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life is not fair

Posted by anonymous at May 11, 2011
Tags: 2011 May  Society

I am a nurse just moved to the "holly land of the state of Utah" were 1/3 of my neighboors are mormons and were 94% of my ex-coworkers were. I have never met in my life a bunch of pussies living in the same state! two face, back stabing population that pretend to be friendly to your face and go ahead and stab you on your back. They don't have common courtesy, are rude, and were oppening the door to a soul in need is called service. They are a bunch of hypocrits, they do not live the gospel they preach. They are the most racisit bunch I have seen in my life, no wonder of the people I met that were from out state fled this forsaken state before they lost their sanity or manners.
Of the 6 months working with an all mormon crew scared my self esteem, confidece to last me a lifetime. They made my life miserable. They are a bunch of close minded population were they do not feel like life goes on outside this bowl. I have to yet stop expecting too much of people in general, humans make other humans miserable just for the sport of it, b/c it makes them feel their pathetic little "perfect" lives worth living. I have a family to support and I'm was the only provider, I don't know what to do, I feel like I don't belong anywhere now. I feel like an incopetent nurse although I didn't have complains of my patients.I'm so depressed and desperate. How am I going to find another job in this screwed up ecconomy? I hate my luck and the place the company I worked for.


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New Comment

By anonymous at 20,May,11 09:41

just play the game like everibody does, there is no other choice, i know that feeling. just hold in there till you find something better.
I wake up in the mornign every day and go down the street and see the people.... all i want to do is reap their fucking heads off.
But i cant so i just play the game and smile like an asshole and i know that the guy in front of me is doing the same thing.... I wish we just kill each other to our heart content

By anonymous at 22,May,11 16:51

Maybe your life is not what you want because of you. First of all, I found 6 spelling errors. Obviously, education was important to you, but not a priority. Secondly, You get back what you give out. Sow to reap? Give to get? Love to be loved?

"You can get all you want out of life, if you just help enough other people get what they want out of life"

If you just show up one day and say, "Here I am", you get nothing back, because you did not invest anything prior. Not only do you think life is bad, but I believe it will get worse until you realize it is not about you.

Get a browser that spell checks for you as you type.

By anonymous at 29,May,11 23:37

Did you know that Smith, the Mormon founder, was a known con man? Between that, polygamy, getting married at 18 and having 10 kids, and believing that you just might get your very own planets when you die and the various other beliefs of the Mormon cult, you shouldn't forget that THEY are the freaks, not you!
It might be hard to remember that when you're surrounded by them, but it's true.
As for the job, there's many jobs for nurses available around the country. I bet you could find a new job within six months if you apply enough places.
Don't let the fanatics get you down.

By anonymous at 08,Aug,11 23:27

Crazy as their founders may have been, the early Mormons were radical communitarians that emphasized sharing, compassion, mutual aid and betterment. They deeply despised class inequity and sought to build a society based on the common welfare of each other and man in general. Many of the writings of Brigham Young and others are directly critical of plutocracy and Capitalist exploitation (just read "Statement on the Eoncomy"). So much for that vision. Mormons today, just like you said, have completely abandoned everything that was good about their founders' vision and built a culture around greed and insular self-protection. If you can, try to move your family out of Utah and perhaps into a Northeastern state where people are more tolerant and there's a lot more diversity of thought, culture, background, etc. Yes, the job markets in these areas are more competitive, but there's also better social services - for the mean time, at least - that might help you make ends meet before you can get full-time work again. I'm sorry about your pain and think a change of environment would at least help lessen it to a good degree. Best wishes!

By at 26,Nov,11 05:41

Was totally stuck until I read this, now back up and runinng.

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