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fuck my life

Posted by LoserJon at January 31, 2010
Tags: Addictions  Attitude  Drugs  January 2010  Unemployment

I hate my fucking life. Im 26, chronically unemployed, ive been addicted to methadone for 9 years, im on probation, im ugly, im socially awkward, and the drugs have decreased my sex drive and overall ability to enjoy life at all, and every time ive tried to quit the withdrawals kick my ass in a way thats so fucking painful that its just better to stay on the shit. All my friends are either dead or in prison and all ive done for the past 3 mos. is sit around the house and feel sorry for myself. The only reason I dont jump off a bridge is that my girlfriend is about to have our first son, and im worried ill fuck his mind up just as bad as mine. Life SUUUUUUUUUUUUCKS!!!!!!!!


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New Comment

By anonymous at 31,Jan,10 14:28

Yeah being addict sucks, OK. Where to go from here. Well from what you said, put a gun to your head and blow those F-ing brains out.
You made your choices now want to bitch. Oh boo-hoo, my sympathy goes to the victims in Haiti and Sudan who did not actually their misfortune.
Get off the shit, quit whining, and man up pu*sy. What made you thought life is all about getting high and facing the consequences? Oh, am I being insensitive? Too bad.
You made your bed now lie in it pus*y.
By anonymous at 31,Jan,10 20:32

Fuck you
By anonymous at 11,Feb,10 01:09 Fold Up

you must be the same person who went to almost every comment on the site to talk shit to people. your a fucking pussy who could never possibly ever say anything to anyones face. why dont you go anonymously fuck yourself, pusscake!

By at 31,Jan,10 15:33

Please understand that those who dont not shed any understanding, it only means that they cannot relate or don't know how to give proper advice. I'm sure you already feel bad enough.

Don't worry, I'm almost 24 years old and i'm unemployed too. I have said this so many times that i sound like a broken record, but i've been in and out of depression for almost half a year. I've applied for millions of applications, went to three to four interviews and so far nothing is working. I just got an email back from the Dominos corporation saying that i'm not qualified to work, the same with Khols and Circle K gas station. Its like what am i doing wrong, here? It's just not just you. Jobs are really low right now.

If you have an addiction problem, the best thing to do is to try and get some help. Substitute your addiction for something else, like a jar of pickles, Candy or chips. i know it sounds dumb but its worth a try, or take all those drugs and pour them out in the grass and don't get your hands on those drugs anymore. It takes will-power too, ya know. And yes you will try to stop but then go back to doing the same thing over and over, but thats SOOOOO normal, dude! Its like youre taking 2 steps forward but then taking 1 step back but you gotta keep going becuase i swear its going to make you stronger. no matter how many times you keep going back to drugs, keep fighting it off!

If all your friends are either dead or are in jail, its time to step back and evaluate what kind of people youre socializing with. Did they introduce you to this addiction? YOu need to hang out with people who are going to care for you and have the best intentions. You also need to take a clean sheet and just start over with life. get out more whether its riding a bike, jogging around the park, having a nice lunch at Burger King, get some chalk and having fun drawing on your porch, anything to just be around life again. Staying home is not good for you, i promise you its going to mess with your head and make you feel numb.

Congrats on having a son!! That little kid is going to make you happy, dude! you get to watch him go to school and bring back home drawings and projects hes made and hang them up on the refridgerator, watch him play with other kids, teach him how to ride his bike, shave his face, play baseball, watch him grow up and beg for a 2026 convertible or mustang lol. Look, no one is perfect, and no one is ever ready to be a parent, but the BEST thing you can do for this son is to BE THERE and LOVE him. YOu have already been through tons of lessons in life, so use this advantage to make sure your son, stays away from the mistakes that you have seen. :)
By anonymous at 31,Jan,10 20:33

Thank you
By at 31,Jan,10 23:23

no prob :)
By anonymous at 11,Feb,10 00:47 Fold Up

My son was born last week right before i posted this and everytime i see his face he makes life worth living!

