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Life sucks.

Posted by anonymous at May 31, 2011
Tags: Family  Friendship  2011 May  Money

Well to start off with, I come from a wealthy family. But the way i was raised was to not take advantage of what you have, my sisters on the other hand didn't absorb that context. They got whatever they wanted without even asking for it. Electronics, coach bags, anything. I feel that i have to work for my money so i actully work 40 hours a week, still go to college, and never ask my parents for money. I voulenteer often, donate blood regularly, and im generally very nice to everyone.
Im recently have every problem in the book with this car that i bought off my freind because i trusted him. I cant keep the car for 2 days without something getting wrong wih it. My dad never listens to anything i say and always compairs me to my sisters who have better grades than me but thats it. Their both the daddys girls (especcialy my little sister, she has my parents on a damn rope) so they get away with everything. Another thing is my sisters are the luckyest ones in the family! My sisters win evrything! From concert tickets, to vacations, they win everything and it pisses me off because they dont deserve it. I dont win anything like that...
Im just sick of the way the world runs, i sucks.


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New Comment

By anonymous at 19,Jun,11 07:37

You don't have it that bad. Almost everybody in life runs into some unfairness sooner or later. That's life. Are you the sole male child in the family? If so, then you will still probably get a nice inheritance one day when your parents are gone. Compared to the majority of posters here on this site, you are on easy street. I didn't hear about any violence and abuse towards you growin up. You didn't mention any chronic pain on a daily basis. You are not completely broke. You didn't say anything about depression or significant others cheating.

By anonymous at 20,Jun,11 20:24

Sorry but your life isn't bad (I guess that's good). Separate yourself from your family for a while and worry about yourself and not your sisters. Who cares if they win or have more of your parents love. Let go and move on!!!!

By anonymous at 21,Jun,11 22:32

If you keep having this "poor me" attitude you will never find happiness!!! Your old enough now that you can have the life you want to have and stop blaming your family for your own shortcomings

By anonymous at 22,Jun,11 20:49

people always want to compare their grief. who cares. certain events happening do suck, but they aren't alone prerequisites for grief. maybe you can't relate to what this guy is going through, but that doesn't mean it isn't real. what it comes down to is everybody has a need to feel respected and appreciated, and any circumstance or event that tips the scales away from that is going to hurt. And in any circumstance where it stays that way too long is going to hurt worse. this guy is trying to be a good guy and is getting shit for it. what doesn't suck about that?

imagine this. take your story with all it's special events and bullshit that happened to you, imagine telling it to somebody hoping that they might understand why you feel like shit right now, and then imagine that person laughing and saying that what happened to you didn't hurt. really. what does that person know. they don't care because it didn't happen to them. get some perspective people.

in the end, there's always going to be something supersucky about life for everybody. and the way the world runs does suck. but that's just how it is.

By anonymous at 25,Jun,11 00:41

Dude your on easy street, wealthy family; you have always had food and a roof over your head. Some of us never had those things and you are just a wimp who can’t handle the simplest problems. wow what a looser.

By maria at 27,Nov,12 14:01

I always thghout that the picture was taken when they went to California so Mom could appear on the Queen for a Day program. I think is was also their delayed honeymoon trip. (By the way Mom didn't win Queen for a Day someone else apparently had a sadder story than her).

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