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so what now?

Posted by anonymous at July 22, 2011
Tags: 2011 July  Philosophical  Society

I could go into details about how my life sucks, my history of living in poverty, the sexual abuse, my abusive father who spent most of his time behind bars, the lack of any connection with family, the continuous struggle to try to make and keep friends... I know I'm not alone here - we've all had some messed up lives. I've been told to pray and seek guidance from God. I do that all the time. God helps those who help themselves. The problem I see is this - how can one help themself if they don't have the strength or support to do so? There's no solid foundation, no financial stability, no jobs that will hire you (no matter how good you make yourself and your resume out to be), no moral support network, no friends, no family... Nobody wants to be burdened with additional burdens. And why would they? Imagine yourself driving down the road and you see someone with a flat tire. Would you help that person? If so, prepare for additional burden and possibly being hurt. If not, like most, you drive on. Now imagine being the one with the flat tire, with no spare, no cell phone, nobody who will help... so you walk until you can't walk no more. How far can one continue to walk? The talk of suicide was always a cry for help, but at this point in life, it seems like a viable option. It's too bad we're designed to feel pain as we die. It's a choice between living in pain day after day, or going through the ultimate pain of death and putting the suffering to an end. It's not fair for others - they will suffer the loss too. But it's also not fair that they can do nothing to help. I blame society. Until society changes, everyone will have stories to tell, with no solution in sight. I bid you all well and though I care, I'm held helpless to my own inadequacy.


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By anonymous at 11,Sep,11 13:04

Why do you think you're inadequate? You're pure and beautiful. Because the writers that move me the most are typically girls, i'll assume you're a female too and refrain from giving my email, since I can't really help you much if thats the case, other than my words, and here they are. I used to always say "with no foundation or financial security" and I never thought I'd actually read someone else say that. I thought I was the only one who understood that coming from a broken home is a serious setback and no matter how hard I tried to explain nobody got it. It is! But you seem to have a strong mind and thats your greatest asset, being sane is a great thing, never take it for granted if you dont have serious anxiety and if you do, there are others who understand.

By anonymous at 11,Sep,11 15:28

You clearly seem to know where you are "inadequate"
and have me beat, but I am nearly perfect so don't
compare. The job thing is getting a lot of you into
personal "depression" and that is what our nation is in, a
depression. Getting degrees and training for jobs that
do not exist is the problem. You that have "worked so
hard for degrees and nothing to show for it" are wrong.
You were able to accomplish "your" degree and you likely
became better educated while doing so. Jobs are tertiary
in that equation and never were guaranteed. Look for other income opportunities but don't try to serve or create markets that are not there. I noticed while you were
describing your faults and bootmarks that have been
imprinted on your life - up till now - that you have very
good written communication skills. Good editors,
proofwriters, and such are hard to come by. Ever considered
the journalism fields, including writing? You likely have other skills that you have buried under all the things you have decided you are not good at. You figure the rest of
it out because you can.

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