By anonymous at 31,Jan,10 15:54

He doesn't need understanding he needs rehab and needs a kick in the ass to get the lead out of it.
Boo-hooing over some BS on a website, over a person you never met, and is probably laughing at your assanine long novel of comment makes you look like a retard - retard.
If it is true, grow balls, look in the mirror and blame the person for the problem, and get help.
Also get clean and a better job to support your own kid.
By at 31,Jan,10 17:29

Uh yea, its true that i have no way of knowing if he's just playing around or not, but i'm willing to take that chance just in case this is real. why is that so bad?
By anonymous at 01,Feb,10 11:35

It makes you a naive tool, perhaps? Do you think Uri Gellar really bends spoons with his mind?
Stop believing everything on the internet.
Look, I respect your altruism. You are showing great signs of character. My hat and heart to you.
Put it where it matters. In soup kitchens, homeless shelters, your local schools where your knowledge and experience enrich our future, you know those kids who are future leaders.
By anonymous at 22,Feb,10 19:59

i feel sorry for anyone who comes and asks u for help because clearly they will only have a self-rightous lecture spoken at them by someone who doesnt understand common politeness let alone empathy.
By anonymous at 22,Feb,10 20:03

which i guess kinda begs the question, if your life is soo perfect, what are u doing on this site? let alone offering your opinion? unless it purely to boost your own ego by seeing how sad other people feel. tell me who needs the most help? (this is rhetorical. incase you u feel the need to reply, which i really hope u dont. we'v all heard enough out you.)
By anonymous at 23,Feb,10 12:19 Fold Up

so help me god if i meet u in real life i would kick ur fking ass, the only one with real problems is YOU, if this world wasnt full of ppl like you we all might be a bit better off
By anonymous at 23,Feb,10 12:47

ppl like me? lmao i have a job, a house, contribute to society, pay my taxes have good friends and an awesome family and before u decide to "kick my arse" (sorry but that cracks me up) u mite wana rethink coz im a girl. bt mayb ur in to that..who knows uv obviously got issues :D
and b4 u say it im not like u who uses this site to boost my ego, i stumbled upon it and read ur comment and thought wtf y can ppl be soo mean and unkind to ppl they dont know and who never asked for ur opinion in the first place. nice one mate
...what a guy
By anonymous at 23,Feb,10 12:54

by the way im not coming to this site again so feel free to write wot eva insensitive, illinformed garbage u like, i jus hope for ur sake that u never need help from any one coz wot goes around comes around. ur gona die a lonely death. feel sorry for u :)

...but not that sorry haha.
By anonymous at 11,Feb,10 01:10 Fold Up

your a fucking pussy who could never possibly ever say anything to anyones face. why dont you go anonymously fuck yourself, pusscake!

By anonymous at 01,Feb,10 12:55

The feel good drug addicts like meth coke, herion, methadone, opium have always been in my experience really selfish people. You have a son now. thats your cue to grow up. You brought another spirit into this world to suffer, you owe you kid a shitload. try not to be a douchebag. Life has just begun now. Quit ruining this website. Im tired of selfish drug addicts complaining. You had your feel good time, now join the real world.

By anonymous at 18,Feb,10 19:36

My sophomore year in high school I started doing speed and meth. Junior year I did oxy. I wasn't ever addicted though. Try your hardest to get off of it. Try your hardest to make your life better.

By at 20,Feb,10 21:19

i know how u feel u need 2 get off the shit it is killing u dont know if not 4 u ur kid. go 2 a treatment center there out there i know that the only way. i will pray 4 u i hope u can get the help u need God there he is just ask him 4 help. i did.

By anonymous at 09,Mar,10 22:47

I am trying to get of the methadone myself, i am a recovering heroin addict..started with the green then meth and extasy and life finally caught up with me an i am now in a rehab program, going to counselling and seeing a phsychologist..methadone has helped stabilise me and it has been a greta help even though it is an adictive drug in hrrdle..but atleast im not out doing crime to get a hit anymore. I am getting my life back and am going back to university. The moral is, there is a light at the end of the tunnel, everybody faces hard times in there life, and there is alot of people adn organisations out there that can help if you truky want it.

By anonymous at 09,Mar,10 22:48

"truly" want it...

By anonymous at 13,May,10 12:21

I understand what its like to be an addict and Im sorry for what you are going through and I pray that you get better. The one thing you have to do is stay strong for your son no matter what .... get better for him if you cant for yourself. It is hard but its worth it in the end.

By mattew crorkz at 21,Oct,14 05:20

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