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fucking love

Posted by anonymous at July 29, 2011
Tags: 2011 July  Relationship

I have never suffer with my family, the opposite I always have a great time with them.... but i have a problem... i get in love.. wich is an imposible love... because the man I love.. dont even know me... and it can sound silly and stupid but Im really in love with him... and it pretty hurts the far I am from him.. and the worst part is that I have no money so... I cant go to the place he is.. my opportunity is 0 in a million wich it really fucking sucks! im preety tired and i dont know what to do.! have you been in love with someone..? even you know that person or not.. yeah I know that some people may ask how can someone be in love with another person if they dont now him..? but it can happen and its my case so if you are in love with someone and you have no opportunnity and you cant forget him even you know its imposible... I can do nothing else than give up and love wins again.. and that makes my life once again a fucking piece of damn shit!


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New Comment

By anonymous at 16,Sep,11 15:21

life is bullshit, so is love. love is made up fairytale shit.

By anonymous at 05,Oct,11 05:12

Life is pain,

Love is a lie,

Relationships are only an excuse for women to earn a "little

Women lie, cheat, manipulate. Relationships are their gold mine.

Do you wanna die in a slow, painful, agonizing way?

Get involved with a canadian woman : THE BEST LIARS IN THE WORLD.

Funny, for a country that was founded by two cultures how only one language is spoken.

Canadians criticize the US all the time. Then again canadians watch their movies and TV shows, eat their fast food, read their news and magazines.

Face it CANADA, you are the 51st state!

And your women suck......If you are craving human contact during a casual conversation or a date. GO NON-WHITE, NON-ENGLISH!

They have enough perspective to carry a conversation. Unlike your typical white, english speaking canuck, who can only talk about hockey.

By anonymous at 12,Mar,12 23:48

Go buy a beer.

By pro link building at 24,Sep,13 15:09

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