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My life is the worst

Posted by Ryan at June 15, 2011
Tags: Health  2011 June  Loneliness

My life is terrible. I am 5'8 and 350 pounds. I cant lose weight to save my life. I am bow legged and pigeon toed.I have never been to a party. I dont have any money. I cant find a job. I'm 20 and have never had sex, kissed a girl, hugged a girl, or even had a social conversation with a girl. I have had 3 different cell phones and have never received or sent a text message because I have no friends. I'm flunking online community college classes. I sit at home all day. The only time I leave the house is to go to church or when my mom goes to wal mart. I dont actually go inside wal mart but I sit in the car just so I can see people walking in and out of the store from my car. Its the only time I get to see people. I was embarrassed at my high school graduation practice when a kid told me to use a treadmill in front of the entire senior class. Everyone laughed including the principal. I dont have any good clothes. Just tattered jeans and a polo shirt that is about two sizes too small. And the icing on the cake, my father passed away last year. But hey, at least I have food and shelter. Who needs friends?


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New Comment

By anonymous at 12,Jul,11 13:48

loosing weight is easy- you just stop eating- drink water- and then you excercise. I mean if youre that weak you cant overcome a food addiction.. its gonna be hard convincing a woman to be with you, because shes gonna think you have no willpower. Whats more important food or sex? I dont have any nice clothes and I never EVER did. I also once bought a cell phone and subscription that I never ended up using. none of thse answers are gonna make you feel better and your're probably never gonna meet the love of your life. But it's a mans world, so make the most of it.
By anonymous at 13,Jul,11 19:48

lol, what a lame reply, please have some respect for the seriously messed up people in the world. make the most of it , yeah right it's easy, easy for you to say asshole.
By anonymous at 15,Jul,11 17:19 Fold Up

By at 17,Jul,11 20:04

well thank god you're not a fucking woman because life would be ten times a fucking hard.... a fat fucking man can get fucking a hot chick if he makes money which is easier to do.. so if this advice is difficut to hear.. tough motherfucking shit...
By anonymous at 28,Jul,11 12:18 Fold Up

loosing weight is NOT easy. I too have been struggling with my weight and i am trying once again to loose weight. I know how it feels to not want to leave the house because you hate how you look and feel but not doing it will make you feel worst in long run. My advice is to sit down and really think about what you want your future to be like and then start planning on finding ways to change your views of yourself from negative to positive. Don't let what others say about you define how you feel about yourself and then eventually define who you are. Also, don't starve yourself--remove all sodas and juice from your house and force yourself to stick to water. Life can suck--but if you start to learn how to love yourself and be good to your body, the future will be better.Good luck
By anonymous at 26,Dec,11 17:05 Fold Up


By anonymous at 12,Jul,11 17:37

There is no way that someone can have as bad a life as that! I would even rather be a thirdworlder than that, at least they usually look fit due to the lack of excessive food. I tell most directionless-young adults on here to join the military, but they won't take you. At least the fit ones can continue to feed the Industrial Complex while I hoard the money behind the scenes and meet new powerful connections back here where it is safe. Do you have any connections that can help you join the Masons?
By anonymous at 30,Oct,11 20:05

Third worlder? Wtf?! I live in South Africa. Your ignorance is pathetic...

By at 12,Jul,11 22:35

I CAN"T BELIEVE IT SOMEONE WHO ALMOST EXACTLY MATCH MY LIFE... except the part i go to church... i barely go to church.... but i definitly go into stores.. i hate just siting in the parking lot and watch people enter in and out of the store
By anonymous at 26,Dec,11 17:08

man this is finished me ''But hey, at least I have food and shelter. Who needs friends?'' ım crying right now

By at 13,Jul,11 17:25

im not obese but im slightly chubby and i have never had sex with a hot woman in my life but one time there was a unattractive girl at church that told me i was cute and cuddly but she wasnt hot enogh for me to date. i want a hot sexy blond haired blue eyed girl with nice legs. i to dont have a job. i dont even drive yet becuse im to timid.
By anonymous at 14,Jul,11 10:55

OMG...LMAO. Its time for a reality check my friend. You seriously need to lower your standards. No hot blonde is going to date a non-driving loser with no job. That shit only happens in the movies. Gimme a break. You should have made that church girl your wife! Dumbass.
By anonymous at 15,Jul,11 17:22 Fold Up

shallow asshole... if you want a hot girl, then do something to look hot and lose some weight
By anonymous at 17,Jul,11 20:05

like i said, a man world.. how much harder is it for a fat chick..

