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I need a change

Posted by anonymous at May 29, 2011
Tags: General  2011 May

I'm 31 yrs old...Been in college 13 yrs & working on my PhD...Married my high school sweetheart...Been w/ him 14 yrs.My life is boring, I'm underpaid and overworked.I was sexually abused by my sister, 2 "friends" of the family as a child, and sexually harassed by a couple of guys in middle school.My husband is unemployed, so I have 2 jobs.My husband is very ill & always in pain. He spends hours sitting in his recliner. We never go out.We're always broke.I don't wanna have sex w/ him cuz he's fat and boring and he doesn't turn me on. I regret wasting my youth and beauty studying. Sometimes I plan ways of killing myself. I don't have any friends cuz my social skills have always sucked and I have trust issues. I often cry uncontrollably...


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New Comment

By anonymous at 14,Jun,11 17:31

Divorce your husband. Its your first marriage, 14 years is a long time and you sound very unhappy. He can take his fat ass home to his parents. You're only 31 and that's too young to settle and stay in an unhappy marriage. You need a new young, hot buck to fuck you and eat your pussy. Go get your grove back.
By anonymous at 14,Jun,11 23:02

or something.. why are you suporting someone fucking ugly? If you have to buy a man, buy one whos sexy to you. Kick the loser deadbeat out back to his moms, if hes fat and not sexy he should at least support you!

By anonymous at 16,Jun,11 10:26

If your sexy and have a nice tight ass and decent size tits I'll maybe take you....u have to give good head though, thats my only wants. Get rid of ur looser hubby, quit ur job and come over to Scotland and I will take good care o you. cheers babes. P.S. Im quit attractive and have quit a lot of money to Willy is average size though, hope this doesn't deter u.x
By anonymous at 16,Jun,11 22:15


By anonymous at 17,Jun,11 07:57

Sometimes you have to picture your life in 5/10yrs time and ask yourself "Is that where I want to be". Life is to short. Dare to be happy!

By anonymous at 17,Jun,11 18:42

Look, I don think you should divorce him, cuz like that's a little dickish right? Your life sucks( and I'm very sorry for that) so why would you make someone elses life suck? Why give them what your getting? You'll get alot of karma. Im gonna keep you in my prayers.

By anonymous at 20,Jun,11 17:27

here is what i say " ur man must go out of ur life so seperate and see what time is going to do for you and him .

By anonymous at 22,Jun,11 18:05

Listen, I hear ya. My life sucks too. I'm 31 never been in a relationship longer than 5 months. Don't have a real job yet bc I'm still in school. Can't get my own place bc I'm broke and have to live with this asshole who used to be a bootycall but now I can't stand him or his friends. I have to suffer and live with these ppeople. I feel uncomfortable going home so I try to stay out of the house as much as possible. Am socially awkward in some situations bc I have low self worth. Which also keeps me from meeting a man bc i don't like myself. I'm obsessed with my weight. I believe that men don't like me bc I'm a little overweight. which has kept me from meeting a man bc I'm so uncomfortable in my own skin. I'm a fuckin mess. So, don't feel bad... my life sucks ass just as much!

By anonymous at 23,Jun,11 15:57

All you need is love.


By anonymous at 23,Jun,11 23:48

I feel for you...

By anonymous at 27,Jun,11 12:21

You're still young, why do you want to keep living the way you are right now? You don't feel anything for your husband anymore? Then why continue being with him. If you don't want to be with him, leave him. Trust me, that's the best for both of you, personally, i wouldn't want to be with someone who thinks i'm not sexy, so do it for both of you. You regret studying? There are other people who regret NOT having the opportunity to study. It sucks to be overstudyied and underpaid, but that is not your fault, it's the shitty world economy. Hold on, continue working and soon you'll find something better. Nothing in this world is for free.

By Medi at 04,Mar,13 10:09

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By Marlee at 15,May,17 01:25

Gee guys, thanks!Decided to look again after a coupla days….my friends make me feel all warm and muys3Rh0;.You all are the best!Well-loved.

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