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There is no point anymore

Posted by anonymous at August 10, 2011
Tags: 2011 August  General

-I am fat
-I am stuck in this shitty relationship with a cheating asshole b/c he is the only guy that will ever love me. But I hate him.
-I am a liar. No one knows the real me.
-I have bad breathe
-I am covered in stretch marks
-I fake my personality
-I have nothing going for me
-I am in so much debt
-I am stupid
-I am a failure
-I am a bad friend
-I am a bad girlfriend
-I am a bad daughter
-I am a bad sister
-I will never get married or have children
-I am unrealistic and illogical
-I am fake
-I am a slow learner
-I am scared of everything
-I am crazy
-My emotions make me bust out in tears for no apparent reason
-Everyone else is moving on in life but me
-I am addicted to food
-I snore so ungodly loud
-I still live with my parents but I fear moving out
-I am scared of making any life decisions b/c I screw up so much
-I screw everything up
-I am disgusting
-I can't stop biting my nails
-God has abandoned me
-The church laughed at me
-Every man in my life... God, my father, and the man I love, has abandoned me.
-I am all alone
-I am so ugly
-I keep gaining more and more weight
-The only reason I am alive is b/c I am too scared to kill myself.

The pain never stops


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New Comment

By anonymous at 25,Sep,11 22:20

youre unhappy with your weight?
lose some.

Instead of looking in the mirror and seeing disgusting, praise yourself for all of your good qualities. I'm sure there are plenty. The first step is to accept yourself for who you are.

By anonymous at 26,Sep,11 01:39

nobody is perfect. no one is all good and all bad. Get some help

By at 26,Sep,11 09:26

God has given us this precious body to remind god and to help others.. if you will help others you will feel happy... Do your every deed for others...

Take true method of meditation from a true saint your every problem will get away when you will repeat METHOD OF MEDITATION... its not fake.. its true..
Dera Sacha Sauda is one of the such kind of spiritual organization run by "Saint Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji "with 40 million(still growing) follower following it to make their life... heaven.. It is just a miracle on this earth..
where a even a youngest child remain ready to help others.. its miracle.. daily thousands of miracle happen daily with everyone... and people get soothing spiritual upliftment in their life..

By anonymous at 26,Sep,11 15:47

Some of the points you listed duplicate.
Some are problems that *everyone* faces, so we can ignore those as well
Some are just stupid (you can't see the future, so you don't really know if you will or will not get married for example)
Some are minor (biting your nails? who the hell cares? I bite mine too, saves the hassle of trimming them every week)
Some are even more stupid (I don't really believe in god, but if you do, than by all means pursue your beliefs and ignore my worthless opinion, seriously. )
And all are solvable. You don't have too look at yourself and cry that you are fat, you can start a diet and pick up a serious exercise routine, and then you can look at yourself and laugh about how you are loosing weight and are looking better and better. Seriously, just by loosing weight you will boost your self confidence so much that all the other problems you have will disappear one by one.

The one real problem is that your father and your boyfriend abandoned you. I don't know the circumstances, but it wont be as easy to fix this as it will be to loose weight. Maybe impossible even.

Here, I rendered your list irrelevant :). I know, it feels kind of nice to write a long list so that you can show others and yourself just how much your life seams to suck, but in the end it's of no use. Get up, get on a bicycle and start pedaling, more and more every day, and pedaling up hills and fast, not just going for a leisurely ride. Jogging is good, but it's better for preventing weight gain than actually loosing weight. Better yet- go to a gym. And limit your food, don't starve, you need energy to exercise and you won't gain weight if you burn up everything you eat, but be temperate.

By anonymous at 28,Sep,11 05:21

Please just read the book "attached" by Dr Amir Levine. You have an attachment style that is called "anxious" it is very common (25% of people), and your circumstances are interplaying with your attachment style to make you feel awful- you are in teh anxious-avoidant trap- your partner is avoidant (or possibly also anxious). You have a common feeling that you will not find love again. This is just your brain telling you this- a pattern of psychology. Read the book- I have an anxious attachment style too and know how painful it can be and how hopelessly stuck you can get!! All will be explained and I hope it will really help you as much as it helped me. Much love XX
By anonymous at 28,Sep,11 05:22

Sorry- if you need to find it its easily found on at least look at the reviews- seriously- this book is like a magic explanation of why you are feeling this way :)

By anonymous at 08,Nov,11 16:34

Have you considered not committing suicide.... but as your boyfriend hates you... get him to kill you instead :D

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