By anonymous at 14,Jul,11 00:19

I would like to help you actually in some kind of way.
The first and strongest word is DECISION.
It's not the will or willpower. No no no
It's nothing to do with if you are strong person with the willpower. It's all about decision. You MUST decide.
Power comes from this single act in your self. decision.
What do i want.
Second is information to execute.
One thing is for sure
to gain power from this single word decision you must still have will but..........

By anonymous at 14,Jul,11 00:22

my face is always red from a mix of various skin conditions no cream or any pills helped, natural or not, many dermatologists made opposite diagnostics. People ask me about how come its red often. Its a chronic thing, some days I wake up and want the day just to end so I can go sleep. But hang on.

By anonymous at 14,Jul,11 21:35

Well looks like you have lots of time to improve your life and by the time you get yourself together. Other people will notice and thats when girls and friends come...People are attracted to others who have there life together. You need to talk to someone about getting help in school, talk to someone about getting help with your dont have to lose all excess weight but i promise you once you start loosing weight you will become addicted and your confidence will soar, girls will notice, people will want to be around you. Just look up infomation..there is a diet out there for everyone. talk to your doctor about it, he can help. and get your school shit together.. i spend half my Juco years in the tutors office...great place to meet girls and everyone there wants to help me..Just do this for one week and if you dont like it for any reason.... QUIT. but your gonna feel euphoric and your life will change forever

By anonymous at 14,Jul,11 22:09

do u want to be my friend? Dont be too depressed.eventually everything will work out.Jst trust urself.if U do want to be my friend u can email me @

By at 14,Jul,11 23:12

Your post made me so sad. First of all I want to say that you are still so young. You can change your life around. I used to weigh almost 300 pounds and am way below 200 now. It has changed my life. I am more confident and I get out more and my life has gotten better in so many ways. You have to learn to love yourself right now as you are. When you love yourself you want to take care of yourself. Look at yourself in the mirror and smile and tell yourself that you are not that bad...that is how I started. You will make kind to people and people will be kind to you. Volunteer at an animal shelter or a nursing home. Give to those who do not have a way to help themselves and as you help others you will also help yourself. Do not give up my friend. Remember...there is a world of insecure people out there who do things like make mean comments about others because of their weight, the way they look or any number of things. But you have to remember they are doing that to make themselves feel and look better because deep inside they do not like themselves. Those people may seem perfect and happy and all of those things but we do not know what they are really like inside and what they think. Try to let those comments roll off your back. It is just their words and they do not mean anything. Yes I know they hurt...but try to let them go...because you are a lovely human being with a heart and a mind and dreams just like anyone else. We all want the same thing, we want to be loved and have someone love us. I am sending you love and healing and wishes for a wonderful life.

By anonymous at 16,Jul,11 04:17

Wow, there's just no fucking hope for you.
By anonymous at 21,Apr,12 11:21

Come on man, dont say that, its just hard enough as it is.. There is always a hope.. Just keep pushing...

By anonymous at 22,Jul,11 14:46

Dear Ryan

I've just read the last comment to your post - people can be cruel sometimes.

This is the first time that I've reacted to one of these things. Know, then, that you have spoken to me, someone stuck in a foreign country who is old enough to entertain herself but still feels crippled by loneliness.

What I've realised is this: it's not about weight, it never is. And you'll probably never read this, although I hope you do.

I have always struggled with my weight - sometimes too much, sometimes too little. But what I've realised(another realisation) is that loneliness has nothing to do with weight ... it has to do with the feeling of not belonging. Somehow, people like you and me, we feel like we don't fit in this world,even if we are too small or too big. It has nothing to do with how we look, but how we feel.

