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i love some person who doesnt love me back...

Posted by kim at January 16, 2010
Tags: January 2010  Relationship

i am in love with my best friend.... we have been very good friends i am always there for him and he is always there for me. He has a girlfriend they both love each other and want to get married. I am so madly in love with him that i cant get him off my mind and i really wanted to see him happy bt i knw that he will be happy only with that girl. so i have decided that i will never tell him. Sometimes feelings are so unbearable and it feels like hell ...
i wont be able to love nyone after this because nothng is left ... i can wait for u till i die and even after that.. if u are my best friend why cant u see it in my eyes...i knw i am nt good enough for u bt no one can love u as much as i do ... IT HURTS...
i will love you till my death.....


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New Comment

By at 16,Jan,10 13:09

You need to move on! Don't put your life on hold for someone else, you need to continue to live and life FOR yourself, not your best friend. If he doesnt have feelings for you, then let it go. You are letting yourself missing plenty of opportunities from other guys. If it was REALLY meant to be, then it will happen, but until the, you need to learn to let go.
By kim at 18,Jan,10 09:19

my heart is in hurts so much.....

By anonymous at 17,Jan,10 09:23

you need to let just hurt yourself.if possible to get away from him.
By kim at 18,Jan,10 09:17

How will i go away from him ... whenever i try he don't let me do so. and wherever i'll go i will find him because he is everywhere ... i can see even with my closed eyes..... i am already running from him ..... bt he is not letting me go.... he asks me everyday bt i have no answer because i cant say those 3 words ...and my love was never a priority over friendship ...I cant imagine my lyf without him ....

By anonymous at 17,Jan,10 13:49

Get a grip!
Stop hurting yourself! You need to love yourself more than you love your friend. Obviously, at the moment you seem to love him more than you love yourself otherwise you wouldn't be crushing and killing your emotion over a friend that love someone else and not you! Wake up and smell the roses! Life's too short... don't waste your emotion over him. You worth more than that. Give yourself a chance; there's someone out there who'll love you if only you can get a grip.
By kim at 18,Jan,10 09:11

thanx for your wise advice... i really needed that badly ... Sometimes i really feel like telling him bt i just stop myself because i dont wanna loose him at any cost. I have got a good job soon i l be moving away from him. i will never tell him i'll kill that love inside me and never let it out. I knw its too hard for me bt i really pray that he gets whatever he wants in his lyf...Thanx once again and pls pray for this broken hearts...
I will love him till death .....

By anonymous at 19,Jan,10 06:09

It hurts to be in love with your best friend, I know because I have been there. Gave up 4 years of my life for him, no boyfriends nothing. But at the end of the day if he is happy with someone else it means that he is happy to be without you. Keep your friendship, there is no need to lose that. But you need to move on and start looking for someone who will love you. Don't break your heart over someone who doesn't even know he is doing it to you.

By at 21,Sep,10 12:55

get away from him, God wants you love, God is mad for you. Learn to love God and trust him before you get a boyfriend

By Dillon at 09,Aug,12 20:03

I know how you feel.... I love my bestfriend. But then she found out and things just got awkward. Now she is best friends with my sister. So she talks about her all the time. I get this horrible feeling inside. Like... We used to be like that but then I... Just ruined it. I know what you mean. The feeling is worth than death itself.

By slr lenses at 13,May,13 22:27

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