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False hopes

Posted by anonymous at June 10, 2011
Tags: Addictions  2011 June  Money  Philosophical

My life sucks!. I was a gambling player. I lost thousand of bucks in it. Its like I was always being absorb by such institution whenever I have my money. Now all of my money is in it I only have so much debts that I cant hardly pay. Money left is none. Having a lot more debts to live everyday life. Everyday recovering is such a kaos and depressing. I cant hardly wake up in the morning wishing that everyday I am a sleep until I pay all my debts. Working hard to pay all the bills brought up by the casino. My life sucks giving everything in the casino. I am addicted to it and the false hopes that it gives.

Remembering such losing events makes it worst. I wish it all be erased and send to the recycle bin together with the credit card bills.

I wish I can be better with this, its just such ashame to tell it to anyone of my friends because I will look idiot to them doing it. My life sucks because I always wish I am the best.

Another sucking moment ios that I always have an idea to do business but none is successful being made. It is depressing to be a human being that is such a mess. Society does not help. Everyone live their own lives and does nt care.

Why am i alive???? People: "You are alive to serve us" fucking shit. what a life. No one ever care for someone. They care if they will have benefits. life sucks and why dont we end it. My life sucks and so others to. It is fortunate that we suck and others dont. Fuck them. Living is like losing everyday.

Everyone needs someone but everyone just fuck someone and leave them These are the person we always wanted to be the person that is very popular and influential that does everything but is still the best. Fuck! that is only one in a million and the 999 thousand have a sucking life. What a life being given to us.

It really is! Life is just fucking sucks!


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By at 07,Jul,11 16:58

By at 10,Jul,11 08:41

I am just like you but thankfully I haven't hit rock bottom yet...although I can't help but feel it's right around the corner. I actually was a hard luck success story last year, I moved out to Vegas with promises of riches, but the easy to find jobs I was told about were nonexistent, bills piled up, & friends/family copped out on me. But I did find one shining light in the movie Casino, I was inspired to sports bet based on DeNiro's character. I did better than my previous job in winnings and all was good. But this year it's been a nightmare I regularly lost 5 figured wagers, and I'm on here tonight b/c I just had another one. I feel like quitting but it's been almost 2 years and I still can't get a regular job, while I see guys that can't speak English and airheaded girls get them all around Vegas. So I guess I need to continue for now no mater how deflated I feel. I even read articles on Yahoo about joblessness, but all they do is report and provide no real answers.

So I continuously look around for the answer to my problems but the cold reality is that it doesn't exist. Sometimes you got to get lucky in life but luck has alluded us (good looks, connections, an idea that works, etc). And besides for a delusional Christian citing me a Bible verse I haven't found anyone who'd give me the answer I need either.
By at 13,Jul,11 18:50

You know what...your right about when you say: life sucks. But you are not right when you say Christians are delusional. I am a sane person who has actually seen too many evil non-human spirits and their wrong doings on earth just enough to convince me that God [Jesus] does exist.

You know what...we do have a purpose here on earth. Have you tried talking with God? You just need to open up to spirituality (the good one). I have hit rock bottom many times before (im only 28) but I know my real good rewards will be when I die and live with my Spritual Father. The bible does say we have have good times and bad times in our lives. The bible does say we must endure suffering. But that doesn't mean we can't live without hope in a world that sucks.

If you need to fulfill your soul with I do,
try listening to videos/podcasts or read literature from this website:


oh to God [in Jesus name]

By at 13,Sep,12 15:53

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