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Posted by A.M.B at May 16, 2011
Tags: Family  2011 May  Money

will how can i start,ok here i go....i have 2 teenage boys that have no respect 4 anyone my home looks like crap holes everywhere and they think it's funny they don't work r not on a course they do nothing i work from 6.30am untill 3pm and come home to find them still asleep or all there mates r here. ive had enough sometimes i think about just ending it all i have no life and just dont feel like living anymore.when they were little life was sweet we had a beautiful home now it looks run down i cant keep up with the repairs because when i repair something there is always another hole or smashed window alot of my things have gone missing or wrecked ive tryed to kick them out got the police but nothing ever comes out of it it's just hopeless they are going from bad to worse i should just pack up and move overseas if i had the money but thats not a option i cant save cause ive got nothing to save after paying bills and getting food on the table that dont last long, and as for the father he left when they were little wanted to live his own life,they are 17 and 18 yrs old i need a life away from them to start all over what can i do im desperate?


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New Comment

By anonymous at 25,May,11 05:27

No teenage can stay the whole day in the house if there is no food and TV.So because you can not force them to do anything just stop repairing the house and buying food and start saving because if you dont ,They will alway depend on you for everything and grow old with you

By anonymous at 25,May,11 07:58

First of all you have to get a backbone. They disrespect you and walk all over you because you allow them to. The first step is to look in the mirror and be honest with yourself about how you've enabled your children's bad behavior. Next, find out what the process is to evict the 18 yr old in your state since he is of age and formally begin the process of eviction. Sit both of your children down and explain to them that this situation is not working. Give the 18 yr old an ultimatum, either get a job & start paying rent or give him notice that he needs to pack up and leave. If he doesn't get a job, start paying rent and being more respectful have him formally evicted. Change the locks. Have him arrested if he becomes violent or attempts to break back into the house. This will scare the shit out of the 17 yr old, and let him know that as soon as he turns 18 same thing will happen to him. Bottom line is actions speak louder than words. They take you for a joke because you haven't been firm with them and stuck to your threats in the past. But trust me, you need to correct this. I know a man who has four adult children over 40 living with him and none of them help with the bills. Every month he struggles just to pay the bills and feed all his adult children and himself. Its very sad. You still have time to fix this. Good luck!

By anonymous at 25,May,11 19:56

im not sure why but from your article it sounds as though your british, the system in Britain is pretty backwards compared to the American system. You can get away with so much!! its not fair.

the only way you can achieve something is to become close with someone at the council, explain everything and tell them if you try preventuve measures you fear for your safety (which from your article it sounds like you might be). tell the same to the police, write a letter in if you have to.

By anonymous at 27,May,11 12:48

For those that tell her to get a backbone it is kinda hard. I mean I wasnt the worst kid but when my dad went away on duty and my mom would try to decipline me I would laugh. I was a smart ass I new the Law you call the cops on me I call on you. Hit me I am 6'4 250lbs better use a bat. but when i saw my mom cry and really honestly want to kill herself I changed. Oh and i got good grades and was well liked in school.

We boys are stupid and dont realize shit till it is almost too late. I feel for you. They love you. They just dont understand.

All i can suggest is let them know. dont yell at them.Set the guidelines all i want from you is...Then let go sell the home move without them. 17 and 18 they will manage if they have too. They will realize one day and try to make it up. It may be the 4 the best.

By anonymous at 27,May,11 23:36

We all suck including our kids.Don't ever forget we need nothing but want and will except everything.

By anonymous at 28,May,11 09:18

I agree with one of the peson who commented, u should teach ur kids a lesson by taking up a drastic measure and leaving them to fend for their own. Leave them with the essentials and go move somewhere else where u can have a peace of mind and live on your own. Use the money u earn to make a change for YOURSELF. Forget abt the food ont he table bla bla blah..Ur kids will learn that they need to find a freakin job to save their lives. They not schooling and they're in their late teens already. They would be able to manage their own life and not depend on u for everything! Teenage boys like that often needs to be taught the hard way. Nagging or begging them to listen to u WONT work. The only thing that'll work is when they realise they're in a bad situation and they need to do something to continue living normally. Thats where change comes. U just have to keep things to urself and go have a break for a while. Its not a selfish act, its teaching a valuable lesson they'll remember for life. For once just think abt URSELF and YOUR needs and wants- Until they finally realise their mistakes. Its a difficult choice to make, but its worth doing. For ur kids and your OWN good. Good luck =)

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