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It sucks... Killing me...

Posted by lifecompletelysucks at February 3, 2010
Tags: 2010 February  Juvenile problems

I know I should not be complaining about my life after reading all the stories here. But still my life sucks (Atleast I feel so). I'm 16yrs old and currently in high school. I hardly have any close friend with whom I can share my feelings. They are just my classmates who always want to hit my ass hard from every point of view. Fuck! I've no love. Liked one of my classmates nad proposed her. And she turned down. Gosh!!! Now she doesn't even look at me. My school teachers also hate me of some unknown reason! They always try to avoid me. Sometimes I feel I should push bottles in their assholes! Damn! God! What wrong have I done??? Huh??? I'm living in dark. Want to commit suicide. Life sucks... [:(]


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By at 03,Feb,10 12:40

High School can be some of the toughest years of someone's life, because you are going there along with a bunch of cruel idiots who either arent raised right, have self-issues, just rude for no reason or who fall into the wrong crowd. even though its suppose to be a SAFE place for LEARNING, its hell and the bad part about it is that you HAVE to put up with it until you finish. So in a way this should motivate you to keep those grades up so you wont be held back and suffer MORE years with these idiots. I know what its like to be in school and wish to die becuase school is a very depressing place to be, especially many people make things very difficult for you. I have been there!!!!!

When i was in High school and in Geometry class, i had turned in my homework, i think i was the first one becuase i was first one who stepped in the class anyway. So, i put my homework in the tray right next to the door and the next time i looked back, it was gone. So i looked around room wondering what the hell happened and people do copy off each other and ask me for answers all the time in this class. I told the teacher about it but he wasnt much help at all. infact, his response was
"Oh its probably just kid copying off it." If thats the case, shouldnt he do everything possible to stop that from happening!!! ANd what's worse is my homework was done in pencil, so whoever had it probably just erased my name. My homework was gone, just like that!! i had spend alot of time on it making sure i did things correctly and all becuase geometry was my WORST subject but somehow i knew i would get a decent grade on it. I sat in my chair for....50 minutes angry as hell and i don't think i've ever been so angry. I looked around the room at these dumb assholes, wondering who would be cold enough to do something like this and i couldnt trust anyone after that. I had to do it again for late homework and i got points taken off for doing LATE homework. the grade was horrible. I even asked Him if i could look through the papers and see if mines is there, but he didnt have any care in the world. So even teachers are as dumb as kids in school. i think dumb kids make teachers dumb, it must be some chain reaction thing. But At that point i realized that i had to get out of this school becuase there are just TOO many kids here that can't be trusted.

Look at it this way, Youre 16 years so i'm assuming that youre either a sophemore or junior. If thats the case, you have SOOOOOO little left to complete and then you will graduate and never see these bastards again. And as you grow older, time will be the best medicine and things that bothered you in HighSchool you won't care about, anymore.

I swear to you, once you get in college, everything will change. There is sooo much freedom and maturity that it doesnt even feel like college. the dresscode is random, nobody cares how you dress, what you look like. the professors are maturer then your petty teachers, you can PICK your teachers and PICK your schedule, you can even dismiss yourself out of class (sometimes it depens on what professor you have), you can hang out all over campus without having a falculy breathing down your neck about tardies standing in the hallways, I've even slept in the library many times and no one's bothered me. YOu can have laptops in class, drink, eat etc.

I think proposing in Highschool is just really silly, becuase you guys are KIDS!!!! many kids your age don't even know what love is, they assume what it is. Love takes TIME, it takes patience and effort. there's a difference between caring for someone and having a huge crush when it comes to love. those are totally different things. You are 16 years old, what's the rush? you should be a kid and let the growing up be LATER in your life. And consider yourself lucky becuase there are too many girls around us walking around with swollen bellies, their life and futures plans are postponed for 18 years!! So stop worrying about who youre going to be with, you are still a little KID, love comes later. Kids nowadays only date for sex, to follow the crowd or to look good. So ask yourself, do you want "love" in high school or when youre more grown up, maturer and are more aware of how the world really is? AND to meet somoene who matches those traits?

All i can tell you to do is survive, thats how i did with High school and now its in the past where it belongs and where it will always stay. i don't care for it, nor will i ever return for any reunions.


By anonymous at 04,Feb,10 07:33

dude...get over it.....if u feel like this now..wait fr wht life has in store for u

By at 04,Feb,10 18:35

My heart aches for ya dude jus hang in there, not much advice here but im letting u know theres more of u out there and ur not dealing with bullshit alone. I deal with shit and I keep on pushing and I expect everyone to do the same. I think you should listen to some Bayside, thy're a great band to listen to when ur feeling down, they write lyrics for all that r going thru a shitty life. But all i can say is keep hanging in there

By Shafaq at 20,Jul,15 17:30

If you sleep on your back you want to use no polliw or a very thin polliw, because you want to keep your spine straight as possible while you sleep. Same goes for if you sleep on your side you want just enough polliw to keep your spin aligned, NEVER SLEEP ON YOUR STOMACH. Just to validate my point imitate how your neck is positioned if you sleep on your belly or if you have a large polliw under your head while standing up and hold it for 4-8 hrs. I would also recommend strengthening your neck muscles, but there may be something else going on other than bad posture(can't really tell not enough information provided). Anyway when you sleep you want to make sure that your head/neck is in-line with the rest of your spine.

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