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Why Me!

Posted by White Bored at May 26, 2011
Tags: Juvenile problems  2011 May  Philosophical

I'm 11 yrs. old. You're probally wondering how a 11 year old found this site. Well, I was on the computer and bored to death so I wrote My Life Sucks... I didn't Actually think it would work. The human race is disgusting. We have ruined animals, plants, nature, the true meaning of beauty, and the UNIVERSE! How did I get get mixed up in all of this? You see I lived poor my whole life. I fight with my parents a lot. I live in a broken down house. I don't have any electronics either than this computer and the no-cable tv. I have no friends-AT ALL! I never have been to the movies! I only love animals. I have to deal with parents, bullies, and mean girls who say I'm ugly every day. I have been taking depression pills for two years! I'm tired of being known as the good, smart, boring girl. My dad doesn't even let me walk on the sidewalk- if he knew I was doing this he would break my arm again! Whoa, it feels good doing this. And that's how my life sucks!


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By anonymous at 11,Jun,11 00:33

Awww. That was so special to read coming from an 11 year old. Your writing is much better than many adults I know. You will be successful in life - mark my words on that. Don't worry about the bullies out there, just focus on your studies. They will end up poor and messed up in the future and you will laugh at them because you will have a successful career. Things change a lot when you grow older. The nerds in high school are the ones who run the world on the outside. The popular kids and the bullies work under them or end up in prison.
By anonymous at 11,Jun,11 10:48

Dont waste too much of your life on school, there are tons of kids with college degress working at retail stores. And I think the mark of a better person is someone who doesn't need to laugh at others less fortunate to elevate themselves. Not much changes between school and the real world. You are in the real world. Teachers who go to work everyday do they work in the imaginary world? If they are in the real world, why aren't the kids who go to school? Have a nice summer vacation and dont read, they never check that crap anyways. It ruins your eyesight, then you'll never be a pilot.

By anonymous at 11,Jun,11 07:12

you're amazing, especially for your age! so mature, you are truly gifted! i agree with your perception of humanity! but just remember, there is always hope, and people like you are the living proof!

By anonymous at 11,Jun,11 10:43

Your dad broke your arm? Thats terrible. I would tell someone about that and maybe you could be put in a nice foster home, or maybe it wouldn't be better than where you are now. I really enjoy reading what kids have to say, because they care so much about the earth and the world, and they are so right and so highly intelligent. Something happens to people when they get older. They become stupid. Kids are so truthful so wonderful, or at least more often than adults. I was bullied at school too. Maybe it would help if you just talk to the main instigator, and ask why they say the things they do/treat you like that. Don't be afraid to actually try to have a normal conversation with them, when you get a chance. There was a girl who used to always yell "scum sister" (or something?) at me when I was walking home. I think back on it now and wish I had enough nerve to ask her in private why she yells that at me.
If that doesn't resolve anything just ignore them.
T.v. these days sucks and often we didn't have television either. The human race has screwed up the earth and society has degenerated. What can I say? I don't think you should take those pills.. its rediculous they are medicating kids these days, just pretend to take it and throw it out, you don't need anti depressants, you're fine the way you are.

By anonymous at 15,Jun,11 20:09

Wow so intelligent and humble for such a young child. God bless you!

By anonymous at 21,Jun,11 17:12

i am the same age as you, but the story i wrote makes me sound older. My life has been ruined by a guy i loved and i am now being tortured by him everyday. He is trying to ruin my life. This one girl at school is kind of my friend but can be so mean to me sometimes. I always try to be the good guy, but i end up being the bad guy for standing up for that person. It sucks.I dont feel like people like me,and i try to hang in there, but its really hard. My life isn't as bad as yours, but i am telling you to hang in there. Life gets worse before it gets better. It should get better soon, i promise. If you want to talk more you can email me at

By neko at 22,Jun,11 12:09

i agree that humans have ruined the earth.just try to last a few more years and you can leave your dad.good luck!

By Microsoft OEM Software at 08,Mar,12 21:05

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