So I won't give you practical advice about how to lose weight, because that, for me, is secondary, What I would like to say to you is this: find that part of yourself that believes in the good fight. The battle you start every morning - the one that makes you get out of bed (and how difficult is that to do sometimes?),take a breath,brush your teeth and face the world (as imperfectly as you feel you do that at the moment). This is the good fight, because it takes guts to do, feeling as you do.

This is not an instaneous cure, nor instantaneous relief. But I hope that it will make you see that you are a warrior (we all are) and that this energy, this realisation, will help you to plan your next battle ... whatever that may be.

By anonymous at 29,Jul,11 22:33

thanks, Man! I am overweight by 40 lbs and felt extremely bad at it. You made my life a bit easy. Why don't we lose weight together?

By anonymous at 30,Jul,11 07:32


I always had a problem with weight. Im 200 something pounds, 5ft. 5, 32 years old woman. Losing weight is a lifelong thing for me. My weight fluctuated up and down. Over the years i noticed one thing. I always have to do something to lose weight. I always have to do something about my food craving.About the times i just let my self go ,eat and then pity myself.I realized that i either do something or i will just keep getting fatter.Now im not on e diet i just watch what i eat. I do put effort in to loosing weight. I mesure calories, i bought kitchen scale and i write everything down. It helps me. I suggest you try sometning otherwise no change will come. I wish you the best. Please dont give up. Andrea

By at 17,Aug,11 15:36

you can get past this... i know you can. you are worth it.

By at 20,Aug,11 08:15

Hey Ryan, how about getting yourself off to see a nutritionist, a personal trainer, a psychologist and of course see your GP or psychiatrist. Yeah, you will need to outlay some money. But they are very important life tools that will help to set you up. Think of it as a course, like at college. You will learn to set short and long term goals and attack your self esteem and health head on. 20 is still young. You've had a hard time. Sorry to hear that. You are not alone there. There are lots of assholes in this world. Go somewhere where you can walk each day - try 30 minutes a day to start. Get yourself sweating and burning calories. Tell yourself that you are going to be kind to yourself now and make things better. You deserve it.

By anonymous at 25,Aug,11 00:27

Hey Ryan hang on buddy okay. Believe this if you want but im 14 and weigh 345 i think? Anyway I CAN say i know how you feel. Like you want to disapear, escape humuliation and pain right. Trust me, I know that feeling. Plus having an older sibling who's better than you at everthing doen't help at all. I can't lie and say i haven't thought of suicide ,because I have many times. Right now Im taking online school. I tell you this because Im going to use this year to change. I don't have a lot of motivation like some other people might have, so its going to be hella hard. Im going to a new school so its scary. I get depressed alot, and have social anxiety. So as you can guess I have few friends. I know that if I don't change how I am I'll go and harm myself, maybe even commit suicide. I know your older than me, so prolly have alot of hurtfull memories, but so do I. Hang in their buddy. Because of you I know I'll try to-to. Prolly never read this, but hey its here if you do.
(Yeah Im a chick)

By at 26,Nov,11 03:23

Hey hey hey, take a gnader at what' you've done
By anonymous at 27,Dec,11 21:46

I am 5'8" and weigh 510 pounds and I get hot chicks all the time. I don't have a job either. All you have to is be nice to them. Seems like women don't see the fat like guys do. I do have a car though. A 2011 Mecedes. My grandfather died and left me 10 million. Some of my so called friends tries to tell me the hot girls were after my money. I got rid of those dumb asses. I know these girls like me for me and would be around if I lost all of my money tomorrow. I have ask them and they have told me this.

By anonymous at 16,Apr,12 04:25

Sounds a bit like me. Life sucks huh?

By anonymous at 12,Jun,12 23:32

"I'm 20 and have never had sex, kissed a girl, hugged a girl, or even had a social conversation with a girl."

I'm so close lol. I never kissed and only hung out with a girl twice. It's because I'm a bit pudgy and have a form of AS so severe that even other people with AS insult me.

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