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no kids

Posted by over it at May 8, 2011
Tags: Justice  2011 May  Relationship

married for 6 years, had two kids. I loved my wife and family and did everything I could for them. I worked full time, did the house work, did all the night shifts when the kids were babys, changed them, played with them, they are my world. had no time for me but that was not an issue. I left the marriage after years of getting pychologically abused by a wife who suffers major depression, who refused to let me in to try and help her. The law would not let me take my kids with me so now I have no contacted with my kids as the ex is using them for revenage and there is nothing the law can do to help me I just have to wait until the law does something. The law in this country and world is fuked up. I know now why parents walk away from there kids as the ex partner and the law do nothing but rip ur heart & soul appart until you either walk away or kill yourself. My world does not exsist when i don't have my kids, people tell me to be strong but you can show it on the outside but in side your broken into a million pieces. Life Suxs


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New Comment

By anonymous at 15,May,11 11:05

Thank you for being such a great father. It saddens me that you are in such a negative situation right now. Here's hoping that one day soon your kids will be back in your life once again.

By at 15,May,11 19:14

Just keep graying don't let no one take you a part of your kids life because if you do you will regrate all your life Ans I like how you just keep traying to have your kids back I bet you are a grate father

By anonymous at 15,May,11 22:00

Life is really a crap shoot. We don't know whether our partners will end up our best friend or our worst enemy. I'm sorry your wife ended up as the latter. Hang in there and keep working to be in your children's lives because they need you. It's true that our laws are a mess. It's amazing how many laws need to be changed and how many need to be created. This country is a mess.

By anonymous at 15,May,11 23:13

Get a lawyer to get partial custody of your kids.

By anonymous at 16,May,11 16:35

Man, I really feel you I have two kids of my own and can't see my life without them, So be strong for them, and put on your best fight, let your kids know that you are "there" for them and that they can always count with Dad for anything..DO NOT GIVE UP. You are a good a caring father and in the end, your love for your kids will triumph.

God bless you!!

By anonymous at 17,May,11 12:51

i am sorry that you no longer see your kids when you want to.Your ex is stupid if she think that it's going to affect olny you,even the kids are affected by the fact that they no longer see thier dad.I hope she will come in to her sence and let you be with your kids

By anonymous at 17,May,11 13:32

Fight for your visitation rights as the father. Maybe you can also get custody if the ex is proven to be psychologically unstable - check this out:

By anonymous at 18,May,11 19:38

Take care of your kids, you dont want them posting about 'careless father' someday in the future.

By anonymous at 20,May,11 16:35

The women's liberation movement screwed up things for everybody, especially women, themselves.

Playboy philosophy helped with that. Date cute young girls and when they want commitment or get annoying, leave them for a younger and cuter girl.

The new divorce laws screw over men.

Don't ever get married.

By anonymous at 08,Jun,11 03:24

You sound like a great person.I know life can feel rotten.Stay a good example for you're children they will benefit from you and realize the good you do for them one day.

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