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unjustified world

Posted by Marisa at May 15, 2011
Tags: Attitude  Loneliness  2011 May

I guess I just don't get it.
How is this fair? Why should we each be dealt a different hand in life only to have to figure out alone how to live with it?
I'm 18 years old and I have lived a perfect life. My parents are happily married, my sister is great, I have wonderful friends, but I feel like nobody knows who i am, what I'm feeling and I think that is mainly because I don't like who I am.
I don't want or need advice, I just needed to say something. To be heard, because as alone as I feel, I'm quite certain that I'm not the only one.


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By anonymous at 25,May,11 08:08

I'm 27 years old. Alone. You're not the only one.

By anonymous at 25,May,11 16:36

At least you are not in the upper midwest waiting for another winter in 6 months with no football, not even the Detroit Lions to watch. Detroit is not a pretty place.

By anonymous at 25,May,11 23:49


By anonymous at 26,May,11 18:51

I'm 23 and alone..

The thing you really need is a 'real' friend..
I know that because I had a lot of friends back then,
and now I have none..

I have twice your pain since I lost this thing..

just cheer up =)
By anonymous at 30,May,11 01:29

I have three times your pain fooool

By anonymous at 28,May,11 00:32

you don't feel alone you are alone!Try doing the opposite of everything you normally do.It might suprise you to find out that everyone else is exactly like you!We all fight through being alone at one time or another.Try this call everyone you know then after a bit call them again.You will find out what we all crave is that we are wanted.
By anonymous at 30,May,11 01:31

like the Seinfeld episode "The Opposite"
be like George.
do it.

By Shatze^^ at 31,May,11 12:07

the fucking cops are fucking keen

to fucking keep it fucking clean

the fucking chief's a fucking swine

who fucking draws a fucking line

at fucking fun and fucking games

the fucking kids he fucking blames

are nowehere to be fucking found

anywhere in chicken town

the fucking train is fucking late

you fucking wait you fucking wait

you're fucking lost and fucking found

stuck in fucking chicken town

the fucking pubs are fucking dull

the fucking clubs are fucking full

of fucking girls and fucking guys

with fucking murder in their eyes

By anonymous at 05,Jun,11 04:41

What do you mean no one knows who you are? Are you gay? I can't really think of many things you could be going through with "self-discovery" or whatever, that you can't tell your sister or something.
By anonymous at 05,Jun,11 04:42

I didn't mean are you gay? as an insult or anything. Just a question.

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