at 17,Feb,12 22:41

thanks :)

By anonymous at 20,Feb,12 03:30

The ONLY time people obsess over the sex life of another is when that person is the object of their affection/ lust, or Jealousy.

I have been called this all my life too. People use this word to degrade you because its all they have. They have nothin else to say.

Take it as a compliment...they know you are better than they are.

By anonymous at 14,Mar,12 12:18

stop sucking the dicks of niggers under the bleachers and you would not have this problem.
By anonymous at 18,Mar,12 11:04

what a hick.

By anonymous at 18,Mar,12 11:06

What's wrong with being a slut? I was the school slut. Then later I was the school prude, so if you cater to people you can't win. You can only win by being yourself. When you live in the real world you will have so much else to think about and people will be focused on their own situations, no one will know your personal business if you don't tell them. You'll be in control of the situation. So focus on your studies and look forward to that. Maybe you could be like Samantha from Sex and the City ;)

By Pseudonymous Secret Unknown at 21,Apr,12 21:56

Well I can honestly say that you are not a total slut but your not totaly inocent either but you do very well sound like one but if I were you (which I wouldn't wnt to be in that situation) I would stop hanging out with you boyfriend(s) for a while but tell him so he understands your problem

By Ainur at 30,Jun,12 06:16

Oct11 Congrats! Isn't is fun to blog especially when you are doing it for the love of wintrig & nothing more! Keep it up! I enjoy stopping by and reading a few post.

By anonymous at 29,Jan,13 12:07

fuckin slut

By eddie upper at 27,Feb,13 12:17


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